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How to Negotiate a Lower Comcast Bill

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Comcast had thrown me for a bit of a loop lately. The live-chat method had always worked for me in getting discounts and promotions on Comcast services, but lately they’ve been sticklers.

I had written a post on Get Rich Slowly in the past that highlighted how to cut your Comcast bill – and gave the actual chat transcript that cut my cost by 33%. Lately, I haven’t had as much luck with their live chat team. Perhaps part of the problem I’ve run into was that I had been getting discounted high speed internet (while still paying full price for cable). Then again, maybe they read that post and decided to “toughen up” the live chat team.

Sure, I could get rid of cable completely. But college and pro football is right around the corner and I’m an addict! So I decided to go back to my old method of getting a Comcast discount – a good ole’ fashion phone negotiation.

Before I go into the negotiation and what the result was, I’ll first highlight what my current package and price was:

  1. Digital Basic Cable with HD DVR: $83/month (full price)
  2. Blast Cable Internet (12MB/s): $30/month (discounted)

Total price: $113 per month.

How to Cut your Comcast Bill: Step-by-Step

I’ll now walk you step-by-step how I was able to get that down to $80 per month.

1. I picked up the phone and called their 800#: 1-800-266-2278.

2. I select option #4 (“thinking of discontinuing your service”), and option 2, immediately following (also “thinking of discontinuing”).

This should get you connected to a retention specialist, who have a little more power to offer discounts than other customer service reps, or so the theory goes.

3. I lead my negotiation with the competition.

comcast billComcast fears losing customers to AT&T U-Verse, who is offering up some great discounted packages to new customers.

My discussion was almost identical to this:

  • Me: I’d like to discontinue my service.
  • Comcast Rep: OK, may I ask why?
  • Me: Because I need to lower my bill and AT&T has some great offers for me.
  • Comcast Rep: OK. Well AT&T doesn’t offer as many HD channels, but I can look to see what kind of package we may be able to offer you.
  • Me: OK, I’ll hear you out.
  • Comcast Rep: OK, so we have a package where you can get Comcast Digital Preferred (more channels that what I was getting with ‘basic’) plus high-speed internet (at a slightly lower, but still fast 8 MB/s) for $89.99 6 months. This is the price we offer new customers.
  • Me: Yeah, but I don’t need more channels. Do you have a package with less cable channels? I don’t need that many.
  • Comcast Rep: Let me check. <hold> We do not, but I can cut the $10 DVR fee to bring your total to $79.99. Would you like to do this?
  • Me: Are you sure you don’t have any cheaper packages?
  • Comcast Rep: Yes.
  • Me: OK, please make the switch.
  • Comcast Rep: OK, we can add on digital voice for $30.
  • Me: No thanks (I have Ooma digital phone service, and it’s free).

Score another one vs. Comcast customer service.

4. I Saved 30%!

I was able to cut $33 (30%) off my cable/internet package, while getting more channels and only a slightly slower internet speed, with one simple call. Over six months, it will save me $200, at which point, I will negotiate again.

5. Stay Congenial

I want to point out that I was friendly, yet confident with the service rep. It may sound cliche, but treat others as you would want to be treated and you will get better results. Act like a jerk, and you’ll strike out.


I have since been able to do this again, and after Comcast started charging me again for a modem, I got rid of their modem fee by purchasing my own modem and router – saving me another $8 per month. This is something you 100% must do too.

I bought a Comcast supported modem – the Motorola DOCSIS 3.0 SB6121 cable modem (there is also a newer SB6141 model). I paired it with the Medialink Wireless-N router. Both were top sellers in the cable modem and router categories on Amazon and had outstanding reviews. I paid a total of $95, which means the devices will pay for themselves in just over a year and then are free for many years to come, with no Comcast modem fee!.

Cut your Comcast Bill Discussion:

  • What did your Comcast negotiation look like? How much did you save and how did you get it?
  • Comcast CSR’s: Now is your chance to tell all! How can customers get the best deals and how does Comcast set these policies (retention specialist can negotiate/others cannot). Please share! (you’ll remain anonymous, of course)

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  • Rita says:

    Great tips. I have always struggled with the negotiation part, which is why I’ve shied away from calling. But it sounds like I don’t have much choice! At least your call gives me a template to work from.

  • Ron Ablang says:

    Grumble. Only reason I have Comcast in the 1st place is because I live in an area where their only competition is Frontier Communications. Has anyone ever tried bluffing Comcast when trying to negotiate w/ them as far as saying such and such other ISP is offering HSI for XX dollars (even if they aren’t in one’s area)?

    • G.E. Miller says:

      Yep. U-Verse is close to my area, but not exactly. Could be here any day though. I don’t think they have that data on a house-by-house basis. And even if they did, I’m sure you could find a cheaper alternative than Comcast.

      • Debbie says:

        Comcast, please!!! negotiation what a joke. I am a 50 something and your suggestions are helpful and I will try them. Just had an experience with them and got no where, a drop from 150-to 130…wanted under $100. So will try some of your suggestions.

    • chris says:

      Yes it works. Seems every other provider is on every street around me but not on mine. I bluffed about competitors prices and they didnt call me on it. Saved $21/mo and got a 10mbps upgrade when in reality they have me over a barrel and could have told me tough luck… Booyah!

    • Anthony says:

      I tried that a few months ago comcast rep proceeded to disconnect me because he knew unverse didn’t supply my area I’m just outside of the current infrastructure

      • Shotzie says:

        I just got off the phone with Comcast I just have their Tv pkg. It just jumped to $78.00 from %68.00 a $10.00 extra. I explained to the man being retired an being on a limited income I can only afford between $60.00 to $65.00 He said he couldn’t offer me anything, I said I guess I will have to go with ATT he gave me a 800 number to disconnect my service..guess they don’t care even though I pay ahead of time been with them since day one an even via com. So now I will try your chat technique, hopefully it will work after googling Uverse I see nothing but problems.

        • JDL says:

          I have been a long time Comcast customer. They just bumped my triple play package up from $139 per month to $173 per month. I called and told them I can’t afford that much for entertainment. They told me I was in a two year contract. I told them that I never signed anything regarding a contract. I told them I was considering going to a different provider. The CSR told me he would give me the number to discontinue service but I would have to pay a termination fee.

          How can I be required to pay a termination fee when I never signed a contract? It also bothers me that comcast makes you call a completely different number for everything you want to do. You want to check your bill, you have to call 1-800-934-6489. You want to discontinue your service then you have to call 1-800-325-7264 and talk to their customer loyalty person first. Then when you say you want to discontinue your service they make you call a different number. If I have to talk to a different person, then why can’t they just transfer me?

