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Child Tax Credit Extended through 2016 & Beyond

Last updated by on January 17, 2016

This post has been updated for the 2015 and 2016 calendar years.

What is the Child Tax Credit?

As part of the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 (aka the “Fiscal Cliff Deal”), signed in to law on Jan 3, 2013, the Child Tax Credit was extended permanently. So, for those of you planning on having your first or more children this year, you can keep on pro-creatin’, or adopting, kidnapping – whatever means you need.

The Child Tax Credit allows you to claim a maximum $1,000 per qualified child. This is a non-refundable income tax credit (with the possibility for it to be refundable through the Additional Child Tax Credit), meaning that if your credit exceeds your income tax liability, then you won’t get a check for the difference. It also means that it is a subtraction from your actual taxes owed, which is much more valuable than a deduction (which is a subtraction from your actual income). And, the image in this post is technically wrong! Oh well.

Pertaining to the credit, if your income is below a certain threshold, you can also claim the ‘Additional Child Tax Credit‘, which allows you to get a refund for the difference if your credit exceeds your tax liability.

child tax credit

Update: with the Congressional budget deal extender legislation that was passed, the maximum $1,000 Child Tax Credit’s refundability through the Additional Child Tax Credit was made permanent (refundable credits can result in actual cash back versus the less attractive non-refundable credit, which can only be deducted from tax liability). With the Child Tax Credit, the amount that may be refunded is equal to 15% of earned income above $3,000. The $3,000 threshold had been set to expire in 2017 and reset to $10,000, which would have reduced the refundable amount of the credit available. The $3,000 threshold was permanently extended as well.

What is a Qualified Child?

According to the IRS Child Tax Credit FAQ, a qualifying child for this credit is someone who meets the qualifying criteria of six tests: age, relationship, support, dependent, citizenship, and residence.

  • Age Test: To qualify, a child must have been under age 17 – age 16 or younger – at the end of the year.
  • Relationship Test: To claim a child for purposes of the Child Tax Credit, they must either be your son, daughter, stepchild, foster child, brother, sister, stepbrother, stepsister or a descendant of any of these individuals, which includes your grandchild, niece or nephew. An adopted child is always treated as your own child. An adopted child includes a child lawfully placed with you for legal adoption.
  • Support Test: In order to claim a child for this credit, the child must not have provided more than half of their own support.
  • Dependent Test: You must claim the child as a dependent on your federal tax return.
  • Citizenship Test: To meet the citizenship test, the child must be a U.S. citizen, U.S. national, or U.S. resident alien.
  • Residence Test: The child must have lived with you for more than half of the tax year. There are some exceptions to the residence test, which can be found in IRS Publication 972, Child Tax Credit.

Can you Claim a Child Tax Credit in the Year the Child was Born?

After looking at the ‘residence test’ above, I was left wondering whether or not you could claim the Child Tax Credit in the year the child was born if the child was born in the second half of the year. Publication 972 lists this as one of the exceptions in which you can claim the credit.

Child Tax Credit Income Levels

The Child Tax Credit is limited if your MAGI is above a certain amount. The amount at which this phase-out begins varies depending on your filing status. For married taxpayers filing a joint return, the credit phase-out begins at $110,000. For married taxpayers filing a separate return, it’s at $55,000. For all other taxpayers, the phase-out begins at $75,000.

There are also tax credits for child care.

Have you claimed the Child Tax Credit? How much did it save you?

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  • Honey says:

    @BG, don’t get me started on how farm subsidies are probably one of the absolute worst policies we have in our country right now – corn, of course, topping the list :-) Most of the corn used to make ethanol is inedible to humans, anyway – it was genetically engineered for cattle, and they actually have major problems digesting it, too, since their stomachs were designed to handle grass…

    I think most people outside the USA work far harder for far less. I admire that.

    But since no one will share my opinion until it’s too late, I try not to get too involved in debates on the topic. I’ve decided to settle for I-told-you-so’s when I’m 80 :-)

  • Jeff Walden says:

    Honey, people will adapt to the planet at the level it can accommodate; it’s what we’ve done all through the past. I won’t profess to know with certainty the number of people the planet can accommodate. But I think, whatever that number is, we will adapt to it. Part of that will be adapting by becoming more efficient. And part of it will likely involve adjusting behaviors. (Certainly the birth rate in countries with higher standards of living is much lower than it has been in the past. And while this change probably isn’t due to Malthusian fears, the effects of it will happen regardless of motivations.) But what’s the “ideal” steady-state population? I don’t think anyone knows it right now, or can predict it with a high level of certainty.

    Famine and pandemic exist in the world not primarily because of overuse or misuse, but because good institutions aren’t in place to permit prosperity. Whether it’s anarchy in Somalia, corruption in Zimbabwe, war in Sudan, or food shortages in Cuba or Venezuela, I think the reasons for world poverty these days overwhelmingly don’t lie in true scarcity.

    Regarding ethanol and farm subsidies, couldn’t agree more. Quoting from a recent letter from a range of politicians of all political persuasions on ethanol specifically, “ethanol may be the only product [being subsidized, protected from competition, and whose use is required] [in] the US”. We should never have had the subsidies in the first place, but since that’s water long under the bridge, it’s well past time we killed them.

  • Ron Ablang says:

    I guess, for the first time ever, I will be claiming this credit since my 1st child was born in July 2010 and as a married couple, we don’t even make $75k a year combined.

    Woohoo for being broke.

  • Jessica says:

    I dont really know the jist of what is going on but i do know that, i was raised on getting school clothes, my christmas’s and anyting my family may have needed for us or the house. WE GOT IT COME TAX TIME! If the extra child credit gets taken away what about the families that wait all year to buy a car or find a home, for a person to work all year and get the lil extra they do its needed. If the extra that our men and women who dont have mucha and cant get ahead throught the year a lot of them get caught up and ahead then…. I dont htink its fair to wanna take away from the needy to help.. There are others more fortuneate who could do with a little less and if they dont think so its only because they dont want to learn how it is or go back to waht is was to have to live off of 1600 $ a month and need so much more than what you have! I just hope they find another way to fix the issues instead of taking from the needy and less fortuneate families

  • crystal says:

    This conversation can go on and on and on with those of us who think it good and those who don’t the facts are that the government made this choice…some like it some don’t for those of us who are single parents and could really use this money for many things like what I do and put half into a bank and use half to provide clothing and essentials for my child which they do not get all year …if you have made that choice to wait for stability then good for you. However I think god chooses when you are blessed with children not the government. This small credit in no ways effects my ability to make my own choices. I think it rediculous that just because one person doesn’t qualify for the credit they believe that no one should. If you had children you would feel differently. It may not seem like much but to some it is a chance to give there children they wouldn’t normally get durning the rest of the year. Those of you who are against this I appreicate your opinions but take a hard look at your life if you are a child of the70, 80’s or 90’s your parent used this credit too. So what make your parents any different then the parents of today who are using the same system.

    • Angry tax payer says:

      My husband & I had our 3 children in 1980, 82 & 86. We never were able to claim the child tax credit!! I think it is ridiculous that all these single Mothers and two parent families are receiving anywhere from 2,000 to 10,000 $$ checks from the federal Gov’t each year. No one should receive more than what they paid in for the year! It’s like the Gov’t is paying some people to work, it’s not fair! I work at a school & I see a lot of families cheating the system! The Mother & Father are together but they are not married. The Mother’s receive free lunches, food stamps, Medicaid for their children & on top of that they claim the child tax credit each year & receive 1,000’s of $$$ claiming they are a single Mother & only make @ $20,000 per year even tho they live with the Father of their children & he’s making enough money to support his family. Couple’s out there that are doing this should be ashamed of yourselves!! You know who is paying for this, your Parent’s & Granparents who have all had to work their whole life to try & give you a better life! My husband & I make @ $80,000 per year & we pay out of our pay checks to the Federal Gov’t alone @ $15,000 per year. On top of that we always still owe anywhere from $1,000 to $2,000 each year. That’s just the Federal Gov’t, it dosn’t include what we pay to State, Medicare & FICA or what my husband pays for our health, dental & vision premium each pay day!

      After all is said & done we net @ $55,000 per year. You may think this is a lot, but it’s not, considering are rent is $1525.00 per month which equals $18,300 per year. Plus car payment, other monthly expenses & groceries, etc. You may be thinking find a cheaper place to rent, well guess what? We have a tax lien on us from the Federal Gov’t. We cannot even qualify to get into an apartment or even a trailer park! We have never been able to take a vacation out of the country, my husband, children, grandchildren or I have never even been to Disneyland, pretty sad! We have always lived payday to payday. My husband & I have been married for 32 years, I work part time at a school and my husband has worked 36 years for one of the biggest utility company’s in the U.S. I wish we would get a nice fat refund check each year so that we could go out & purchase new flat screen T.V.’s, new furniture, take a nice vacation, buy season passes for our grandchildren to local water & amusement parks. I guess we’re not that fortunate. So, let the cheaters keep on cheating!!!

      Maybe if we would get rid of some of these Gov’t perks, our Gov’t wouldn’t be TRILLONS of $$$ in debt!! Just saying & one more thing I’ve heard when these families spend all these free Gov’t $$$$ on their expensive electronics, etc. they go & pawn them for another pay day to get them by until the next year when they get another fat check from our Gov’t. Come on Feds wake up!! These families should only be able to deduct their # of dependents on their tax returns, just like us when we we’re raising are children. Get rid of the child tax credit!!!

