How to Get Rid of Cable: Share your Story!

Getting Rid of Cable: Options Aplenty

It has become increasingly easy to get rid of cable these days through a combination of alternatives without losing much of the entertainment value. And when I say ‘cable’, you can lump in the satellite providers, DirectTV and DishNetwork, as well. High-priced paid subscription TV is the enemy here.

In fact, the lifetime cost of cable can be in the millions. Crazy? Yes.

Here are just a handful of crafty ways that I’ve heard others have used to replace the expensive monthly costs:

  • Get network television through a digital antenna, including CBS, FOX, ABC, NBC, PBS, and other channels that broadcast in your area. No monthly fees.
  • Pair the digital antenna with an Amazon Fire TV Recast OTA DVR: record up to 150 hours of OTA TV, with no subscription cost.
  • Get any streaming service (and watch digital files) through a Roku Ultra: I personally use this as my streaming device as it has everything, including USB digital file compatibility, compatibility with just about every app, 4K HDR, Dolby Vision, & more. No monthly fees. And you can use a Roku as a replacement for Xfinity’s DVR or TV box.
  • Subscribe to any of the free or paid streaming services you want.
  • Get free DVD rentals from the library.

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