          • Robert Yannucci says:

            This happened to me with dish. Simply ask them to provide you with a copy of the contract containing your signature. No signature no fees.

          • PEGGIE says:

            Many thanks for sharing your recent dealings with COMCAST. Like u, my bill has increased a lot and I’m on a fixed income too ; can no longer afford this ! I will certainly keep your experience in mind when I contact COMCAST.

  • HP says:

    Same concepts work for FIOS. Last week, I told them I was switching to Comcast because I didn’t like the channel selection. They upgraded my channel package to Premium, added a free movie package, and also sent free DVR for 3 months for 3 TV’s.

    In a few months, I’m going to make a similar call about the price of the bill and try to get $10 bucks off per monthly bill.

  • This has worked for me as well. The only difference is that instead of calling, I used their online chat system. Worked very for me. I got free HBO for 1 year. :)

  • Joe Mac says:

    Has anyone tried this with DirecTV? My contract is up in a month or two. I really like their service but the cost is starting to be a bit of a strain.

  • Liz says:

    Thanks for the tips and the script. My Comcast bill is an outrage – it makes me ill to think of the annual cost. I keep contemplating going cold turkey but I probably watch about 20 shows. I actually don’t *watch* – I listen and occasionally glance at the screen while I’m online or reading. Yeegads – I’m paying almost $200 per month for background noise.

  • Micah says:

    Last time I called Comcast and tried to negotiate, they were having none of it. I did exactly what you did, except when I got to the part where I said I was thinking of switching to AT&T because they were cheaper, they were like “Ok we’ll discontinue your service! You’ll need to return your equipment to the Comcast store in your area. Would you like to fill out a survey before we end the call?” And that was that. I was left blubbering on the line.

    I ended up switching to U-verse anyway when they came to our door and offered us a permanent (yes, that’s right, permanent) price that was lower than anything Comcast could ever come close to ($97 for 350 channels with over half available in HD, a dvr in both rooms, Starz, Showtime, Encore, and 12mbps dedicated line internet). Now I can DVR the newest episodes of Dexter while I’m surfing away, for under half the cost of the same thing from Comcast.

    • luchetti says:

      this year Comcast has been impossible our bill went from 145 to 179.00 for the preferred package with phone and internet I have called 2 times and they claim they cannot do anything to lower rate last year we were told we had a promotional rate which expired and I was told to call back this past February for another promotional rate no luck they have the worst worst customer service

  • BZ says:

    I cut $36 & added DVR. Said I was quitting for FIOS.

  • Elcobydos says:

    Not quite an epic win but I just got $15 off my monthly bill.

  • matt says:

    My bill jumped from 150 to 250, guess my 1 year is up!!!! oooo crap!!!!! 100 dolor difference HOW!!!!!

    I am going to try and see what I can do… I am on the triple play comcast basic package. I am not afraid to switch tv to directtv that seems a lot lower almost half the price regularly unless I miss understood what site says.

    I cant seem to find anywhere on my bill that tells me if I signed up for 1, 2, 100 years and when that would end. Lets hope that does not get in my way LoL.

  • YAMILE says:

    I signed up last year to get performance internet and multilatino max tv for $69.99 for 12 months and then the rate of $89.99 for an additional 12 months… with taxes and modem rental I was paying $83 and change a month but this month I got the new rate and a bill for $105.05, it may not be a lot for most people, but for couple of college students it makes a difference.

    I had to call a few times until I got someone willing to help me, she put me in a Multilatino Ultra package (a lot more channels!!) with the same internet speed, free HBO for 6 months and an extra digital box for the TV we just got for the bedroom, that for $79.99. That’s pretty good considering we were about to request an extra digital box for $8.50 a month!!

    Also we just got a cable modem on black friday, so we will no longer pay the $7 rental fee, more savings for us!!

    She told me the promo was only good for 6 months, but that I could call back in 6 months to get me switched to the newest promo available at that time

  • Blake says:

    I just used some of your technique to try to get my bill lowered. It was fairly successful… I got my bill lowered from $130 to $100, I got the DVR fee waived for a year, and free HBO for 3 months (but I will have to cancel after 3 months or I will be charged). It wasn’t easy, because I was on the phone for nearly an hour and I had to ask about every discount they offered, and I had to know exactly what AT&T was offering. The CSR eventually figured out that AT&T is not offered in my area and it hurt my bargaining power.
    My suggestions: Do your research on competitor pricing, and don’t be afraid to ask for things like waiving DVR fees.

  • Mike says: comcast bill is 225 dollars right now!!! WTF… I have a family of 5 and one pay check.

    highway robbery, IMO, 99% of the channels are nothing I will ever watch. DVR, cable modem rentals…and we have one hook up, up stairs so we can get the basic cable, and half the time this doesn’t work right.

    PLUS..the DVR and comcast programming guide is @#%%. Ancient technology.

    I’ll be looking to drop comcast altogether and go with just a cheap internet connection, netflix (9 dollars a month) and use cell for all phone needs.

  • anonymous says:

    The thing is, CSRs can only offer discounts that are made available by corporate and marketing. Their power is limited as far as lowering bills without drastically lowering service level. Retention specialists do have a few more options available to them that really aren’t available to anyone else but even these are either just the same rates that are available to new customers and generally mean an *increase* in services or just a standard $ amount off to keep you for 6 months. The CSRs can’t customize specials for anyone and, unfortunately, quite a few people take it out on the CSRs who are there, honestly, just to help as best they can. Also, any time you take a survey, you are ONLY rating the specific person you talk to and NOT rating Comcast as a whole so if you were helped by someone but are still disappointed in with the company, remember, your ratings don’t mean a thing to the bigwigs but mean quite a lot to the worker you spoke to.

  • Sher says:

    Just called to lower my bill and basically had to upgrade to lower it. Went from StarterXF for $146.95 to Digital Preferred for $121.95. Not too bad for a phone call – even after my first year price is up, the Digital Preferred is still cheaper than what I had according to the rep. We’ll see when the time comes. I’m still considering the Ooma phone service which could bring my bill down another $35 or so. I just wish I would have pushed for a DVR to be thrown in too!

  • dkrobinson says:

    Two months ago my Comcast bill went from $158.06 to 164.60. About the same time I noticed that the IFC and Science channels had been removed….You are not authorized, etc.

    They went up on the price and removed channels. I called them today and tried to get the 2 channels back (I found out these channels had been moved to a higher tier)and was offered instead $20 a month reduction in my bill for a year.