      • Mel says:

        At first as I read your post, I was angry too at the people who take advantage of the system. It does not seem fair at all. But then your next paragraph took away your credibility.

        So you have never been on a vacation out of the country? A lot of people have never been out of the country, including me. Disneyland? Nope never been, not even as a child. My 4 kids have never been. Are they deprived? NO! You pay a huge amount in rent so you must have a nice place to live. Be happy for that and quit whining about not getting a vacation. My husband and I took our first trip on our 10 year anniversary. Never even took a honeymoon. We’re not complaining. We chose to use our money for other necessities. Vehicles….We only buy with cash AFTER we have saved enough. We can’t afford a monthly car payment. Even though you have a lein against you, you can live somewhere more affordable if you work with the IRS. They would rather you pay less rent and make payments to them, believe me. It doesn’t sound like you want to give up your lifestyle though.

        We are a family of 6. My husband has a decent job. It pays the bills. Doesn’t make us rich, but pays the bills. I am a stay at home mom. We have a very nice house, 2 nice cars. We sacrifice a lot in order for me to be able to do this. Food stamps? NO, Medicaid? NO…. Child tax credit? YES please! I don’t expect any certain amount every year, but I sure look forward to and appreciate every little bit we get! We claim 0 on my husbands witholdings so that we can expect to get something back. No certain #, but SOMETHING! It is money we paid already. Child #1 needs braces so that is where any refund will go this year. No big screen TVs or vacations (what’s that?)
        Everyone needs to look at theirselves and quit worrying what their neighbor is getting. We are all humans. Have a little compassion and quit hating.

  • James says:

    Honey, you are out of your freaking mind. I personally served this country in Iraq and Afghanistan (and continue to serve) in the U.S. Army, and I have 3 children of my own. My wife and I live off of a combined salary of less than $40,000. She works for a non-profit organization that helps provide clothing, shelter, and food to families overseas. I just came back state-side this month after being gone away from home for 22 months. My wife has had to handle the hardships of basically being a single mother of our children all year long. There have been many times that she has had to do without basic things for herself so that our children wouldn’t go without. You are sitting on a pretty high horse woman, that comes without a doubt from you being an only child, or being well off enough to look down your nose at all of us “basic Americans” who have to live here in the real world. Your lecture here on this site may evoke a well received round of applause from your college professor, or your prissy friends at the country club. But not here lady. How dare you speak to these people as you have here on this site. You obviously have no children of your own, or you would understand how vital this credit is to most Americans. The most basic things that others have, we do without all year long. It’s almost depended upon income. And for many families, now more than ever, getting this credit means the difference between clothing, and even housing their children this year. To take that away from them, when they have counted on it all year long as possibly their only means of surviving, is beyond cruel.
    To add a personal note here, I wanted to thank you for stopping your idiotic rant about imposing laws about who may or may not be allowed to have children. As I said, I have been in the military for many years, and provided many of the freedoms that you yourself are enjoying today. I don’t ask to be thanked, paraded, or patted on the back. But what I do absolutely demand is that people like you who like to sit there with your cushy little life, sitting safely behind walls of protection that you have personally done nothing to receive, keep quiet and stop pointing fingers at all of us who are doing what we can to take care of OUR families. Because by your standard, I shouldn’t be allowed to have children either. I have a true early American phrase for people like you. It can be signed with the hand just as easily as said. Early Americans said it to British tyrants with actions like the Boston Tea Party. Just two little words. Bet you can guess what it is own your own without my having to tell you. God bless.

    • Honey says:

      Actually, I grew up in a small town, where my dad made $35K/year or so and my mother was quadriplegic (but couldn’t get disability income because she was diagnosed after the birth of my sister, and she had quit working rather than take maternity leave). My dad was in the military and actually named after his uncle, who died serving in WWII. I myself make $40K/year but have considerable education debt, I haven’t shopped for clothes anywhere but Goodwill in years and am an avid coupon-clipper just to make ends meet.

      And while I have not been a member of the military, I also provided freedoms and services for others in our country. I do it by a little thing called PAYING TAXES.

      I’m an atheist, but thanks 😉

      • Honey's an idiot says:

        @Honey: You’re an atheist. Certainly your choice and I would never stand in the way of someone choosing, but I think that (in my opinion, at least) sheds some light on the “why” behind your idiotic comments.

        Proud Christian parent of two, who gratefully receives the child tax credit each year to offset the expenses of raising children

        • Honey says:

          I know my opinion isn’t going to change government policy. As a Mensan, I have quite a few reasons for believing the way that I do, but when someone who claims to be Christian starts being deliberately cruel and obviously enjoys it, I have to withdraw from the conversation.

          • So sorry to have offended you, oh great one says:

            Honey, I don’t enjoy being cruel, nor was I being cruel. I just feel that your statements which grouped every parent into the lot of having babies for a tax credit was not very “Mensan” of you. I clearly stated that I am Christian but don’t stand in the way of anyone else’s view on religion. That is not my place. My wife and I happily decided to have children for many reasons other than a credit. We pay to raise them happily, as well. I think the tax credit is a nice “rebate.” That’s all. You need to get off your high horse and recognize that not everyone is in the parents for money category. Go be atheist. Go be a non-parent. Go be so smart that we dummies can’t ever hope to compete with you on Jeopardy. I don’t care. I only want you to acknowledge that not everyone thinks like you. Not everyone is wrong if they disagree with you.

      • gr8mom822 says:

        Seriously honey you are the stupidest person on this earth you must be lonely and have no children cause if you did you would not look down your nose at those of us who do, you think that you are the only person who pays taxes well ur not u seriously need to get a grip if you have such a problem with our country why are you here why dont you move someplace that you dont have to worry about all the problems that you say so call “plague” our country you should be thankful that you have the freedoms that you have be thankful AND ShUT THE F**K UP have a blessed day cause god knows you need it

        • Edgar says:

          LOL gr8mom822….Wow…you start your convo off with “honey is the stupidest person on earth”…then end your comment by mentioning God..LOLOL Its people like you that dont have a place at the public debate table. Have fun with your handouts as long as they last

      • Jane says:

        Sorry you have college debt! Yet wondering why you chose to go to college when you couldn’t afford it. Oh let me guess…you were eligible for the loan,, saw that it could benefit the life you were leading and did what you needed to avail yourself of the help (filling out forms just like the rest of us).

    • Nahni says:

      @ James, first off i want to say THANK YOU for all you have done for this country!!!! you say u dont need to b thanked , but i believe u do :-) and you have spoken from the heart of a TRUE AMERICAN which apparently honey has no idea what thats all about. oh and honey, you say u grew up in a small town and ur dad made $35k a year, soooo ur saying u shouldnt have been born then? or ur sister? right. think b4 u speak please. GOD BLESS THE U.S.A

      • Edgar says:

        Im sorry Nahni…but everyone doesnt look at 35k the same way.Some can do significantly more than others can with the same amount…its in all in how you manage it.A person can make 35k and do so much with that money you wouldnt be able to tell that they actually make that little amount of money.Once again..thats an individual money managing issue.

    • Kat says:

      Well said and thank you for what you do for our country.

    • Tiffany says:

      James, out of every post I’ve read so far, yours is BY FAR the best. Even though you said you don’t need a thank you, Thank you! I hope your taxes help you and your family out this year. God bless you, and be safe. :)

    • Amy Lynn says:

      @James…Thank you, thank you thank you so much much!!! I love everything you had to say!! And an extra thanks for your service to our country!!!

  • Honey says:

    I don’t think anyone’s wrong for wanting a child in their life. I just wouldn’t have one myself unless I could afford it, and if I wanted one, I’d probably save one from a developing country that needed me. I think all children have a right to a great life. I just don’t think we have a right to privilege our own DNA over those who already exist and need us desperately. Also, while I certainly don’t believe that all parents are happy with their decision to have children, certainly many are. I hope you’re one of them.

    I have exercised my logic and decided not to contribute to what I see as many environmental and social problems that are exacerbated by overpopulation, which is an issue of intense concern for me. I think I will probably be dead before society has to deal with the consequences, but I am terrified for the subsequent generations. I couldn’t have children and live with the guilt of being responsible for the devastation that I think is inevitable, given current policy and social trends. Others are free to come to different conclusions.

    In the meantime, I’m one of the happiest people I know – amazing husband, a career I love with supervisors that value my contribution, pets and friends that love me, the free time to spend with them, and involved and rewarding hobbies. It’s really hard not to become the worst version of yourself on the internet in the name of promoting causes that you believe are just and for others’ own good. You haven’t provided a single logical reason that would lead me to change my position, but I admire the fact that you’re committed and passionate about your views.

    • Environmental Devastator says:

      You have some nerve. Do you realize that you are blaming the world’s current and future problems on the parents of the world? Which is a huge progression by the way from just blaming national debt on low income families. I have two children and have been contemplating a third. In no way at all does a $1000 tax credit that is once a year in anyway affect my decision. As it is with most humans that procreate. You are offensive in your opinions towards parenthood and I agree with all of the other parents that have responded to your misguided opinions. YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT.

