How to Cut your Comcast Bill with Discounts

How to Cut your Comcast Bill

I was 0-for-2 in previous attempts with Comcast to get a break on my cable bill. I had no leverage. Comcast (aka “XFinity”) knows that they’re the only cable provider game in town, which doesn’t give you much in the way of price negotiation power. Well, it some locales, that’s not true anymore.

Recently, AT&T has rolled out their U-Verse cable service in my area. I decided to do some price comparisons. I found out that I could get an equivalent plan through U-Verse for about $20 cheaper than what I was paying with Comcast. A very similar service at a cheaper price – that’s Comcast’s kryptonite! Here’s how I got my cable bill lowered and how you can too.

comcast discounts

1. Replace your Comcast Modem with your Own

Comcast just increased their modem rental fee to $11 per month ($132 per year) for the privilege of paying them money to use their service. That’s crap! You can try to negotiate it away, but that just limits your ability to get other Comcast discounts to cut your bill. That’s why I picked up an Arris DOCSIS 3.0 SB6190 cable modem (you may also want to check out the Motorola MB7420 model. I paired it with the NetGear AC1200 router for wifi. This setup allows me to get rid of my Comcast modem rental. The devices will pay themselves off in roughly a year. Here’s my article on how to do this.

2. Research Comcast & Competitor Deals

You want to know exactly how much your current plan would cost with other providers. This is your leverage. You can try the nice and charming route or raise your hands and scream and shout, but if you don’t have pricing leverage, you won’t get anywhere. Write down specifics to reference on the phone.

3. Ask for a Comcast ‘Retention Specialist’

These are the guys/gals who have the power to cut you a deal. A regular customer service rep. won’t do anything for you. This is the problem that I ran into before.

4. Tell Comcast that you want to Cancel

Be resolute. You’re not “considering canceling”. You are going to “switch to a competitor because they have lower prices”. If you’ve been a long time customer, often times, the XFinity rep will offer you a loyalty discount if you stay.

5. Get Ready for the Negotiations

Since, I was already half way out the door, I was offered a $15/mo. discount immediately, the next highest tier of service, and Showtime. Not bad for starters.

6. Watch out for Add-Ons

You will probably get offered something you don’t want (i.e. Showtime). Realize that this is just an add on masquerading as part of a package deal. It’s not. If you don’t want an add-on, be adamant about it. I was given another $5 off. I didn’t fight the higher tier because there were a few channels I wanted.

7. The End Result: Save Money on Comcast!

The end result was $20 off and more service. I was happy with that.

8. If at First you don’t Succeed, Try Again

This was my third attempt before success. The good news if you don’t succeed is that you can always try back again later, with more experience and knowledge about the objections you will get. A little competition in the marketplace is always a good thing.

Comcast Bill Discussion:

  • Have you had success in negotiating with Comcast or a similar cable provider?
  • Have you given up cable completely due to their rigid price structure?
  • Have you switched to U-Verse, or will you at first opportunity?

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