    I’m really grateful for the reduction but I still want my channels back – I’m wondering if this would be worth pursuing further and how should I go about it?

    And I agree with what most people say – Be Nice, it works!

  • Mallorie says:

    Everytime I have tried in last two years I get ok see you. Sorry to lose you. And we pay over 150 a month for cable and internet and phone. I don’t use phone and tried to get rid of it and they said if we did that it would be more expensive…what? And they refuse even me being nice to change it. I would totally change to a different provider but husband refuses since it was a pain last time switching from astound to comcast…

  • Coleman says:

    I just did almost exactly what you said, except I researched DirectTv and had prices in front of me to use. I was also seriously considering switching after seeing I owed almost $400 for 2mo of service. I was paying $178.65 for Digital Preferred and Internet, along with HD DVR and 2 HD boxes,and before tax and fees($197 w/ fees). They lowered my bill to $121.95 for 6 mo. for both TV and Internet, for a savings of $56.70, after that my bill will go up $20. It all worked out and I’m glad I came across this post.

    • Wayne says:

      I was paying 240 for a Comcast bundle and assumed “bundle = savings,” which is far from the truth. I actually found out I could sign up for Directv though Costco! Its wholesale pricing. Costco adds in a $300.00 Cash Card, NFL ticket for both season, and a 100% free install. Plus each person gets a costco directv customer service number that differs from corporates. All live operators that speak English and

  • I. M. Caveman says:

    I followed your instructions (the phone prompts, of course have changed). Nice script; it played out perfectly. Saved $38/mo. with exactly the same service package.

    Like you said, it helps a lot to have current information on Comcast’s competitors’ deals, in our area Frontier Communications, and to be patient. Thanks!

  • Rick says:

    Good helpful post. When trying to get a better deal from Comcast its better to remain calm and just get the job done. I think many people are so mad at getting ripped off that they blow the whole negotiation. Customer retention reps have more power to give you a better deal, especially if you name the competitors deal.

  • Maximus says:

    Try speaking with your local Comcast rep. The deals they offer are even better. I once wanted to go from being an internet only customer to being a cable customer as well. At the time I was paying the discounted rate of $30 for 12 Mbps internet. When I got on the chat the person on the other end refused to offer me any bundles that were being given to new customers. In fact I was told that I would have to pay $130 a month for cable plus internet (I wanted the digital starter package). Then the person on the chat said that I should contact sales. What was worse, was the fact the the woman in sales was even worse. She couldn’t care less if wanted to leave or stay, her attitude was like “Boo Hoo cry me a river”. She said that I would loose my promotional internet rate as well and I would have to pay $145 a month. At this point I was so upset that I said I’m done. She literally said “Too bad”. When I was almost about to call Verizon, my friend hooked me up with the local comcast rep. This guy was much more helpful and listened to what I was asking for He had deals that weren’t advertised on the site. He got back to me on time and in fact even after I had made a choice for the $80 package for Internet + digital starter + $10 for the HD cable box, he got back to me telling me that there was another deal I should look at. At the time I wasn’t interested in the triple play bundle but he said that they were offering the bundle at no contract for a promotional rate for $89 a year and $109 after that. I would be getting Blast + Premier Cable + phone service with a free texting plan. This was a no brainer. I took it up and got my ATnT texting plan dropped which saves me $20. ON top of it all I don’t have to pay any installation fees. My college at work was paying $210 for the exact package and when he learnt that I was getting if for basically 40% of what he was paying he literally blew a fuse!

    To recap, try finding out who’s the local Cable rep these guys are far more helpful than anyone on the phone.

  • Sean Smith says:

    Thanks so much for the suggestion. The “customer loyalty” agent dropped my bill from $160/month to $90/month for agreeing to a 2-year contract. Woohoo! Awesome advice.

  • Ed says:

    Sounds like great advise. The only alternative we have is Dish. Not as easy but give ita try.

  • CJ says:

    I used your suggestions and added this: I calculated what it would cost for similar services with two other providers (Century Link and Direct TV) I calculated what I would pay if I came to Comcast as a new customer. I compared the annual costs of each of these scenarios. Then when I spoke with the rep who handled the line to “discontinue your comcast service” I calmly told him my findings in great detail. I then added that it appears that I would save $1600 the first year and $720 subsequent years by leaving Comcast for their competition while receiving more channels and cooler DVR features. Further, I mentioned that it’s evident Comcast awards its loyal customers by billing them $470 more per year than its new customers! I then gently added, ‘this hardly seems fair does it?’ The flabbergasted rep said hold one minute and I’ll see what I can do. Six minutes later he was back, discounted my monthly fee $55/month and gave me 3 free months of DVR. I think I will make it an annual event to make this call. Thirty minutes of research to save over $600? You bet it’s worth it. I still may jump ship to save an additional $1000. But I’ll stay put for now. Overall, consider if all customers speak up like this; maybe companies will get the message that there’s a price to pay for not taking care of your existing customers. Thanks for providing this empowering forum.

  • Debra B says:

    Hey friend thank you for the insite. I googled how to lower cable bill and came upon your site. I couldn’t remember the word I heard on a TV show of who to talk to…and it’s a RETENTION SPECIALIST. thank you for that. Debra

  • Dogstardaddy says:

    I followed the suggestions. The person on the other end was far less than helpful. The best I could do was them taking $15 off the service and throwing in HBO for 6 months. Better than nothing, but not by much.

  • Justin says:

    Tried calling 2 separate reps and neither were willing to help me. I told them that RCN and Fios had better deals for the same tier internet and Comcast wouldn’t budge. We will officially be canceling Comcast. Maybe they will try to sway me when I make that phone call?

  • PapaFi says:

    I dropped Comcast TV today after being with them for long time. Four months ago my TV +Net jumped from 84.14 to 147.97 and because I had an automated payment I didn’t know that for while. I called and talked to three different people about too high payment. No one of them tried to find solution, so I canceled TV and left Internet for 64.00.

    • Ml says:

      I just cancelled mine due to promo ending… This doubled the price. I told them i had dish and direct tv and had both of their specials in my hand. They were unwilling to negotiate at
      All and told me to return the equipment and get a receipt. I have nothing now but will
      Make another call next week to give it another round. Verizon isn’t in my area and the
      Only options are dish and directv…

      • timothy says:

        I tried to haggle with Direct TV. I have been with them since 2010 so after 4 years I came across these sites. I haggled $25 off my bill for 12 months. The other day, I called them for another promo, they said they have nothing besides free Cinemax,Showtime, etc. I called a week later, they said ,”they have a $5 off promo for 12 months.” I cancel my services so my account is not active anymore. The Direct TV still works even though they disconnected my services.