      You have pets, well do you have any idea the financial burden that unwanted animals place on our country and other countries worldwide? Did you adopt your pets from a developing country to give those under-privilaged cats, and dogs, and birds, and hamsters, and snakes a chance at a better life before looking at the yard sale down the street? I bet you didn’t. What makes those animals more worthy of your time and resources and affection than those animals over-seas?

      You keep those animals in your life because you love and care about them right? Now would it influence your choice to get another pet if the IRS started a $100 Pet Tax Credit? No probably not because a normal person would first weight all pros and cons of having a pet to begin with, and a pet costs way more than $100 a year to feed, and provide medical care for right?

      You pets are animals that you decided one day to have, or maybe they were a gift, and if you care about them it would be offensive for someone to tell you what a burden animals are to society and that for taking in animals you are encouraging breeders to keep breeding animals right? Maybe not your exact situation or feelings but the argument is exactly the same.

      I love my children and I would NEVER for anything change my mind if given the chance to go back. As I am sure your parents felt when they found out about you, tax credit or not. A $1000 tax credit once a year is an incentive to have children. That was your opinion and you are arguing that you are still right when you have no idea what you are talking about.

      This tax credit affects you in no way at all so I don’t know why you are even bothering to complain about it. You have no right to. I don’t trash talk things I don’t know anything about or have not been through. You abviously have no idea the pain that goes into childbirth, or the intense happiness one feels when their child takes their first step, or the deepest love you will ever feel for another human being. To place a $1000 price tag on all of that is ignorance plain and simple.

    • Josh says:

      Honey, do you feel the same way about first time home buyer credits? I think you have missed the whole point of credits…they are given in hopes that families or ordinary people will put the money back into the economy and boost our GDP. Simple as that…Whatever problem you have with paying taxes is your own problem so leave the rest of us out of it..Keep in mind that we are first and foremost paying our taxes and are working class citizens…not mooches of the government..Not sure how far that would get most of anyways.

    • Mike says:

      First of all, there is no such thing as being able to prepare to afford a child. Most people (before having children) have built certain spending habits that a child drastically alters. The income spent on a child is not on a set rate and there is no way of knowing how much and how often you have to spend on a child.

      As for you growing up in a small town, and a income of 35k annually doesnt mean anything. I guarantee that when you grew up, gas prices werent almost $4, the unemployment rate in your small town wasnt drastically raised, and 35k would be more than comfortable. Try living in Detroit with a unemployment rate of 11% with a population of just over 900,000.

      This credit is not reward for having kids, its to subsidize the cost of living annually. Just like when Bush did the stimulus check, it was the excuse used to give people money so that maybe they wont lose their homes, maybe the kids can eat maybe, the kids can get shoes…etc. Overall, it is to help keep a capital going. People arent having kids to get a measly $1000. Then you can only claim up to 2 or 3 children that you actually get the money for. There will be no repercussion from this, and if there is… we are AMERICANS! The most flexible nation on the planet. If we can adjust to racism, prohibition, market crashes, 9-11, gas prices…etc. We are ready for anything! Before you try and comment the way you did again, in which, was very misinformed and ignorantly. You should probably check in which other countries has also adopted this form of credit. If you dont want to do that much, just look up Germany’s child tax credit. There is no repercussion there! Look at how long they have been doing it. Look at how we (American troops) occupy their country, yet their money is worth more than ours. If THATS the repercussion… I’ll take it!

    • jmom2012 says:

      honey, I really dont think you be in any position to feel guilt because when our Lord and Savior come back for his children the Bible states those who dont believe in me will perish in Hell eternally. I am by far not judging your decision on how you live but more i feel sorry for you, you say you are happy and love your animals and would adopt a child some day maybe but do you realize that without God you wouldnt exist? I am going to pray for you, and like i said I dont judge you because that is for God to do, but I am a Christian and even when I feel like my world is going to end I know He is there to pick me up.

      • Edgar says:

        Now jmom2012…..i will defend your right to speak freely on any given subject but i also DO NOT believe you should go around trying to make others feel lower than you and present a doom and glom scenario to another simply because he or she doesnt share your religious beliefs.And while i DO believe in GOD, i REFUSE to engage in those types of discussions with others out of disagreement on various friend will be in my prayers 2nite and hopefully others as well.

  • Proud New mother says:

    @honey – I am a proud mother of my newborn boy. I didn’t have him because of a tax credit. My husband and I aren’t where we would like to be financially but we do what we can. I do believe that there should be restrictions on who can have children but I don’t think it should be based on money. I knew plenty of children who’s family was very wealthy and the kids still had issues. I understand where you are coming from, but that doesn’t mean I agree with it. My sister has a very similar opinion as you and instead of having children has chosen to focus on a career. One thing I don’t agree on is adopting outside our country. Not that I am against helping but you were complaining about over populating our country by people having lots of children. Isn’t that the same thing? Shouldn’t we adopt more from our home?

    I am very glad that you are one of the happiest people you know. While I did not chose the same life path as you, I believe that I am probably just as happy with my life. I will be sad that you will not be able to experience some of the life events as I will (watching my children grow, watching them marry, having grandchildren). As I am sure you will have some experiences that us with children will not. I do not encourage people to have children who do not want them. I just could not imagine my life without my son and kids I may have in the future.

    • Nahni says:

      Thank you so much for summing it all up. miss honey doesnt seem to understand that having children is not about a measley $1000 credit once a year, it is about the love and joy that a child brings and the love you give that child. i also agree there are some ppl who should not continue having children. i myself personally know a woman who has 5 children and does not work, and does live off the government. but there ARE NOT A MASSIVE AMOUNT OF PPL LIKE THAT!!!! the majority of parents work their behinds off to take are of their children. And i love honey’s comment that no one should be permitted to have children until every american is middle class, because our world would die out very quickly. there are plenty of ppl who dont have any kids and are not middle class americans for various reasons.

      I also SO AGREE with your opinion on adoption!!! i am disappointed with a lot of actors and actresses for making it a trend to adopt outside the u.s. i am not saying that its wrong, obviously those children also need a home, love, and care. but there are SO MANY children here in OUR OWN COUNTRY who need a home and loving care. my own sister was adopted, right here from the good old united states, and has told me that she gets so upset watching angelina jolie parade around, and talking about adopting more kids from other countries. my sister volunteers at homes for orphaned children and had a little girl who told her “maybe if i wasnt born here, someone would adopt me”. straight from the mouth of a 6 year old girl.

      everyone is entitled to their own opinion, thats part of our freedoms in america, but If more people could figure out that the world is not all about money (although aparently there are ppl out there like honey who would rather the world died out) , this planet would be a much happier place to live.

      And congratulations on your new baby boy!!!!!! <3

  • O My Goodness!!! says:

    I can not believe you guys are sitting here ranting and raving about something that isnt even in your control. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion whether its right or wrong. You all need to grow up n find something n life really worth throwing a fit about. If the government wants to pay people for their children than so b it… its not for you or anyone else to judge. They make their own decisions by what they feel is best.The children are who make this world what it is each n everyday. I have 3 children n which I raise on my own, I get the EIC, does that make me a bad person? No…. Did I have my children for the soul purpose of a high dollar tax check? NO… I had them because I wanted them, I need them, they completed who I really was. If you people really are jealous that those of us with kids recieve a whole wooping 1000$ more than u each year than have a child n expierience the life we do. I spend more than a 1000 raising my kids each month. I have a disabled child, that yes recieves medicade, but are you aware that I pay thousands of dollars for her medical bills because the government aide wont pay, they do not feel that she deserves to live normal unless its life threatening… Every one of you need to check your facts and know what you are talking about before you decide to open your mouth. N for the record I also have an ungodly amount of financial debt to the government for student loans. Not one person in this world is better than the other regardless of your money situation, health, or anything else. Materialistic things n life are not what makes or breaks you, its what is in your heart. Before you rant and rave about such an idiotic topic, make sure you are right within your self, comfortable in your own skin… Only God can judge each and everyone of us, whether you believe in him or not, every knee will bow and every tongue will confess…

  • liberty says:

    Those of you who disagree with the credit either do not have children or make so much money you actually have to pay in and get nothing back or very little because you have dependants. Go figure… I know there are a lot of people out there who think that refunds during tax season should just be eliminated. However those people usually have plenty of money and don’t understand why they don’t get one and think hard working middle class people are money grubbers for some odd reason ( I am very aware that some people however take advantage of the system and it’s a big problem around here). In case any one has forgot one point of the government is also to help with wealth redistribution. Not to the extreme of socialism but to the extreme that there are people with 14 k gold bathrooms and hair brushes and bathtubs sitting in the middle of the Bahamas in vacation houses with land strips for personal jets helicopters and 24 hour chiefs and on call maids and what ever else you can think of. What a damn waste of resources. Watch million dollar homes on HGTV and listen to the imbecile’s rant and rave about there million dollar gold shower and how it makes them feel young. If you want to be mad at somebody about resources and what’s happening to the planet take a look at the real greedy ass people who are flushing resources down the drain and eating steak every night while every one in my work place hopes they get raise after 5 years. While a majority of the women I know spend more time working than with there children and still struggle to pay a $450 rent note on a trailer or just to maintain there 3 2 bath house and care note and still be able to take their child to chuckee cheese or get them a bike.. THAT’S THE PROBLEM. Not the people getting a tax credit. Maybe if they didn’t take so much (people with jets, helicopters and fine dining every night) there would be more to go around. Economics (good ol’ college) suggests they have worked hard and are only being paid in proportion to their great contribution to society. You know what. I know men who have worked every day. Labor equally hard or harder and they can’t even afford a trip to the Bahamas much less a vacation house out there. If America (and other places) is allowing people to live so much greater than 99% of society then they should redistribute some of those taxes they collected from people who have far too much any way. If all the government did was collect tax money from the rich and poor and not give anything back, no govmnt insurance, no wic program, no food stamps or child tax credit then what would be the point? I know we are all spread out across America, but in my parts the library are shutting down. The maintenance to the parks is being eliminated and big brother/sister programs are going away. Why? I pay taxes and lots of rich people pay a whole lot more than I do. Should we just pay taxes with nothing being given back to the people who are working just as hard for lower paid salaries? If you really feel that way then you should search for a solution for equality so the standard of living can be the same for every one. If you have children and do not have get the credit then good for you.

