Tracfone Review: Prepaid Wireless at its Dirt Cheapest

Tracfone Review

Warning: if you are a semi-Luddite or heavy wifi user, you will love this review. If you rely heavily on 3G/4G data with your smart phone usage, you will not – check out my cheapest data plans post instead, as Tracfone does not have the greatest data prices.

A number of years ago, I made the switch from Verizon to Net10. This cut my cell phone bill from $60/month to $30/month for two phones. Net10 was great, and when combined with the Ooma VOIP system, I was able to cut my cell minutes down to under 100/month because I typically use my phone for a quick check-ins, emergency situations, and texting.

With my minutes so low, I eventually stumbled across Tracfone and was able to cut my phone bills even lower, and wanted to give a Tracfone review so that you all may benefit if the plan fits your lifestyle.

Surprise! Tracfone and Net10 are Owned by the Same Company

Tracfone ReviewHere’s the funny thing. Net10 is a sister brand to Tracfone. Both are owned by America Movil, a massive company with over 200 million prepaid subscribers worldwide. They literally run off of the same network and share the same towers in the U.S., and can be CDMA or GSM, based on the phone model that you purchase. Both are MVNO’s (mobile virtual network operators), meaning they don’t own, but instead lease bandwidth from Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile. Other than pricing models and phone selection, the two companies are the same.

Tracfone is actually the largest prepaid cell phone service provider in the U.S., with roughly 22 million subscribers. Here’s a look at how they grade out in key wireless provider characteristics.

Tracfone Reception

You essentially get the same network coverage as Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile – depending on what phone you have. I have never experienced any major coverage issues with any of the Tracfone’s I’ve used over the years.


Very simple. Charge the battery and go online to activate your airtime card, and you’re all set.

Customer Service

Net10 and Tracfone are not going to win any awards for their service. The good news is that I’ve only had to have one encounter with them (when my wife’s phone was stolen), as the phone service quality and setup have been flawless. The online help center is pretty well built out if you run into problems. Unlike the large mobile customers, Tracfone and Net10 don’t have local stores to get service in. I’m sure this is a contributing factor to why they are able to offer such inexpensive service.

Tracfone Phone Selection

Tracfone is at its best for those who want good, inexpensive service without all the fancy bells and whistles. However, they’ve been adding a lot more whistles, with many of the latest and greatest Android phones.

Tracfone Vs. Net10: It’s all About the Pricing

Herein lies the main difference between the two companies. Tracfone has a lot more flexible and cheaper airtime card options than Net10. The lowest minutes/month airtime card you can get is 150 minutes from Net10 (300 minutes for 60 days of service, costing $30). So the cheapest you can get your cell cost down to is $15/month.

With Tracfone’s 60 minutes, you get 90 days of service for just $19.99. That’s only $6.67 per month! Of course, you only get 60 minutes over those 90 days. But if you use your phone like I do, it might just be enough.

It’s also worth noting that most Tracfone phones have a text message rate of 0.3 minutes (some are 0.5). Net10 is 0.5 minutes on all phones.

To get the best deal for your money, try to find a phone that offers triple minutes for the life of the phone (you may have to buy an older phone, as Tracfone stopped offering this on new phones that they sell).

Tracfone Benefits

  • No contracts.
  • Don’t like the service? Phones are cheap, so you haven’t lost much.
  • You see your service date and minutes remaining right on your phone screen so you don’t have to worry about where you stand with either. Hard to get accidental overage charges.
  • No daily airtime fees. This is where you can save money over other prepaid carriers. A lot of the other prepaid cell plans charge you $0.99 or more for each day you actually use the phone in addition to the per minute charges.
  • Rollover! Unused minutes during your service dates are banked and rolled over.

Downsides to Tracfone

Customer service and they don’t have the latest in phone technology (in my opinion, this is a good thing if you’re looking to cut costs).

Who is Tracfone Good For?

Anyone who uses their phone minimally for emergencies, short chats, wifi data, and for texting – and not heavy conversation.

Who is Tracfone Not Good For?

If you live and die by your unlimited data plan from another carrier, you’re probably not going to see Tracfone as a good fit, as their data and data plans are pricey.

Final Thoughts on Tracfone

If you can keep your cell phone minutes down to a bare minimum, or really only use your phone for texting, quick chats, and emergencies, then Tracfone is a great option. It’s essentially taking what has typically been a high-priced subscription model product, and taking it to a frugal, bare bones extreme. Right now, Tracfone is offering sales on many models.

Tracfone Discussion:

  • Have you used Tracfone? What’s your take?
  • Have you been able to find a cheaper cell provider than Tracfone or Net10?

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