  • PG says:

    Just called Comcast and went thru the phone tree to the discontinue service. I was told by a recording that the wait is long about 15 mins, but instead, I got a customer rep on the phone after about a minute. Explained to her that the bill has gone up too much and I would like to cancel. She immediately went on to say that she can check on what she can do. She at first offered to upgrade me to HD premier for about 20 bucks less than what I am paying now(I have preferred plus currently). But I told her I don’t need the extra channels. So she then offered me the same price for new customers on the HD preferred plus package. I told her I could do that and she locked in the rate for me. I wound up saving about $45 bucks and I am going to cancel my HD-DVR which I almost never use anyways. So I am going to save about $55 a month. Not bad for a 10 minute phone call! Thanks!

  • enyalid says:


    I received the dreaded bill for May 2013 and they are again jacking up my Comcast price to $72.63. Unacceptable! I’m now making preparations to either switch or cancel. Playing the Comcast price shell games is really starting to get old. I’ve been having to do this since 2004.


    On the phone with Comcast again. Called to cancel service. I explained that my bill was again too high. Amy Rep #PG quoted me $49.99 for 6 months for basic cable and my internet service. This rate is good for 6 months. Said a label would be sent out. Need to watch for the June bill and see if the price gets lowered as promised. I will have to watch for my November bill and see if it goes up again and will have to call back then. After past patterns, I’m quite sure that I will have to call them back in June. We will wait and see.

    End of Log

  • StingerDawg says:

    So I called Xfinity/Comcast twice today to try and get my bill lowered. I went from $189 for Triple Play (HD Preferred XF Bundle, 1-addtl line, DVR) to $254 a month in a matter of 3 months. Apparently my “special” pricing ran out. At this time, 6/11/2013, they wouldn’t do anything for me. They would downgrade me and I would lose channels and pay less, but still pay the regular rate. They told me the only offers they can give me must raise my bill at least $10/month. I qualify for a special rate of $199/month Bundle because my current bundle alone coast $189. BS!

    I called back frustrated and asked to hear all my options to a lower bill….none were offered except downgrades/losing channels and services. My next step is to do as the article above says and threaten to leave for AT&T… however a co-worker told me he tried that a little over a month ago (April 2013) and they would not work with him and they called his bluff. He just got At&T hooked up after 4-weeks of no cable/internet and said that At&T has a ton of their own issues you have to deal with, although he has a lowered bill for a year :-). But I like Xfinity, I have not had issues with them, the cable, phone or e-mail or internet. I don’t really want to leave them.

    I will now contemplate whether to call up and threaten to leave, hoping they don’t call my bluff….to be continued.

  • Liz Clevesy says:

    I’m so tired of my Comcast bill. Reminds me of that Who song, “We’re Not Gonna Take It.”
    I love my DVR but paying @$170/month for a convenience item is crazy. I’m seriously thinking of going to basic cable. I have no issues with the services, but the bill is ridiculous. Same with the cell phone bill!! How did we get by in the 80’s without all this stuff?
    I did call a few months ago and got my bill dropped by around $15. They let me keep my phone but took it off the bill.

  • Jim says:

    I finally got fed up with Comcast and cancelled my cable completely last month. I have a 6 year-old that loves her Disney and Nickelodeon channels, and I love watching baseball and football. However I hated getting a bill from Comcast for $183 for cable, internet and phone. First we called and got the HBO and Showtime cancelled, which dropped my bill to around $140. I then ordered a Mohu Leaf antenna for $40 through Amazon and cancelled all of my cable. (I live 20 miles from the television transmission towers, so needed the help). Ordered Hulu Plus (which unfortunately only carries a few shows I watch). I already had Netflix. I now pay about $60 a month for my internet and phone, $8.50 a month for Netflix and $8 a month for Hulu Plus and have plenty to watch. And Comcast calls me about every two weeks asking me if I would be interested in getting my cable back at some very low prices.

    The most important thing about dealing with any cable company, don’t be afraid to cancel your cable for a few weeks or months even. Switch to Netflix or Amazon Prime or something along those lines. They will call or mail you offers to come back. They need you more than you need them.

  • Karen says:

    Your script worked for me. Before taxes, my bill is now about $500 lower annually (I know, I know…for now)…..Thanks!

  • Cel says:

    I called Comcast several times but they would not budge in terms of lowering my bill. I only have internet service and want to keep just internet. They told me my $34.99 promotional deal ended, went up to $44.99 and then stated my bill will be going to $80.00. How do I get them to keep it at $44.99 or even $34.99?

    • G.E. Miller says:

      It’s a lot tougher to negotiate when you only have one product and you’re not paying that much for it.
      Here’s an experiment to try: see what rate they’ll give you for internet if you add home phone. If it’s a good deal, take it, then cancel phone a few days later. Not sure if it will work, but worth a shot.

    • Cate says:

      If you care so much about the service maybe you should consider paying for it instead of complaining about how your cable bill is so high. Cable is a luxury and not a privilege. Can’t handle it? Spend time with your friends and family. It’s not a tragedy for someone to cut their cable service if they can find something they enjoy more than spending hours on hold to “negotiate” a lower deal..,

  • Michael says:

    I have utilized the online chat channel to lower my bill for years. As you have recently cited, their online channel has really tightened their onus of retention responsibility and they no longer work to find an alternative package.

    Additionally, the established tactics for negotiating with their retention specialists no are no longer as effective as in the past.

    I asked the specialist I spoke to today about this, and insinuated in my conversation that there was, perhaps, an enterprise level policy change. He explained that Comcast is now enforcing already-existing policies in place that involve price targeting/price enforcement/package non-renewal and then launched into a 20 minute speech about how if everyone kept getting the same package repeatedly, they wouldn’t be able to bless all of us with their ever-evolving suite of products. He then stated that packages are meant to serve as introductory tools for new customers to experience Comcast’s amazing levels of service.

    It was at this point that I couldn’t sustain the conversation without becoming belligerent, so I decided to disconnect before the vitriol building behind my breath served to dismantle my entire point of calling in the first place.

    He did mention that the industry is a promotional industry and that Comcast now expects to lose customers to the cyclical promotion game. So I’m taking his advice and moving on.