  • Michael D says:

    What I find most interesting from this discussion is the clear lack of logical thought by most. The government didn’t design the tax code to cuddle or help you “Hard working middle class people” You don’t need a break! You need your money back!!

    New Tax Code

    Single or Married
    0-$1,000,000 15% Tax
    $1,000,000 and up 15%!!

    Married with 18 kids? Your problem. Divorced ? Your problem!
    Have a huge Mortgage? YOUR PROBLEM.

    No Deductions of any kind!!

    Make a dollar earn .85 make two dollars earn $1.70

    you get the point!

    You don’t extra credits for having 6 kids or two houses or driving those stupid Prius ‘s.

    You get to keep what you earn!! Imagine waking up tommarow and the boss asks you to put in two hours of overtime. “Hell yeah boss!” I get to keep that $$$ for my vacation fund … college education etc.

    Side Note : Welfare should be limited to 36months in any 72 month time period. More then enough time for the “Single mom with 3 kids” to go to Community College and receive an associates degree in about any health field. Starting pay…. $15/ Hour.

    • Mike says:

      Mike, I completely agree with everything you said up until the limitation of welfare. Me and wife dont use it (which I am thankful we dont have to), but sometimes there are situations that wont permit people to excel that quickly. The single mother of 3 cant just get up and cruise to school and get a degree cause she will need money for daycare. GRANTED, at this level you are correct because welfare will help pay for child care. But, when you live in a city like Detroit, its not that easy to get a job. 11% unemployment rate and even when I went back there being a veteran, walking into jobs, resumes, applying applying applying and I couldnt even get hired at McDonald’s. It took me 8 months to find a job, in which, I got laid off of. Dont get me wrong though, at this same time I had paid for my wife to go to a 3 week CENA course and the day she passed her state certification, she found a job. Yet…. it doesnt always end that way, also, was laid off a week or two after I was. I get what your trying to say though, there are a lot of avenues that can be taken instead of waiting on the food stamps and money to post on your EBT card, Im just saying that its not always that easy. I think that there should be a way that the workers can check on those on welfare are actively re-training and/or actively looking for work. Put the stipulation on that you suggested and extend it if the situation permits maybe?

  • Dreams says:

    @ Environmental disaster, I found your post to honey enlightening, amusing and I completely agree.(claps for you ) I doubt she would have seen your point but your example was very good. Honey needs to grow up and stop putting down people. I am so sick of people putting each other down like that and lotting us all into a group. The credit is simply to help boost our economy nothing more. It won’t offset costs or encourage anyone to have any more kids and I am offended how people like Honey have blinders on. I agree with BG perhaps we should be thanking her for removing her self from the gene pool can you imagine her as a parent? Other than that, Thanks for the information posted I just wanted to knoow if the credit was extended for this year and glad to see that it is. :-)

  • lin says:

    You all need to read the good book!

  • vikki says:

    I am just here to say. sick of people that have 3+ kids and get everything paid for. and its only certain people. THIS IS BULL TO GIVE CHILD CREDIT FOR 3+ KIDS? ??? WHEN IT HITS NEWS ETC… PEOPLE WILL B VERY MAD!!!! IT MAKES ME FREAKING SICK. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Justice says:

      There will be a few mad. Such is life. There will be way less mad people and more people who are understanding and compassionate. I think if peple make under a certain amount of money then it is great they are getting on taxes to get their children what they need and maybe some household needs. Maybe they need a reliable and w/ out this break they would never be able to get it? Have you ever known a family with two or three children who GENUINELY struggle? I can’t believe there are celebrities out there dropping 1mill dollars to clear a hopital so there child can be born and this is what people have a problem with? Some people just don’t make enough money and it is tough. Some poeple take advantage of the system and choose to not even try. There are plenty of people out there though trying very hard and make ends meet and this gives them a small break that they NEVER get get any other time and they are actually to buy there kids some new clothes, a bed spread or just put money back encase a tire blows out. Even more important the one time of year the family goes to the eye doctor, dentist and doctor because they can’t afford health insurance. Just because you qualify for the child tax credit doesnt mean you qualify for tenn care or food stamps. You should learn compassion, generosity and equality. It would humble you.

      • Mike says:

        Very true about people that try very hard. When I got med boarded out of the military I was stationed in Germany. I got a severance but without an income that you can claim (or that’s exempt), you cant find a home. It took us 8 months for me and my wife to get on our feet, once we did, we got laid off. Became homeless, my wife joined the military in 2008 so that we could re-stabilize. Got her duty station and had to start all over. We had no furniture, no car, no dishes, no home accessories at all. All we had were 4 suit cases full of clothes. Since I was only trained on how to ground fight, grapple, fire weapons, and train on my tank I cant do any of those as a civilian. The week we got here, I registered for school and knew I had to re-train. My wife goes to work and I’m the house dad (yes! It is as bad as it sounds! Lol. I love my kids, but I would rather be at work). I do my homework, I also help my wife do hers (she is in school also)I sustain a 3.6 G.P.A., she sustains a 3.3, and just within the last couple of months we have built a savings, we are completely stabilized and money isn’t an issue anymore. I’ll have my degree and several certifications by the end of the year, I’m about to start my internship in March, and we have an even flow. People tend to think that these things happen overnight, but if you look at it, it has been 2 – 3 years to get to this point for us, and that is just OUR story. The first time in my whole life that I don’t care about how much money is coming back from a tax return because its not a “need” anymore. Some people will never have that feeling, and I am compassionate for them because it just may not be their fault.

  • Ruthy says:

    I heard that tax credit was going to be 3000.00 per child this year has anyone else heard this?

    • Justice says:


      I heard it went up this year. I did not hear 3,000 though. It would be nice if you’re right about that though. I need dental work and my son is taking his first trip to the eye doctor and dentist. I also need air in my car for the summer. If it’s that much I might be able to afford the 28 hour round trip drive from here to NC to my sick g’ma.


      • Nahni says:

        I dont believe so, i was just looking at the irs official site and it says1000. i also have already had an estimate of my taxes performed. i have a 3 year old daughter, and my tax return is about the same as its been for the past 3 years.

  • Jazzy Davis says:

    Modern day slavery. Only time poor people get paid is income tax time. Working for privately owned dead end jobs that enslave minorities for petty hourly pay. Rappers & athletes spreading garbage and drug abuse the only occupation getting paid these days!

  • Honey says:

    I have to say I hope I’m never as hostile/hateful as some of the commenters on here. It all seems so out of place as my opinion is in such a tiny minority and I don’t have the power to effect change with regards to this issue. I read everyone’s comments and think, “these are the people who are (I’m guessing) teaching their children it is ok to say things like this to complete strangers.”

    I’d like to think that if I had chosen to have children, I’d teach them to treat others with respect. I may have disagreed with the opinions of 99% of people on here but I used logic to express my reasoning and never attacked anyone personally. This just reinforces my opinion that I’m superior to all of you :-)

    • Tiffany says:

      Honey, you’re talking about how rude people are on here. Yet, you’re the one who is posting as though you’re better than everybody else because you don’t depend on extra money, or money from Welfare. You’re ridiculous. I’ll continue to teach my children that they are no better than anybody else and THAT is how you teach them respect. Thank the lord you don’t have children. They’d be just as stuck up as you are. I’m glad I’m not swimming in piles of money because if I was, I’d never appreciate the good things in my life. When I go on Vacation, I look around, I see how beautiful it is, I enjoy it while I still can. I save my money, I can’t just go anywhere at anytime. People like you are the reason why others get picked on.

      • Edgar says:

        No Tiffany..its people like Honey that you ultimately aspire to be like.GET IT…financially independent…able to take care of their needs as well as their childrens(if they so choose to have)without any assistance from others. PEOPLE….you have to take control of your OWN lives…yet all you see here are people trying to rationalize why they should be helped out for decisions THEY MADE!!
        Totally ludicrous in my humble opinion.

