My Ooma Review (Updated for 2024)

A Review of the Ooma VOIP System

This Ooma review has been updated for 2024. It’s been a while since I made the switch from Verizon Wireless and no land-line to using a combination of the Ooma and mobile phone service. Making the switch had effectively cut my monthly phone bills in half, from $60 to $30 and has actually resulted in more flexibility and better service. But how does Ooma measure up? In this post, I’ll give you my Ooma review

Update: I’ve since written an expanded Ooma review that covers new features and alternative devices to the standard Ooma Telo.

What is an Ooma?

Ooma is basically a VOIP hardware system with no monthly service fees. Essentially:

  1. You buy the Ooma system.
  2. You hook it up to a high-speed internet connection.
  3. You plug Ooma into your regular land-line phone and use it without paying any service fees.

The Price of Ooma

The Gen 1 Ooma (called “Ooma Core” – now discontinued) started out with a price around $400. I purchased an Ooma Core for $299 from Amazon. The Ooma Core has since been upgraded to the newer generation Ooma Telo and now only costs around $79. There is also an optional Ooma Telo handset). There are also “Ooma Telo Air” (take anywhere wifi-enabled) and “Ooma Telo LTE” (uses a mobile data connection) versions.

Ooma Basic Features (Included)

The basic Ooma Telo service, includes:

  • free calling to anywhere in the U.S.
  • free in-network calls
  • HD voice audio
  • call waiting
  • call hold
  • voicemail (which you can also check online remotely)
  • caller ID and blocking
  • 911, 411, and call return (*69)
  • a new number (you can also port old numbers if you choose, for $39.95)
  • no PC required (Ooma runs from an internet connection, not a powered PC)
  • one-year warranty (you can extend to 3 years at a charge, but it’s not worth the price)

Ooma review

Ooma Premier Service Option

Additionally, you can purchase enhanced services for your Ooma unit. I haven’t done this and I’m really happy with the basic bundle, but should I need a second line (perhaps for a home business,) it seems to be a great deal. Ooma Premier costs $9.99/month, which gets you:

  • A second phone line.
  • Free phone number port (normally $39.95) – if you sign up for a year.
  • Do not disturb.
  • Send to voicemail
  • Voicemail monitoring and notifications
  • 3 way conferencing
  • anonymous, spammer, and custom call blocking
  • Free calling to Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Canada
  • Additional features not listed here

How to Install your Ooma Device

When the Ooma first arrived, I was a little intimidated. There was a 50+ page (mostly text) instruction manual. Luckily, there was also a little picture tutorial. When it comes down to it, there can be different set-ups based on how your phone and internet lines are wired. For most people, the set-up is going to be very easy:

  1. Run an ethernet wire from your router to your Ooma.
  2. Run a phone wire from your Ooma to your landline phone.
  3. Plug in power to your Ooma device.
  4. Go online, choose a number, and activate your Ooma unit.

It’s really that simple.

How Does the Ooma Perform?

I haven’t run into any problems with the service. All calls are crystal clear – as good or better than a land line. Inbound and outbound calls have always worked. The voicemail service is great. This is one of those rare times when you purchase something that you have high hopes for and it actually exceeds your expectations.

Final Thoughts on the Ooma Telo VOIP:

I think the Ooma is great for anyone in one of the following three situations:

  1. Those who want any sort of VOIP/landline phone. You won’t be able to beat the price (it basically pays for itself in under a year).
  2. Those looking to cut their cell phone bills by cutting their minutes.
  3. Those looking for an additional line aside from their mobile device.
  4. Those starting a home business who may need the flexibility of multiple lines.

I’ve recommended the Ooma to all of my friends and have no hesitations in recommending the product. It’s worth the price and pays for itself in months.

Check out Amazon’s Ooma listing, as it typically is the best price.

Ooma Discussion:

  • Do you have Ooma? Let’s see your review!
  • What would your hesitations be to buying the Ooma?
  • Any questions on the Ooma?


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