  • DD says:

    It is also a good idea to get the name & id number of the representative you are speaking with. one day I was having truble with my outside wiring (my dog chewed it), made an appointment for that, and was upgrading I was going to have the hd dvr delivered in the mail, while i was setting up the appointment for the outside wiring I was told by the representative that since the technician was already going to my house, she could cancel the equipment that was being sent and he could just set that up for me, I asked and much would that cost? She said it would be free, nope!! When my next bill came I owed 75 dollars for the instillation, wich was bs I called comcast and I was just getting the run around, even had a representative tell me they didnt have a supervisor, I would just hang up after speaking with about 4 diffrent representative’s I came across a reasonable one that did have a supervisor, was transfered and was able to get my $75 back, there are good representative and there are bad ones do make sure you get the id number and name.

  • jmm says:

    They are not negotiating anymore from my recent experience. Without competition they can pretty much do as they please. If it was not for my wife and her HGTV and Food Channels I would can the cable TV and stream everthing.

  • AA says:

    Had some luck lowering my comcast bill this week. Didnt get anywhere with the chat agent, had to call the retention department and play sweet on the phone. Used two main arguments, 1) friends paying less and getting more channels and 2) why pay 100+/month when I could be doing Netflix/Hulu and paying 15/month. I made sure to tell her that I’m rarely home to watch live TV so I had no problems waiting a day to watch last night’s episode.

    Thanks for the advice GE and fellow readers. Good luck!

  • Eric says:

    Just followed your method and got my Comcast bill lowered by almost $26 per month for 12 months. I was also able to get more channels and faster Internet as part of the deal.

    I called first and they didn’t offer me any help with lowering my bill. Like others have said, they tried to upsale me. So I went online and used their chat. The original rep eventually transferred me to a Sales Specialist, who gave me the lower offer.

  • Justin says:

    Used your advice, got the new X1 receiver, more channels including hbo and same internet speeds. Lowered my bill by $40.

    Call went like so…

    called in, rep greeted asked why i was calling. told him was planning to move next month and wanted to cancel just one of my services to pursue something else. offered newer much lower plans instantly and an x1 that i was waitlisted for and was supposed to receive a call weeks ago that i never got. told him well i’m unsure, got a account review card the other day and tried calling but it rang and rang for 25 minutes and i gave up. apologized because of the weather they are having on the east coast, used my sales position charm and turned the focus to the weather to gain grounds with the rep then asked to hear him out on the plans. then got the hookup of the century with free installation on the x1 as well.

  • Wahine says:

    This is great if switching companies. But who’s the equivalent of the Retention Dept if I’m calling to negotiate rates as first time bundle buyer (longtime phone customer)? Who has the real power to negotiate eg at ATT besides Cust Service Supervisors?

  • Kim says:

    Hey Mr. Miller…thanks so much for your post! I just followed your instructions to the letter. I was able to add XFINITY internet and upgrade to HD that increased my bill by only $1.38! Wow! I am currently paying Comcast 77.53 for digital starter and two additional digital adapters and $25.50 to AT&T for HSI Elite internet = $103.03. Quoted price from Comcast is $78.91 for both services. I do own my own modem so saved on that fee, too! Thanks again, Kim

  • Bill says:

    Thanks for these tips. I took the chat route to see if I could get a reduction and it took some effort but I eventually succeeded. I had the HD Premier triple play bundle and it had just jumped up by $20 to $179.99. With taxes and fees it was over $200/month.

    I started by chatting with someone regarding my bill and expressed concern that the costs were getting too high and that AT&T and DirectTV were offering much lower rates. Plus I’d been with Comcast for over 15 years and I didn’t think it was fair that new customers got much lower rates than loyal customers.

    I got nowhere with the first guy who offered me a starter package, reduced internet speed, and I’d have to pay $17.95 for the X1 DVR that I now had for free in my package. The result was it would cost me more to get less. I said that wasn’t helpful so he passed me to a sales person who was much more sympathetic. He got me a package with fewer channels, which was okay because we weren’t watching half of the ones in our current package, same internet speed, and he added the X1 DVR for $7.99 and HBO for $10. Total cost will be $145 before taxes and fees. I’m very happy.

  • mandy smith says:

    I just called them with no intention of getting a reduction – I finally got around to setting up the roku in the basement and decided to just get rid of the cable tv. I was paying $260 for their triple play bundle with showtime and 2 extra dvrs. The customer service representative told me he would work out a better deal for me, and dropped almost $100 off my bill…just like that. I asked him to give me a quote without the tv part (i want to keep internet and phone) and he quoted me $9 cheaper – seems pointless to get rid of tv for $9 so i’ll just get rid of the two extra dvrs and showtime and save another $50.

    Would like to get cheaper internet and phone, but not sure which company can offer the speeds that comcast offer and i want to keep my email address.

  • Jason says:

    Just got a great deal calling the 1-800-COMCAST number and saying I wanted to cancel, which put me straight through to the customer loyalty dept. I’m an internet-only subscriber and I’ve been paying $66.95/mo for the 20mb/s (Performance) d/l speed. I said I can see on the website that 50mb/s (Blast!) is going for $63.95. They said that’s only when bundled with TV or phone.

    So, what she did offer was 12 months of TV+Blast!+HBO for $49.99/mo, or internet only for $54.99. With no added costs on the bundle deal, $49.99 is obviously the way to go, plus I can then cancel HBO through DirecTV to save another $17/mo. Win-win!

  • Wendy Piklor says:

    Funny you should say this because my comcast bill was slowly going up every month. I called and spoke to a rep. In retention. I asked if we can somehow lower my bill. She quoted me a package that would lower my bill by $40.00. She said the package included streampix for free for 12 months and I would pay $10 a month for HBO. I accepted the offer and had the tech install the new dvr boxes. Come 4 days later streampix was not working. I called and they chaged me temporarily $4.99 to get the streampix running again. Promised me that the chage would fall off in a day. Of course it didn’t. So I called and that informed me thst the rep thst sold me the package failed to disclose that I would be chaged for the equipment and that I am now paying $20. More than what I originally was paying. They refused to fix the error the rep made and said that can only offer me a package that would cost me $50.00 more than what I was paying. I was so mad I could spit nails. After being on the phone for 10 hours and speaking to 24 reps. Finally a rep. Promised me she will take off $20 a month on my bill. That made me a little happier. Even though I was swallowing the 3movie channels they took away from me. So one day I called to pay my bill and I discovered that the rep. That promise $20 off my bill failed to give me that discount. I havebeen on the phone for 4 hours and spoken to 7 reps. With no resolve. I reported a complaint to the better business bbureau. In the meantime I am waiting for a call back which I doubt they will follow through. Do not use comcast!!! Or should I say ” FRAUDCAST!!!!