        • Mom of 5 says:

          Everyone has their personal reasons for agreeing or disagreeing with these credits. But keep in mind…..they are just that PERSONAL! I have five kids and yes they get the credit, but their daddy and I work and pay in to get it. Every dime of our refund goes to benefit our children because ITS THEIR MONEY! Sure if my 13 year old asked for a tv at tax time…he’d most likely get it, Or if my 11 year old avid hunter asked for a new gun or bow I’d buy it, and if my little ones want new toys they get them! Why?????? Because we worked our ass off all year only to be taxed to death and was unable to afford to buy these things for our children when they wanted and deserved them. That dsi my son got in January from the tax money????? Your son got a year ago when it first came out, oh yeah and by the way my son is awfully excited about his “new” game system, but little is he aware that they’re coming out with a new one again that he will have to wait another year to try out! My 13 year old gets laughed at for wearing walmart clothes… we try to catch up at tax time and get him what he wants to wear… What’s wrong with that??? I’m an avid yard sale and goodwill shopper, so most likely that South Pole hoodie or Nike shoes you catch him wearing didn’t necessarily come from anybody’s tax money to begin with! Most likely it came from one of you well to do, better than the rest, Hippocrates “junk sales”. Lol! So I will apologize for ripping you off buy hewing you down to 2.00 on that 70.00 hoodie your son never wore……but I REFUSE to apologize for collecting and spending the money that my family worked to receive, and I WILL NOT justify what I then choose to spend MY money on!!!!

  • cindy says:

    a friend of mine had not done his incometaxes for a couple years .His daughter moved in with him he was getting the child tax benifit then they stopped cause he needed another year incometax done . So the child tax benifit had to reamberse him 7 months of child benifits. He told me that welfare is deducting that money and he wont be getting his living allowance cheque . Is that allowed i wouldnt think so . If he had of been getting his child benifits cheques all along they as in welfare would have been paying him hisa money. I would like to know if welfare can do this

  • chelsey says:

    I am a 22 yr old cancer surviver I struggled with it for 7 yrs of my life and not knowing if your going to live to see the next day is a scary place to be. I was told I would never have kids I am now a proud mother and I didnt even know about the tax credit and my husband and I have worked since we were 16. I maybe young still but I am not on welfare and let me tell you 1000 dollars doesnt get far with a child. I pay my taxes and I do believe my family deserves this credit at the end of the year.

  • SANDY says:


  • speaking my mind! says:

    Sandy i agree with you! Im younger collage student and (If)I was living with my mother and she was supporting me on my education I would want her to be helped back somehow. Any way. Being a collage student does not mean we have money we depend on financial aid, loans ect. Which we can be sucessful in life. Giveing back is what the world is about.

    Me- My story is why do people with out children complain about we get all of these extra credits for having children. I have 3 children and 22 years of age I need that little extra support. THE MONEYS NOT FOR ME!!!!!! FOR MY CHILDREN they need the support. Yes i do what i CAN to support them the best i can!!! But if you got someone who makes alot of money can support there children in anything they need (ohh you need this and that sure lets just write a check).Im not saying be mean to the wealthly but have some respect in the once that dont have the chance. Having money doesnt make you a better parent, NOR does not have money its the same thing as you writeing that check to support your child. Now last year i got a good pretty penny but you know what i did the same things as the weathly (here you need new shoes lets go get them. You need eye glasses lets go get them. You want a camera lets go get it). WHAT THE HECK IS THE DIFFERECE…… Yes some people dont do there tax return like that and waste the money ang buy stupied crap or what they would like to have or there children. BUT THERE IS PEOPLE OUT IN THIS WORLD THAT ONLY USE TAX RETURNS FOR NEEDED THINGS LIKE GLASSES OR A CAMERA.


    That not every one in this world thinks the same,or acts the same or anything it is that person. There called a individual human. Meaning that person is the deicion maker.

    SO SHOW SOME RESPECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rachel says:

    My husband and I have both worked since we were 16. We just recently had our first child in March 2011. We don’t get assistance from the government. We pay almost $400 a month for insurance for all three of us. Times have been so hard concerning money that I am still breastfeeding and am cloth diapering my son full time. Not only is it best for my baby but it has saved us thousands of dollars that we didn’t have. Crap happens in life… cars break down, you get sick, you get layed off, etc. Even if initially you plan a baby because you are at a point where you feel you can support the child, events in your life are unpredictable and often cost.

    @Honey, I’m not going to be rude to you. You think how you do. No one can change it by getting upset and posting on here. But I must say that there was a time in college when I had similar views. (Just the ones about people having kids and the jealousy of me paying taxes and getting nothing back.) But since having a child I now see how hard it is. It costs… and money you get back doesn’t even come close to the money you spent and put back into the economy.

    Want a logical reason for having a child? Because they are perhaps the greatest thing to ever happen to you. I never knew real love until my son. I never knew what it meant to be unselfish until I had to skip out on things we need just so my son has what he needs. He makes me smile when I’m sad, makes me feel less alone. He gives me a whole new reason to live for. We were all children once, remember that. Children are beautiful :)

    • Honey says:

      Thanks for the comment, Rachel. Part of the reason I find children unappealing is that I already found the greatest thing to ever happen to me – my husband. He does for me all the things that you say your son does for you, so I don’t feel like I need anything else to be happy.

      • Rachel says:

        My husband also makes me feel loved, but the love of a child is so different. They will be part of you forever! Its a whole new feeling! Trust me on that! My husband and I were together for 7yrs before we had him and before that I thought my husband was enough. Now with my son, I don’t know how I ever lived without him! Its crazy! Although, children are not easy, but they are well worth every sleepless night :)

  • Dana says:

    That was a ridiculous remark probably coming from a person who has no idea how much it cost to have a child. Everything we pay for our child that is taxed for everyday living. The tax break is a good one. We pay well over a thousand so alittle something back is nice. We are way over taxed. Our pay checks get taxed. Then everything we buy for daily living gets taxed. The Bills we pay are taxed. So our pay check is actually taxed over and over again. It really is Ridiculous. Where does all this money go????? Thats what we all should be wandering? For all the taxes we pay our country we should not be in debt.

    • Linda says:

      We all pay taxes weather we have children or not, and by the way I have 2. I have a lot of medical conditions, and pay a lot of taxes, but I don’t get the EIC. Why?

      • Becky says:

        Could be because you have a bad accountant. My father was very ill and he had extensive medical expenses. We were able to deduct a large amount. He also eventually qualified for disability, which resulted in even more tax help. You should look into that.

    • Linda says:

      I am truly getting angered reading some of these posts. So if you have children, you pay more in everyday taxes then anyone else? How stupid is that. I have 2 children, and many illnesses, in fact fighting for my life right now. Do you know the taxes I pay on meds, and med supplies. What about the elderly who worked the sweat off their asses, and there was no EIC credit, and this country went through a worse depression then we have gone through when they were raising children. What about them? The government sucks all their retirement money from them one way or another. They should also get a EIC. You want children? It’s your responsibility.And I don’t care who likes what I have said, It will probably be someone who’s getting a big fat check, and works half the year, finds a way to get fired, and then collects unemployment the rest of the year. OH YOU HAVE EARNED THE EIC. GREAT!

  • Crystal says:

    For people who make a lot of money and who are the upper high to high class or do not have kids or kids of age for this it may not matter. But to families like mine where making $500 a week is a lot but too much to get food or health benefits it greatly hurts us. We will spend the whole year avoiding the doctors, dentists and eye doctors. We will eat ramen noodles and dollar packages of hotdogs most days to just have some type of food and let our vehicles go till they pretty much break down on the road. For us the tax return means getting the car fixed, getting that tooth fixed or get glasses and stocking up on food for a while. We have children living in these situations! Granted there are worse situations but if I had to chose between my son eating like this or having nutrition he needs. I choose healthy foods. We will be growing gardens from now on and doing everything we can to survive. Please dont take away the child tax credit. Our childrens health depends on this!

  • Meow says:

    I for one would like to know why only certain people seem to be able to get help via welfare. i applied (didn’t want to but no choice) and got some bs about my mailed in paperwork never came and don’t count. i reapply…. nothing. processing my paperwork. i am not joking. living 4 months eating out of dumpsters now and bumming ppl for help to help me and my 4 mo old baby. for all u ppl who think welfare is so great it only helps certain people. like a drug addict who got his food stamps in 4 days. same place. i got fired in my 8th mo of pregnancy and i been looking 4 a job 4 days after c section, ty cobra 4 healthcare. my baby daddy died, and neither of us ever on welfare. i grew up hearing welfare is for trash and it seems like that is all they help. do away with welfare, give poor folks basic commodities (food) like beans, rice, milk, and some kind of meat, pay their rent n heat n water for 6 months and hand em soap n tp n necessities n thats it. limit to 6 months and after that u work for gov’t to get ur

  • Meow says:

    help. i would be thankful. i bet the gov’ t would be saving $$ and i bet droves of ppl get off welfare damn quick. it supposed to be a help not a lifestyle, temporary not ur whole life. but how sad it don’t even help ppl who really need it… do away with it give more tax breaks to ppl with jobs. im poor n jobless and nobody cares but i even see this is nonsense giving bums/trash money 2 spend on drugs, u say thats a lie u r either blind n dumb or lying. i have more dignity digging in dumpsters than welfare workers doling out to druggies.

  • taxfiler says:

    Just filed 2011 taxes and found out child tax credit has been reduced to 500 per child and reduced further by a reson I have unable to deyermine. I am a single mom with 2 children and only got a $488 total credit. Anyone else know anything about this?

