6 Money Saving Gift Ideas that Keep on Giving

Time is running low for thoughtful gift purchases. With shipping windows winding down, you have just a few days left to make some wise gift purchases this holiday season. But don’t fret! Saving money is one of the most rewarding things you can do for yourself. You know what’s even more rewarding? Saving money for others. This post isn’t about money saving gift ideas so that you can come out looking like a scrooge by saving a few bucks. No – this post is about gift ideas that save money for others.

By definition, these are truly gifts that keep on giving. Even more than the jelly of the month club, Clark. And if you haven’t already done these things for yourself, what are you waiting for?!

1. No More Phone Bills via an Ooma

If your loved one has a land-line and pays roughly $30 per month, or a high minute cell plan, an Ooma can save them a ton of money. Ooma is a VOIP device with no monthly bills (you do have to pay around $5/month for regulatory taxes). Ooma allowed me to save approximately $360 a year by ditching my plan with Verizon and adding a lower-minute prepaid cell plan (more on that in a bit). And the clarity? Crystal clear. Just hook in your regular phone to the Ooma, your Ooma to a modem, and you’re all set.

  • Cost: $79 for Ooma w/free shipping at Amazon
  • Cost Savings: ~$360/year
  • More Info? Check out my Ooma Review

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2. Prepaid Cell Plan

Staying in theme with telecom expenses, prepaid cell plans can save a loved one as much as $50/month versus their overpriced contractual competitors. I went with Xfinity Mobile, which costs $15/month at the low end. Xfinity Mobile runs on Verizon’s network so clarity and coverage are great.

Some good Xfinity Mobile prepaid alternatives include:

3. Filtered Water

Do you know someone with poor tasting tap water that forces them to rely heavily on purchased bottled water? The true cost of bottled water vs. tap water can be over $1,000/year more for bottled for someone who goes through 3 bottles per day. Since tap water is as pure (and often times more so) than bottled water, the only thing you need to overcome is taste/smell at times.

water filtration system

A good under-counter water filtration system can be the solution. I’ve installed one of these before and it’s kind of fun (and something you could do as part of your gift). Looking for a cheaper alternative? Try a water pitcher with filter.

4. Low Flow Showerhead

The single best return on investment you can get from any item you purchase will be through a low-flow showerhead. A 2.5 gpm option can save a family of four $260 per year in heating costs alone vs. an older 5.5 gpm unit. That’s a 640% ROI in one year! Not to mention the huge amount of water savings.

Moen low flow showerhead

5. Programmable Thermostat

A smart programmable thermostat can cut your heating and cooling costs by 20%. They also provide a huge convenience factor in that you don’t have to mess with the thermostat every time you go to bed, wake up, go to work, or get back from work. And they are good for the environment.

6. New Car Air Filter

A clean air filter in a car can save up to 10% in fuel costs. Over a year, that can really add up. The filter itself is cheap (usually around $10), but if you propose to change the filter yourself, you can save someone the typical $35-40 that mechanics charge for the part and labor. Not sure if you can do it? It’s easy. Simple instructions are included below.

  • Cost: ~$10 for air filters at an auto supply store
  • Cost Savings: ~$250/year (Assumptions: Average miles driven/year by Americans is 15,000, average mpg is 20 mpg, $3 per gallon cost, $2,250/year in total fuel costs).
  • More Info? How to change a car air filter

car air filter

Money Saving Gift Discussion:

  • What gifts have you purchased for others that have saved them significant money?
  • What gifts are you treating yourself too that will save you money?

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