  • Lori in Leesburg says:

    My bill went up $35 this week – $20 for the package “expiring” and $15 for HBO that I didn’t even know I was getting free (I know – I just pay my bill online and don’t even look at the paperwork). The billing department tried to upgrade me to another $20 per month, and said there was nothing they (or a supervisor!) could do. I spent almost 10 minutes just trying to get to the supervisor (never did) before finally googling and ending up here (thank you!) Most aggravating 20 minutes I’ve spent on the phone in a long time.

    Skip the frustration and take this article’s good advice!!! Just know that the prompts have changed – if you want to get to the Customer Care team you have to click the prompt that says “Cancel all service” – that will route you to the folks who will give you the old package pricing. Don’t be afraid to hit the key for “cancel service.” I was a little nervous, without knowing what else is out there. But at the end of the call, the guy even said, “Next year when the price goes up again, do just what you did to get to us – hit cancel service and you’ll get to us. We’ll take care of you.”

  • YTEpisodes says:

    Just got off the phone with em…no such luck this time around. Had some things removed from the bill, but TV and internet were apparently locked in to promo prices, which couldn’t be reduced. Digital Starter and 50Mbps Internet @ $170/month, same offered by WOW for $115. Still managed to knock ten bucks off. Not sure that was really worth the phone call, but it got my dad off my back. Worth it.

  • Randi says:

    Comcast has been a nightmare!! We had the economy tv with 50mgb Internet for 6 months bill was $62 a month. We had to call at least once a month because our Internet would lag so bad we couldn’t even check our bank statements without timing out. Everytime we called our internet had misteriously dropped speed and the agent had to raise it back up. We were told it was our modem and we needed to rent one from Comcast. That didn’t fix the problem and we started paying for that rental. Our package expired, our bill went up $40. I called to seriously cancel service. The person talked me into a package after 2 hours of me trying to cancel my service. She said it was the same tv with 25 mgb Internet for $5 less than what we were originally paying (bill would be $57 a month). Perfect service doesn’t need canceled then…WRONG! I got off the phone to find out our tv was only getting 3 channels. Called back, that department was closed, tech guy changed service back at an even higher cost, now I have to call Monday to truly cancel service. I will never use Comcast again! God help the people that choose home security with these crooks.

  • Kalifah says:

    I JUST got off the phone with Comcast! (6/2/14, 1:25 pm) They would NOT reduce my bill, so I will be looking for less expensive service within the next 4 days.

  • Jupvega says:

    I just notced this week that Xfinity had increased my bill at somtime in the past four mounths agofrom $232.00 to $69.+, and my wife and I are both living on SSDI which is around $3000.00 per month, way too little for what we can afford, but wife is in need of a CABLE TV intervention.It’ not worth that confrontation! But I went online and saw X had offers $40 less for way more than we we’re getting! Been with X since 1991 and price just goes up & up! I ordered the better offer with the X1 system, self install kit to save $69 service fee, I’m tech savy and can plug wires in an do checks. But called back to see if they were going to send a new wireless router/modem! As on the web site showed a new one, the rep told me the did not have self install kits as I’m looking at it online, thier site dated 6/12/2014, today is the 18th! But she was addament that I was wrong, wrong, wrong! Told her I ordered it so check and see also the web page, but she’d have non of it because she said someone gave me bad info???? Well I called right back to speak with a diff rep. and as I was oringaly told I was getting the self install no matter what the piece of sharp edged iceburg arguded with me about, I was also given a small but adaquit xtra discount for the hassle. Still it all too expensive but some good came along for me. I saw I could have saved more on a small service revision but the wife said No! I’ll just sneek it on later once the dust settles afer the installation, you married guy’s understand? PEACE!

  • Raven 1735 says:

    I purchased my own modem to save * dollars a month, it really did not take long to pay for it self……………..But where I failed was Comcast never took it off the bill. (wife pays bills) so it took over a year for me to find the error. Comcast refunded 6 months worth. SO CHECK THOSE BILLS

  • NLLCGA says:

    Tired of paying almost 250 a month we decided to call and see what could be done. I originally had HD Preferred Xf at $169.95 and my boxes are: 17.95 HD DVR, 8.00 second HD DVR promotional, 9.95 for 2 more. First my husband called, got a rate of 139.95 with more channels, told to upgrade to X1 and then we would have main box and companions for 10 each-upgrade would cost 39.95 technician fee, and 99.00 installation fee. So, we talked and I called back and got a different person who just didn’t seem to care that I don’t want or need more channels or pandora on my tv-but, she gave me a rate of 139.99 for HD preffered plus, told me that with installation it would be 263.79 the first month, then 203.84 each month after. I said, one of the companion boxes could be basic which is now only 1.99 a month, so then my monthly rate would be 193.89. Called today to try again-I just want a bill around 150-175, why is this difficult! I don’t need a thousand channels….so got another rep who started at 149.95-I interupted her and said, I’ve had 3 reps, 3 prices, I just want what I have or fewer channels and I don’t want to pay more than 150/175 a month. Plus, I’m willing to pay the installation fee for the X1 boxes if that will in the long run take down the cost of the converters (currently 46 down to 32). She came back with a promotional 12 month rate for the same pacakge I have now with better internet at 119/mo for 12 months. But couldn’t give me info on X1 boxes, transfers me….new guy tells me to upgrade would be 184 for installation-$99 installation, $39.95 tech fee, $15 cost to change out each box. I said I thought installation was changing out the box, why am I paying $15 for each box. Eventually I lost it-asked for supervisor, he transferred me to a number that just rang and never went to voice mail. Now, I’ll call back later and see if I can just get a better rate on the boxes I have-not that interested in X1, just trying to stay with the times. Why is comcast so difficult! Uugh-had to vent here so I can move on.

  • VideoGuy says:

    Count me as another Comcast “victim” of their notorious expiring promotion scam. My Double Play with Blast bill shot up $40! I went online and it looks like I can get a Triple Play X1 package for about $20 more than what my new Double Play bill is, which actually doesn’t sound too bad, but I do not need or want Comcast phone service (or paying their $39.95 installation and $8.00 voice modem fee!). I chatted online with a clueless Comcast rep. He kept asking me all these inane questions like how many TVs I have, do I play video games, what are my favorite TV channels, etc. I half expected him to start chatting about plot developments on House Of Cards or Scandal! All I wanted to know is if I could get a price break on Triple Play and he would never answer me directly! So I ended that chat and tomorrow might try calling Comcast. I would cancel TV completely and just get internet but my antenna reception is weak and I like to watch local news. It is so sad that in most of the country you only have one choice for 50mbs internet speeds.

  • BevB says:

    Comcast just upped my bill by $33! I phoned and tried to negotiate, but no luck. They implied that if I didn’t want to pay, they would disconnect my service.