    • Rj says:

      I have been reading many posts, both negative and positive on the EIC child tax credit. I totally disagree that people with children should get more on their taxes than the rest of us. I am sick n tired of the welfare deadbeats… the whoies me people that don’t do anything. Everyone who works should get a flat rate tax. No more no less than the next person.also I don’t care what people think there are way too many degenerates who pop out kids looking free rides. Knock it off have more respect for yourself.

  • joe says:

    1,0000 ha they get alot more then that if ur single mother
    And the single father get Jake crap! If ur there for your child the father should get a equal amont without a mother’s say!

  • father's that care says:

    Many women find it a easy way to live off a lifestyle
    to make a child for drinking mostly or pills soo glad piss test are now
    Along the line for infent and food/cash support . If this hurts you single women
    Sorry but mabe stop birding on the father of the child that feeds you!

  • father's that care says:

    Many women find it a easy way to live off a lifestyle
    to make a child for drinking mostly or pills soo glad piss test are now
    Along the line for infent and food/cash support . If this hurts you single women
    Sorry but mabe stop biteing on the father of the child that feeds you!

    • Linda says:

      I’m a woman, but agree with you. They give this EIC out so freely, you see more women getting their nails done, and hair done etc.. What about the man who’s paying child support, and can’t even claim that on his taxes? So unfair.

  • stillwater says:

    In regards to all the comments above it does make a difference to the postive to the negative comments. The bottom line is that our govement screws all of just so they can get all there penions and healthcare provided for free. Who paying for it? We are! There is not one presidential candidate running that will put a stop to it, we will end up like the other countries, ie Libya etc where the people will have to take back the gov. and I am not going to be around for that for that. But our Kids will , think about it!!!!!

  • Linda says:

    I agree that if families need this money then so be it, but, I absolutley know a lot of people that abuse this money, and the children don’t receive a penny of it. For instance I know one lady who lives in public housing, gets food stamps for her 3 kids, and a subsidized check from welfare. She just recently was made to work part-time, or she would lose everything, her one sister is no different. Their elderly mother stays between the 2 of them, and has alzheimers, so they take her check every month, and they are both heavy crack heads. The money will be blown (no pun intended) in 2 weeks tops. And this is just one story in many I know. So if our economy is in a deficit, it needs to end. We make it all through the year by the skin of our teeth, and we will make it if it ends. Sorry, for my spelling mistakes, and sorry for my opinion

    • Edgar says:

      Linda….You DO NOT have to be sorry for your opinion.I know those SAME type of people(cokeheads,crackheads,etc)that dont do A DAMN THING FOR THOSE KIDS.

  • Erin says:

    I think it’s crazy to say that the child tax credits are a form of welfare and even more crazy to call it an incentive for having children. I assure you a child costs more than $1000 per year. Just health insurance for one child runs our family $1800 per year. $1000 is not an incentive. It is a personal choice, but it is a personal choice that argubly benefits society and the ecomony – continuation of our species and increased consumerism. Like it or not (and I think a lot of people do not), our tax system is based on income, deductions that reduce your income and credits that reduce your tax – presumably, all to assess your ability to pay the tax enforced against you. The question I have is since you can take a deduction for losing money in the stock market or in your business, is that an incentive to lose money? Additionally, if the child tax credit is welfare, then should the mortgage interest deduction, charitable contribution deductions, and education tax credits all be considered a form of welfare, as well?

  • Honey says:

    If I wasn’t already married I’d be hitting on Edgar right now :-)

    And my husband worked for CPS for 3 years, so he’s seen exactly what people do with government money intended to be used taking care of children. It’s part of the reason we don’t want kids.

  • Niesa says:

    I agree that people shouldn’t have children if they can’t afford it..i always planned on waiting…but the truth is in this day and time its hard to really say you’ll fully be able to afford it. I’m having a baby right now..was it planned? No…can I afford it? No…but my child is still a gift. I had a job but lost it due to drop in that time I was too big to get hired by anyone. By boyfriend also lost his job and in georgia jobs arent easy to come by. I get medicaid food stamps and wic…i do not get these thing because I want them…i get them because otherwise I wouldn’t be able to see a doctor our get to eat. I have noone to help family or anything. Ive struggled my whole life and even more after graduation..wen I get my taxes im not getting very much. And wat I get for my baby will help out greatly. I have no car no baby supplies and live in a crowded home. Any little but will help. Unlike others I dont get to use my refund on my wants…and just to add….foodstamps is not welfare…and for those who have a problem with people on welfare I know at least in georgia if you get on welfare you are put in the workforce order to have welfare you have to look for and find a is not so u can sit is too help u get on your feet

  • Barbara says:

    Ok I have to comment. I am a single divorced mom. (His choice). I work 40 hours per week have a BS degree and 6 hours on a masters and make under 30K per year. I work for a large insurance company I won’t mention. Any way I have one child left at home and she will turn 16 in Nov so this is my last year for CTC. I average around 700 EITC yearly and I pay health insurance because since they raised the income limit for Healthwave in KS for the CHIP program they won’t allow my daughter to be covered since I have her on insurance and she has serious health issues. It takes every bit of my check to pay rent, food, I drive a 14 year old car with 300,000 miles on it because I know I can’t afford a car payment. It gets 160 miles on a tank of gas because it barely runs. I on purposely had extra money withheld this year in the hope I can get 3,000 back next year to replace it. But I only bring home $700 biweekly due to deductions for insurace, etc.

    I hate to see the CTC go but this won’t affect me after this year.

  • Lolleypop says:

    man I’m gonna bring this back from the dead. I think child deductions are wonderful idea. I have 2 children. and a new wife that has to of her own. right now she is not working, she graduated college to be a medical assistant. her government loan has put her in debt 33,000 dollars. which takes like 30 years to pay I make 34,000 dollars a year. the government takes almost 8000 dollars. as many of you well know, you don’t bring home what’s your boss says you make. I get back 2000 of that 8000 dollars. and f or the past 2 years I get back 1000 per child. that only makes 4000 . so for people in here that know math I do not see 4000 dollars of what I make each year and that is with child credits. I think a lot of people get confusedwith Taxes. and people get mad the other people get back certain amount of money each year. but the people who say that now are conveniently either out of the tax bracket or do not have children. what’s funny is a government says I make 34,000 dollars a year. which is funny to me because I only see a little over 26,000 a year. so thank God for child tax credits because at least it gets me up to 30,000 out of my 34,000 I supposedly make. if you really want an argument . go ask the politicians that make over 6 figures a year ask them why they’re under 15 percent federal tax. because out of my 34,000 dollars I paid 25 percent. look at your boy Mitt Romney, he made well over 7 figures and he only pays 13.9. so in my eyes credits and deductions are just a way for us to get some of the money back that we earn all year with our blood and sweat. and all in all the government still gets there a piece a cake and so do the critics.

  • Bob says:

    Late in the game for this discussion. I didn’t read every entry, but the comments early on about some family that had 3 kids and got $10,000 in their return, and other similar complaints, The MAX you can get is $1,000 per child, and there are limits, eliminations, etc, that drop it down further. THe child tax credit is a deduction from taxes, but the Additional Child Tax Credit is available if you did not use up the entirety of the child tax credit. The Additional Child Tax Credit is treated as money paid, and can be repaid to the taxpayer.
    I received a partial payment for the Additional Child tax credit, helped me with tires for the car, musical instruments for the kids, paid utility bills (caught us up!) etc.

    If someone with 3 kids got 10,000 it was from: A. Tax overpaid B. Some other credit C. Partially from the stimulus credit that everyone received. D. Misrepresented numbers. I bet most of those against the child credit took advantage of all the other deductions and credit available to them, like dependents, Mortgage Interest, charitable giving (even to marginal groups), etc. etc. etc. I could bring up very strong reasons that these are unfair and demand the removal of them all.
    Overpopulation is a misnomer, overcrowding is the problem. It’s a human nature mis-management problem, like two kids fighting to sit in a specific chair when there are other chairs and couches right next to the chair they are fighting over. They end up both sitting in the chair, and that chair is overcrowded, but the room is not overpopulated with two people in it.
    Glad my parents didn’t check the financials before they let loose and created me…I probably wouldn’t be here.

  • Leeanne says:

    I am so tired of hearing about how all the people who get a refund from the child tax credit is living off of everyone else….first of all, to even have a tax return you must work, so the tired comments from people who say they are paying for other peoples kids to eat, clothe, etc, is ridiculous. A measly $1000 is not going to feed & clothe much! I mean, I’m sure it’s everybody’s dream to work a suck @ss job all year and then make sure to have a kid each year to get that extra $1000, WhooHooo….what an incentive! Give me a break! Secondly, what’s wrong with getting SOMETHING back from the government when people have worked hard all year long….the government is always making sure they get theirs! Also, if some of my money goes to feeding some of the poor, poverty stricken children in this country then great! I helped a poor innocent child in some way. That’s the problem with this country….always looking outside of our country and seeing the poor starving kids elsewhere when we should be focusing on what’s happening here in our own country first! I don’t think the tax crisis is due to the CTC, it’s from decades worth of bad decisions made by our government.

