How to Negotiate a Lower Comcast XFinity Bill

Comcast, or “XFinity” as they like to call themselves these days, had thrown me for a bit of a loop lately. The live-chat method had always worked for me in getting discounts and promotions on Comcast services, but lately they’ve been sticklers.

I had written a very old post on Get Rich Slowly in the past that highlighted how to cut your Comcast bill – and gave the actual chat transcript that cut my cost by 33%. That post is outdated, as nobody has had much luck with their live chat team in recent years. Maybe Comcast management read that post and decided to “toughen up” the live chat team?

Sure, I could get rid of cable completely. But I love live sports and find enough educational value in other programming. So I decided to go back to my old method of getting a Comcast discount – a good ole’ fashion phone negotiation.

Before I go into the negotiation and what the result was, I’ll first highlight what my package and price was (post 2-year contract expiring):

  1. Digital Basic Cable with HD DVR: $90/month (full price)
  2. Blast Cable Internet (250 Mbps): $40/month (discounted)

Total price: $130 per month (+ another $10 or so for other related fees).

Note: Comcast frequently changes their speeds and package pricing, so research what the current offerings are in your area, and substitute in the script. It’s the technique that works, not the pricing specifics.

How to Cut your Comcast Bill: Step-by-Step Script

I’ll now walk you step-by-step how I was able to get that down to $90 per month.

1. I picked up the phone and called XFinity customer service number @: 1 (800) 934-6489.

2. I state (“disconnect service”) when prompted by the automated voice prompts.

This should get you connected to an XFinity loyalty or retention specialist, who have a little more power to offer discounts than other customer service reps.

3. I lead my negotiation with the competition.

Comcast fears losing customers to AT&T U-Verse, who is offering up some great discounted packages to new customers.

My discussion was almost identical to this – and this Comcast script has reportedly worked well for hundreds of readers:

  • Me: I’d like to discontinue my service.
  • Comcast Rep: OK, may I ask why?
  • Me: Because I need to lower my bill and AT&T U-Verse is now available in my neighborhood and has some great offers for me, including fiber internet and cable for under $90.
  • Comcast Rep: OK. Well AT&T doesn’t offer as many HD channels, but I can look to see what kind of package we may be able to offer you.
  • Me: OK, I’ll hear you out.
  • Comcast Rep: OK, so we have a new offer where you can give you the same price as a new customer, with a 2-year contract: $79.99 for Blast 250 Mbps and Starter cable with 140 channels. There is also a $10/month DVR fee.
  • Me: Are you able to cut the DVR fee?
  • Comcast Rep: Now you can cut the XFinity HD DVR fee, but you need to stay under 20 hours of programming recorded. And there is a $5/mo set-top box fee, but you can get rid of that by using a Roku with the XFinity Stream app. You can also sign up for eco-bill and get a discount there. After all of that, your price would be $93 with a 2-year contract.
  • Me: Are you sure you don’t have any cheaper packages?
  • Comcast Rep: Yes.
  • Me: OK, please make the switch.
  • Comcast Rep: OK, should we add on XFinity Voice too?
  • Me: No thanks (I have Ooma digital phone service, and it’s free).

Score another one vs. Comcast customer service.

4. I Saved 34%!

I was able to cut $47 (34%) off my cable/internet package, while getting the same channels and same internet speeds. Over 2 years, this will save me $1,128, and then I will negotiate a new 2-year contract again, or switch to U-Verse.

5. Stay Congenial

I want to point out that I was friendly, yet confident with the service rep. It may sound cliche, but treat others as you would want to be treated and you will get better results. Act like a jerk, and you’ll strike out.

Note: I also previously got rid of the Comcast modem fee by purchasing my own modem and router – saving me another $13 per month (yes, Comcast has recently raised their modem rental price). This is something you 100% must do too.

I bought an Arris SB6190 cable modem and paired it with a NetGear AC1200 router. This setup pays for itself in less than a year (saving $156 per year), and then it’s free for life! Both were top sellers in the cable modem and router categories on Amazon and had outstanding reviews. I paid a total of $120, which means the devices will pay for themselves in less than a year and then are free for many years to come, with no Comcast modem rental fee!

I’ve also written more broadly on how to get rid of your ISP modem rental fee (if you’re not a Comcast customer).

Cut your Comcast XFinity Bill Discussion:

  • What did your Comcast negotiation look like? How much did you save and how did you get it?
  • Comcast CSR’s: Now is your chance to tell all! How can customers get the best deals and how does Comcast set these policies (retention specialist can negotiate/others cannot). Please share! (you’ll remain anonymous, of course)

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