  • Nina says:

    So what do you do for internet if I discontinue all my comcast (phone line-I dont need; tv- i dont need; internet -I DO need). I wont pay my bills at a WIFI cafe (not secure).

    Any advice??

  • BassMan says:

    I am so disgusted with these bloody pirates!

    I too am a victim of the all of the sudden expiring promotional pricing and my bill going up almost every month! I am now up to $205 for the triple play bundle. I have no HD or DVR service and no premium channels, yet being charged a premium price for things I am not using.

    I don’t understand how they can justify charging so much money to have channels I never look at or have any interest in.

    Any channels worth a darn to look at are all being moved up to the Digital prefered tier so even having the basic tier is worthless!

    The fact that they charge such an inordinate amount for TV content that consists of more than 50% commercials is thievery!

    The fact that they do not display any pricing for any of the platforms or tiers (without the promotional price) is disturbing and deceptive to say the least!

    Why has no-one filed a class action suit against these guys for deceptive business practices and GRAND THEFT?

    Whatever happened to the ALA Carte thing Congress was pushing for them to do?

    Its not enough that I cancel my service with these thieves, but I want to punish them for ripping me off! I unfortunately am not in a position to stir the pot at this time!

    If it wasnt for the Blast Internet (which I need for work) I would have dumped Comcast a long time ago. There are no comparable bandwidth providers in my area (North Florida) so they have me by the short hairs!

    Sorry about the rant but there is nothing that gets me on my soapbox quicker than Comcast.

    Ever since they took over for Time Warner in my area the cable experience has gone into the toilet, and now Comcast wants to buy out Time Warner!?!?! Please FCC, don’t let this happen! Comcast is already a monopoly!

  • Sandra says:

    Thank you for this. I essentially used your exact script, except there is NO competition for Comcast where I live. So I just told them I was canceling. Bill went from $159 to $117.

  • Rob says:

    Awesome article thank you very much.

  • Lisa says:

    Not a 20 something but tried this advice today and they knocked my monthly bill down about 35$ while adding extra channels etc. Thanks for the advice. They negotiated without any of the usual run around.

  • George says:

    Good Tips.

    What is helpful is to become armed with the facts from competitors specifics. Direct TV, etc. Generally, they offer promotions and can include $100 gift cards. In general, this arms you as a consumer who should get the most bang for your hard earned dollars.

    In the past, Comcast has worked to offer comparable things or may throw in extras to keep you as a customer (Free HBO for a year, etc, waiving DVR rental for a year)in order to get a package deal within your expectations.

    I managed to save $15 from what I was already paying monthly, with the next teir up on TV package and a faster internet package. I was satisfied with this and remained with them.

    Definately buy your own modem and do not pay the monthly rental fee. This pays for itself in short time.

    Their promotions change consistently to remain competitive, if you have been using their service for years and pay the same rate for years, it is worth giving Comcast a call to see what they can do for you. You may be saving some dollars while increasing your service.

  • Dan says:

    Worked for me. Called in about canceling internet service because Verizon offered better rates after comcast increased my bill due to promotion ending, and they cut my bill by about 15$ for 12 months.

  • John says:

    Nice Article… thank you

  • Chris says:

    Your strategy works only if there are other options for internet, phone and/or television. In my area in New Hampshire Comcast is the ONLY provider for internet services. I just re-negotiated by annual triple play cost on the day it expired and was told verbally and in writing (an email from Comcast) that my triple play cost would be $149.99 per month. When I received my bill a week and half later, my triple play cost was $164.99. Assuming there was a mix up, I called Comcast to get my price to $149.99. After being on the phone with them for literally one hour, transferred 4 times, the last person told me they would not honor the $149.99 price (even though I have it in writing) and I have to pay $164.99.

  • David says:

    I’m also in the situation where Comcast is the only one to service our building. They must know it too. When I called in to cancel, they didn’t even ask why. I went completely through the process to cancel and then had them hold off on cancelling until I called back. Apparently this process doesn’t work unless you have a valid option for changing.

  • The Cretin says:

    I recently retired and immediately got on the horn to those robber barons, Comcast. The girl that answered was a real sweetie pie. Remarkably, she couldn’t have been nicer or more accomodating. I received a 1 year promotional package with more channels (which I didn’t want), and most importantly, sliced a whopping $60/month off my bill. I asked if I could date her, but she said I was too old for her. If I live long enough, I will call again in a year when my promotional package expires. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the babes name so most likely I’ll get some gargoyl next time.

  • bob says:

    just got off the horn with comcast. I used this script and was surprised at how easy the call went. our current bill, which reflects the ending of our promotion on the 8th, went to $123 from $75. the rep I spoke with was able to get us down to $80. I’m expecting the new total to be b/t $10-$12 more than what we were paying, but about $40 less than what comcast was trying to charge us. thanks!

  • Ann says:

    I called the number today to cancel my internet service because my apartment started providing internet service with $35/month and my current promo rate is $48 and it will be expired soon. After the promo rate expires, my bill will roll over to $66.95/month just for internet service. Apparently, I won’t pay this much just for basic internet service. So I called the number and it transferred me to their loyalty department. By that time, I just wanted to cancel my service and didn’t even think of negotiating price with them after I have failed attempting to lower my price through online chat. The lady who answered my call was nice and able to offered me discount with $34.99/month for same package and the promo price is good for a year instead of just 6 months. I think I should call the loyalty department early so I would not need to speak to customer service in every 6 months just to get a new promo rate.

    • Lisa says:

      I agree! The rep I spoke with locked me in for the next two years at a reduced rate but told me to call them before the two years is up to see what other promotions they can offer then. Forget calling customer service!

  • Eli says:

    I called the 800 number today as my bill just went up from $34.99/month to $66.99. The lady told to me about new services I could add for a few more dollars a month but that was definitely not helping me lower my bill. So I said I wanted to discontinue my service and she transferred me to the loyalty department.
    The second lady from the loyalty department did not want to give up any discount. She said I had signed up for a 12-month new customer promotion and that I was told when I signed up that the price would go up past these first 12 months.
    I am not willing to discontinue my service as I hate wasting time with technician visit and so on.
    So I’ve just signed up on so they negotiate on my behalf. Will post a comment if they get me any discounts.

    • Eli says:

      OK so I heard back from and they were able to lower my bill to $39.99 per month. This is nearly $30 off the price I currently pay so I am really happy with that.
      Seems like this company is a good option.