  • megan says:

    this whole rant on how this tax credit is some how influencing people to have kids is bs. Let me tell you it cost way more then $1000 to support a kid, also you can have a very good job and still qualify for this. I am a mother of two I have a good job at a hospital and I am going to school and yes I still get this tax credit how can some one say if you arent ready for a kid dont have one are you kidding me, no one is ever ready for a kid no matter how prepared you think you are or how stable you think your income is something can always happen. I have a friend who is 5 months pregnant, and the father of the baby just died and she cant work due to complications in her pregnancy and now she has the stress of losing the person she loves and her baby’s father. but she can’t recieve help you people have serious issues

  • Angie says:

    I think the Tax credit was aimed at keeping thousands of kids or more out of poverty according to the Gov.
    Adding the credit to the family income brings the income up just enough to say they are not living below poverty. It is Just an effort at trying to keep people to a certain standard of living. It is not an incentive to have children, if you qualify you are already living close to or below poverty….So those of you that are resentful because you don’t have children and not getting this tax credit is disgusting. You are welcome to have children and live in poverty or close to it….the economy is such, that we have so many living at such a low level the gov is just trying to help the poor out…and in this case it is the poor children. And it is the poor children in our own country this time.

  • Iwantitall says:

    I get medicaid,foodstamps and cash assistance for myself and 4 kids. I also work just enough hours to claim taxes at end of the year. I love reading comments by the people that are irritated that their taxes goes to helping us,lol. I love shopping for oysters,shrimp,lobster,crabs,steaks,etc with my foodstamps. I love driving around in my 2012 Lexus truck I purchased with tax money last year. $500 payment a month is nothing considering the amount of money I get from welfare twice a month. Plus I get to keep all of my income since section 8 pays our rent. Did I mention truck is in my mom name. Where can the kids and I go this year on our tax money? oh I meant your tax money. Maybe Jamaica since we have been to Disney 5 times, cruises 4 times and traveled to many states over past few years. Well anyway you ole grumpy complainers, have a blessed night.

    • Holly says:

      WOW how lame are you.. also what state do you live in? my Tanf wasn’t near that much. I think you need a hobby too that requires you to keep your legs closed… but that is just my opinion… Have a blessed night :)

  • TeenMom says:

    Really just wanted to add this after reading everything …. to the much older comments… you think bc u pay taxes and receive a much smaller return, than peiple who claim children, that your giving those people your money … not everyone can make 75gs a year, not everyone is going to stop at one kid, not everyone can graduate with bachelors and masters because if we did I’m pretty sure that would mean the united states would be Communist…Would that make you happy?

  • Layla says:

    I have worked my a** off since I was 16 years old and have paid more than my fair share of taxes. I just had my first child and I am relieved to find out I will be getting more back on my taxes…I have paid enough in to be able to get more back. To those of you who think it should be abolished, your idiots! It’s my OWN tax money that I payed out…I can’t imagine this tax credit makes people go out and have kids! If anything that would be welfare that does that!! I can agree that there should be more rules put into place in order to receive things, for example, you should have to have a job and pay taxes and be drug tested…for people that work hard to take care of their families, they deserve every penny of the tax credit. We help put this money into small businesses, big corporations etc…it’s still circulating back into our economy!!

  • Jon says:

    I work three jobs, have 5 kids and buy gold with tax credits, keep them coming

  • Lee says:

    If you can have kids you should pay for them, and not expect that money back. I am childless, not by my choice, rather some shitbag molester made the choice for me!! I have MS and work a full time job. Everyday I see people with kids who 1 parent works full time and the other unemployed. Even single mothers who work full time hand have 2 teens have it easier. I make good money, my husband makes good money, and we are struggling, mostly because we end up paying in on taxes every year. Life is easy if u have kids. U made that choice, now pay for it!

    • Becky says:

      Lee, I am sorry for your situation. You are right that I chose to have children. But you are not only wrong, but you are stupid if you think raising children in the world today is easy. Ever heard the saying “It’s better to remain silent and thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt”…well learn it and live it!!!

  • Hannah says:

    Why abolish the child tax credit when you can make it stricter?? That’s better..or build a system were any money from the govt can be monitored just in case
    it is abused ??

  • Angie says:

    I don’t think its far that I can’t claim this on my 17 year old daughter as she is still at home and is a full time student in high school yet…. UNFAR AND WE COULD HAVE USED THIS

  • Andrea says:

    First of all the child tax credit is not why your co workers return is 10000$ that’s the earned income credit which is ridiculous and should not exist. It’s to reward people for my working as hard as the rest of us do . And some of these comments prove the ignorance of our country . One lady says ” my kids need braces there dads no help” ! Well lady YOU had kids not us , I don’t owe you my earned money to supplement your income but that’s the problem people are so entitled they have no clue it’s not right, I have kids and pay for everything they need , housing , food , medical insurance and company’s deductibles etc .. Yeah it sucks but was my choice . The thing that gets me mad is I would love to have another baby but I don’t want the medical bills and insurance increase to get my works ppo instead of hra I currently have . Sad that my money and money of so many hard working people goes to people who suck off the system and they have baby after baby for free and I who have never had assistance which I don’t want , but I have to pass because I can’t afford it !!! We have to stop making it so easy for losers to stay losers or our country is doomed !!! No matter what your argument is nobody deserves my money more than me so If your getting more than you pay in you are not contributing to society therefor sucking from it ! You are the problem !

    • Andrea says:

      Child tax credit is a credit for having a child in your household and is just the same as any other tax credit or break for business, school etc and If you have children you should get the credit .

  • Holly says:

    Are there really people on here that are so IGNORANT they feel kids should go without? And people wonder what is wrong with this World… it is sorry people who do not even care for one another. How very sad! It takes a really sorry heartless person to make some of the ignorant “points” yall are trying to make. If you make the choice to not have kids more power to ya, the America is in no way missing out. If you have kids and you do what you have to do to ensure they are taken care of that is great. However, there are people out there how have fall on hard times and who the hell do you all think you are to judge, for real? Get a HOBBY!!!!

  • liz says:

    this is bullshit anit you all grow lmmfao

  • John says:

    I have a sweet little girl named Abby that I adopted some time ago. When we got her she was in very poor health and we were able to get her healthy again. Unfortunatly, through the years she has had serious health problems and we did not have insurance and had to pay for this out of our on pocket. Although it was tough we paid for it. In that time we have taken her for check up’s at least once a year, provided medicine, food, shelter, ect. I love this girl with all of my heart and she is part of the family and I consider her my daughter. At no point in time have we qualified for a single tax credit or free medical coverage…this is not due to our me. I feel that it is about time that the government realizes the fact that my Bassett Hound deserves the recognition that she deserves and be given free medical care and a tax credit. The extra money would REALLY help us out and pay for the things that she needs.

  • ????? says:

    Wow, people are getting so worked up about $1,000… Children definitely cost a lot more than that. No one in their right mind is going to develop a birthing business model centered around that tax credit. Notice it also gets phased out in an attempt to leave it for the people that need it. I realize i’m paying for other peoples tax credits and I’m ok with this one.

    I think the overall idea that people are trying to voice is that assistance programs shouldn’t remove incentives to better your situation. People truly need help now and then, i’m all for that. In my opinion, if you make that “assistance” too comfortable where society in general would rather camp out and collect rather than get back on their feet, that’s when you have a problem. I don’t think this $1,000 tax credit is going to encourage anyone to have children they can’t afford. My 2 cents

  • trish says:

    Wow it amazes me that in america you guys fight or disagree about everything.Here in canada we have the same thing its called child tax benifit and familys recieve it once a month to help with child care costs…including housing food bills etc….its not a hand out it is calculated each year according to your income and it is not the same amount each year.

  • Rachel says:

    This crap about people getting all this money back every year because of earned credit income, for there kids, first if you can afford them don’t have them, I have 2, got no extra money back for them because at that time it didn’t exhist, and my husband worked everyday of his life and when my kids started to school I worked also, and we raised them well, gave the good work ethics, and I am glad to say when they were 16 both of them worked part-time and after graduating they worked full time, never missing work, sorry to say I lost my oldest son when he was 31, but he always worked because you learn from what you see, and they both saw that in my husband and myself, I know people who have 3 and 4 kids and the dad works long enough just so he can file taxes, and claim the kids and gets all this freaking money back, then sits back and does nothing till the next yr, and even worse, gets fired so the family can get medical, foodstamps, and welfare check from the goverment, damn ppl, having all these kids to live off the gov, makes me sick, no wonder this world is in such a mess.

