How to Get Rid of Cable: Share your Story!

Getting Rid of Cable: Your Options

It has become increasingly easy to get rid of cable these days through a combination of alternatives without losing much of the entertainment value. And when I say ‘cable’, you can lump in the satellite providers, DirectTV and DishNetwork, as well. High-priced paid subscription TV is the enemy here.

In fact, the lifetime cost of cable can be in the millions. Crazy? Yes.

Here are just a handful of crafty ways that I’ve heard others have used to replace the expensive monthly costs:

  • Get network television through a digital antenna. Pick up 4K & 1080p HD digital TV with a good ole fashion antenna to get CBS, FOX, ABC, NBC, PBS, and other channels that broadcast in your area. No monthly fees.
  • Pair the digital antenna with a Tablo OTA DVR to record OTA TV, with no subscription cost.
  • Get any streaming service (and watch digital files) through a Roku Ultra: I personally use this as my streaming device as it has everything, including USB digital file compatibility, compatibility with just about every app, 4K HDR, Dolby Vision, & more. No monthly fees. And you can use a Roku as a replacement for Xfinity’s DVR or TV box.
  • Subscribe to any of the free or paid streaming services you want.
  • Get free DVD rentals from the library.

Is Streaming Just Cable 2.0? How to Keep your Streaming Costs in Check

Next, you’re probably going to have to keep your streaming bills in check. I’ve written about how to cut your video streaming costs to close to $0 per month. I’d suggest rotating (vs keeping them continuously). Content gets stale anyways – and signing up new often gets you discounts. These links include free/discounted service to various streaming services:

  • Amazon Prime Video (comes free with Amazon Prime, $8.99/month if you don’t have a Prime subscription) – 30-day free trial
  • Hulu (30-day free trial, then $7.99/month w/ads)
  • YouTube TV (usually runs 1 week free trial. Get $50 off YouTube TV with this referral link plus $22 off each of your first 3 months)
  • Paramount+ (1 week free trial, then $5.99 for “Essential” or $11.99 with Showtime per month)
  • PBS Passport ($5/month donation)

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