  • kent says:

    called today to renegotiate my bill which was $181. tried to cut off my phone which obviously i dont use at all,but they countered if ill it cut off the first year would be 120 for just cable and internet and 140 for the next year (2yrs contract).wtih the bundle for 2 yrs my bill would be 114. i guess im stuck with them again.

  • Lisa says:

    Thanks for the tips!

    Before reading it, I wasted several hours conversing with a sales specialist & his supervisor over chat who did absolutely nothing.

    I called the number you gave & said I may want to discontinue service, the rep immediately hooked me up! I went from $139.99 per month down to $89.99. They threw in HBO as well. I’ve a very happy camper. Thanks again!

  • Tom Laurin says:

    I know – call to cancel a portion of your service and wait for the next billing cycle; they’ll change your name to ASSHOLE Smith and you can negotiate free service for life!

  • Anthony says:

    This was really helpful. We only use Comcast for Internet service. I’d been comparing other area providers, found one was definitely worth looking into. I called Comcast and followed what you said.

    The rep told me that Internet-only deals are fewer, as they do so much with bundles now. But she did drop us from full price ($67) to a 12-mo promotional price of $45 per month.

    I’ve got a new cable modem on the way too, so will shortly be getting rid of the modem rental fee.

    Thanks for the great tips!

  • William says:

    Has anyone been able to negotiate a better deal while still on contract

  • Alan Gunn says:


    Followed the script and saved $15 a month. If I turn in the HD box, I can save another $10 a month. That helps! The Comcast person I spoke with (Brandon) was very helpful.

    When I called the customer service number yesterday (the number on my bill), the guy said he could not lower my bill.


  • yogimom says:

    Score. Thank you so much for this! I have chatted and called Comcast at least 5 times over the last 6 months and met with staunch refusal to do anything about my bill that increased from $99 triple play to $185, and seems to be still going up!

    With the advice in the article, I went straight to a request to cancel my service. The rep answered the phone “customer retention” and immediately asked what he could do to keep me as a customer. I was first offered a package with more channels for $109.99 and an X1 box for $9.99 instead of the $17.99 I was paying. I said no thanks I don’t need that many channels. Was offered economy package (same internet, phone and a few less channels that I don’t use) for $92.99. I requested waiver of $9.99 fee for DVR/X1 box and got waiver for one year. Also got waiver of $15 fee to mail the new box.

    And I asked to backdate my current bill to the lower rate – yep got that too for at least two months. He said he would try to backdate it further. My total price will be $102.85 because of a $10 modem fee (need to get my own).

  • Devlin says:

    Helpful advice, thanks. I first signed up for Comcast at a two-year deal of $45 a month (before taxes) for 25mb internet and a landline. After one year it jumped to $65, I called 3 times and got a different story every time, the first two times I waited for a change in the bill I was getting but nothing happened. The third time the rep found an “extra special deal” for me, the total bill was $22 a month, including taxes. I asked if I would receive a new contract, they said I could see it online (I never could find it). A month ago it jumped up to $66, then last month it went up to $100. I took your advice, they lowered it back to $66 for a year. Since I got such a low price for so long I figure it all averages out. I can get ATT in my area, a year from now I’ll reconsider and may switch.

  • junglerabbit says:

    called comcast today. tried to get a simple $10 loyalty discount renewal for 1 year which I always get every year because I always call when the discount expires. I have been with comcast for over 25 years so I think I deserve it(makes me feel good and why can’t I feel good!!) Retention specialist kept repeating the discount had expired and was no longer available. she instructed me to remove services I am not using and that is how she would help me lower my bill. She said I have too many discounts such as free HBO for 6 months ($15/month and free HD for 1 year at $10/month so therefore I am already saving $25. therefore, her logic is to reduce my digital preferred . I told her I would actually lose the $25 savings at the end of the promo terms, (July 2015) not renew either service, and then I would need my measly $10 loyalty discount. I pointed out that comcast would lose more money if I changed from digital preferred than they would if they gave me the $10 loyalty discount. She said “make sure you return the HD box when you leave comcast”. And I will!!!! I agree with other comments on this site that comcast has tightened their promos and discounts. I will change to uverse today.

  • I GOT MINE says:

    I followed the script and I got a better deal. Double internet speed, HD Digital Preferred w/ HBO, STARZ, Stream Pics + the new cable boxes (most current). Paying $10 a month more, rather than the $80 more it was set to go up.

  • Erica says:

    I have internet and phone with Comcast, and they did absolutely nothing for me. Such bs.

  • Steven says:

    They jacked up mine from $88 to $121, no advance notice. We need to all file complaints with the Better Business Bureau, Federal Communications Commission and write our senators and those in congress for more regulation on the cable tv industry. Comcast is seeking to buy Time Warner who owns Bright House Networks. We need to stop that merger from happening or the monopoly would be huge and nothing would stop prices going through the roof. The government can put additional regulations on cable tv that would make it harder for jacking up prices without notice and how high they can go. The FCC is enemy #1 to Comcast, write them and tell them they need to stop the big GREEDY bully Comcast!

  • Johnny says:

    It sucks we have to play these games, but it IS worth it to spend 30 minutes or so and save $400+ a year. Well, at least for me it is. My 2 year ‘agreement’ just ended so I ended up using their chat feature. You seem to get better agents if you actually sign into your account, go to contact us, chat, general billing question. This way they already have all your information and are ready to deal. Ask to be transferred to the sales department once you get in the chat room. They will transfer you to another agent. A sales agent. I simply stated what I wanted and told him about a new offer I had seen on their website. Premier Triple Play $109.95 for a year. I was very polite, offering thank you for your time, and I appreciate all the help checking on offers. He eventually came back with $129.99 for a year. The best deal I had seen was $169.95. Boom there’s $40 savings a month. Plus my internet speed doubled, all premium channels and new X1 box. No upgrade fees. No installation fees. I went thru 1 chat very quickly. It was obvious he wasn’t going to deal. Exit and come back to chat another time. The second time worked. Just shows that the offers all depend on who you get and if they feel like helping you. Also helps if you always pay your bill on time. The agent noted my good customer record before agreeing to the deal. Silly games we must play for this monopoly. Wish I had other choices for Internet but I dont.

  • G-Rock says:

    called in today but took a different approach. i have a Preferred Plus triple play bundle for 189.95 plus equipment monthly rate is 222.89 before taxes. i called in and stated i wanted to remove the phone service. the agent told me that i was in a bundle pricing. i have been out of bundle pricing for over a year. after informing the agent of this he was like we can offer you to keep everything as is for 149.95 saving 40-45 dollars a month. i was like ok.. that we can so.. save me 480 buck for the year :)


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