  • A. W. says:

    I have a 1 year old daughter and I am on government assistance because when I got pregnant that was not what the plan was (I was on birth control, had no insurance, worked various jobs but was not planning on a baby at that time) but crap happens. I applied for assitance because I had to live in a stable home for my child – I couldn’t be moving every few months, I couldn’t be worried about getting kicked out of a place because now I have someone more important to take care of. I DO NOT spend my cash assistance money on anything other than what I am supposed to – I get $400 a month and it was dropped to $300 when I started working (for $7.40/hr at 8 hrs a week max). My rent is $650. The car I have was given to me (I’m very lucky) but the insurance is $170/mo. and I can’t take a bus to and from work. My daughter is in day care because I have to do 40 hrs/wk job search just to get assistance (I live in Michigan) but I have to pay what the gov won’t cover and my daughter is the only one that gets Medicaid (after the 6wk post-pardom check up you don’t get Medicaid anymore just the child). Yes, the government is helping me and I do everything I am suppose to, working my ass off when I can actually find a job, using the money the way it’s intended, etc etc. Yes, there’s many people that use it to live off of and I have no idea how they do! With that said; even if I could get the full $1000 refund for having my daughter last year, a $1000 check isn’t shit when I have to buy diapers, food (because WIC and food stamps are not enough…if you get those things and can properly feed your household without using your own money then that’s crazy because 99% of the people I know on WIC/food stamps do not get enough money to properly feed their child), clothes for my daughter, etc. I have extreme pain that medication does not help but I can’t keep a job because I don’t have insurance to get my problems fixed like they need to be in order to keep a proper job. Am I saying the gov owes me insurance or more food stamps or more cash assistance? Absolutely not. Am I saying that if got a $1000 back for having a child (whom I wouldn’t trade for anything no matter how much we struggle) would help alleviate some of the stress so I don’t have to worry about my daughter going hungry, or gas to get to job interviews and my weekly job search check in, and paying the day care provider the extra money I owe her, etc etc definitely helps. If you don’t want kids because you can’t afford it, then good. Don’t. I didn’t want a child because I couldn’t afford it either. I’m adopted (from El Salvador back in 1989) and so an abortion was not an option and at 22 neither was adoption (I wasn’t a 13 yr old that got pregnant). Yes, my decision to keep her and should tax payers pay for her? Well, I pay taxes too, and even before I had her and worked a 50+hr/wk job my tax money went to helping those in need and that’s something I will never be upset about. Yes there are people that use and abuse the system because regardless of what system it is – there will ALWAYS be people that take advantage and ruin it and give everyone else a bad name. It’s a part of life. But for me and most everyone that I know that have been on assistance they do not abuse the help they get. I cannot imagine someone being pissed over a $1000 that parents get for having a child – assistance or not. Dependants are expensive and once you break it down to $10 here and there for clothes, diapers, food for just a single child adds up fast.

    No one can ever really “afford” a child. Not unless you’re a millionaire or something and even then watch how fast that money disappears! That’s what happens when you’re providing for someone that cannot provide for themselves. Do I wish I could’ve waited until I was in a more stable financial situation before having a child? Absolutely. Life doesn’t go to plan and getting money back THAT YOU PAY IN FROM YOUR OWN MONEY doesn’t make it wrong or the person anything less than someone that doesn’t receive the tax credit. What’s wrong with the world today is not the parents getting a tax credit for their child once a year that they provide for 24/7 it’s the people that think they’re better than those that need help, or work 2-4 jobs, or no longer qualify for help (48 mo max!), or whatever it may be. You are no better than me or my neighbor or the guy at the bus stop. If you’re so well-off you don’t need a credit then shut your mouth and extend a helping hand instead.

  • heather says:

    First off we can so being the guy that says it’s crap for parents to get money just cause they have a kid because it’s a relief you deserve because you party for things your kid needs. I am a parent and i agree with him some of my friends have three kids and got 12000 , back when they in no way paid that in taxes so even if they got back what they paid in that’s crap, when i was not a parent and working my butt off and could barley afford to eat no one have me the choice of food stamps they just said tough crap figure it out on your own but nite i qualify for medical to cover what my work insurance won’t cover unless i pay for it and don’t take it, my opinion is if i couldn’t afford my kid ,100 percent in my own i didn’t belong having them and honestly if you get pregnant with a lite life that shouldn’t be some ones problem cause you don’t get support nine out of ten of women know they are going to do it on their own and again that’s your choice but that doesn’t men you should get anything from the government. I don’t think i should get anything more then some one who doesn’t have kids and is low income, if you are low income then you shouldn’t have kids you can’t support on your own or you should bless a family that can afford it but maybe can’t have kids. You know when you get pregnant your kids will need dippers and food and medical do if you can’t provide that don’t have them a single person may need braces or help with rent but gets a big sucks to be you do are you saying that a single person that pays taxes couldn’t get relief from those things cause there needs arnt as important as your kids that’s crap. Having kids is a huge blessing but also a huge financial responsibility something you know before their born so before you take that on you should factor in if you alone can take care of those needs on your own and if it’s a no then you should do the responsible thing and not have them period.

    • jason says:

      Well some people think about that but get hurt I have three wounderful childern was in the military went across the pond for a deployment and got hurt over there to where I couldnt do my job or not much else of any thing good anuff to pay the bills the child tax credit helps my family I cant tell the future to know that I was going to get hurt like that or the spouse of my soldiers I lost that have children it helps them and people want to grip and complain about it. But but the soldier didnt grip or complain when they gave ther life. For the same people that are complaining about aperson getting help to care of there kids it wasnt there falt they have to raise three childern alone. people need to think are they
      just lazy or are they just one of many people that SHIT HAPPENDS and not there falt but try to make in life but still gets screwed. That money is like a blessing. So in the long run you will have to wipe the tears for your eyes quit cry lifes not fairso why should taxs be fair

  • Curious says:

    I wish not so many people were arguing on here about something that’s not going to change any time soon. I just have a couple of questions about what I read above on the Child Tax credit. does anyone know what the exceptions are for claiming the child tax credit when a child “has to have a residency with you for over half of the year.” I have it court ordered to where I get to claim my daughter for tax purposes, and she does reside with me for half of the year but the mother is considered a residential parent. the mother and I are divorced, and I pay child support for my daughter… even though she is with me for over half of the year, send some other is the residential parent, I don’t have her name (my daughter) on any mail or anything fitter my address. I need help on this question. if somebody can offer me any information that would be great. I am having a hard time downloading that PDF file from my phone. Thank you all, God Bless

    • Henrietta says:

      I have done taxes for several years. The child tax credit does state that a child must reside with the taxpayer for more than 6 months out of the year, but there are exceptions to the rule. If the other parent (or a court in your case) allows the taxpayer to claim the child, you can. You dont need to have her name on any mail or anything like that. She just needs to actually be your daughter, sister, mother or niece for you to be allowed to claim her. So as long as the mother doesnt fight it and/or claim her also, you will be just fine. Even if she does claim your daughter, the IRS will red flag her return and hold it (assuming you file first). If she files first and claims the child, and they red flag your return, you can prove to them that you have the right to claim your daughter and they will give you the refund, audit the mother, and make her repay any refund she received. So overall, you should be ok filing with your daughter as a dependent.

  • Kim says:

    It seems to me this is one area where our Government actually has a heart… and the bitter, angry childless people don’t! This post is being made by a person who doesn’t think much of our current government so if you have a negative comment about my post, I’m guessing you’re one of the bitter, angry childless people. I would say you need to have a child to understand the cost and how little this benefit actually is to parents, but I don’t believe heartless people should have babies.

    • Cathy Jo says:

      I agree…Children are very expensive especially for the people who do not receive government benefits like foods tamps and free housing, free child care and a check every month…. for those who work they have to pay for child care, health insurance ect… and its not cheap. I raised 4 children on my own, I worked 2 jobs till they were raised and never once applied for any assistance. so the government does have a heart and it does really help when they are only helping with the cost that you pay out. they don’t have to do that at all. I am now childless and pay my higher rate taxes but I also don’t have the added cost of supporting a child. The government can take away any credits they want to at any time. I pay a higher tax rate for being single and my income is high enough I have to pay extra tax on it. I have extra taken out of my paychecks to make up the difference and what I have taken out is barely noticeable but it covers any of my tax liability and I usually get a small refund, and Its like Christmas to get any amount back for me. Im always happy I didn’t have to pay anything in.

  • kane says:

    What about the all the whites who sat on their ass for 400 years ,watching work get done by slaves? So how many white families inherited $$ from generations of slavery. Do the math how long has slavery been over?or is it

  • kane says:

    Sombodys got work to do..ha ha

  • Cathy Jo says:

    I have been a tax professional for 10 years, and have work with the IRS….
    What people do not understand is that The government does not have to give anyone any credits for anything.
    They could just tax you for what you earned and be done with it. Another thing people do not understand is the tax refund is the over payment of what you have paid in all year, I have been yelled at when people think they are getting a lot more back than what they paid in and they just do not understand that. The tax credits only lower your tax liability and make it where there is more of a credit thus most people will get more back because it looks like they had an over payment of the amount after the credits are added.

    With the way our Government is right now…..Everyone should be thankfull that these tax credits are still available and that the government didn’t take all of them away including the standard deductions. because they don’t have to let us have them.

  • cj says:

    The child tax credit is to pay back what we have to spend on our kids are you aware that not all the kids are are some people do adopt because other people dont want them on an average of 18 years a parent spends 1000000 dollars to raise a child and the credit it to help pay us back for our hard work because we take a responsibility that is not ours and raise them as our own and it feels good to get a little help every once and a wile

  • Veronica says:

    I don’t disagree with the child tax credit, but I personally know of someone who collects welfare, child support (which by the way is NOT used on providing for her child, but pills, for her, and liquor for her live-in boyfriend.), gets rid of her child to ANYONE willing to take him, passes out on said pills while she’s alone with her son, refuses to keep a job for more than a month, had TWO jobs in 2015 (always under the table, cash, so she won’t lose her government assistance), hasn’t reported that she LIVES in a different county, with the new guy (who has a job), and is now receiving over $1,500 on her return! Just in time to buy her boyfriend furniture for their new house (also unreported). How is ANY of that fair to those that work hard, all year, and receive $500?! Just my opinion, but I could care less, if she actually earned that return.


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