How to Send Text Messages to Email

Back when I started this site (many beers ago), I highlighted a tip that allows you to send text messages from email for free. At the time, this was a money saver, with how people used their phones – texting wasn’t cheap and you could send an email from a desktop and save the mobile text message fee with your wireless carrier.

It was a nice little money saving tip at the time, but the way people use their phones today is now completely different, so it’s not quite as relevant. People may be sending text messages via email, but they are doing it from their mobile phones, if at all. And text messages today are cheap. Many of the cheapest data plans come with unlimited text messages built in to the plan.

how to text to email

However, data is not cheap (check out my article on how to cut data usage on iPhone & Android). And, with free text messaging, one might find it beneficial to do the reverse today – send text messages to email.

Learning how to send text messages to email can come in handy in a number of scenarios:

  • you want to save money on data by not accessing your web browser
  • you want to send yourself a notification or reminder
  • you know someone’s email but do not know their phone number
  • the recipient does not have a mobile phone but does have email
  • the recipient checks their email much more frequently than text messages
  • the recipient wants you to send an email and not a text
  • the recipient will need to send a detailed response from a desktop vs a text from a phone
  • it’s not an urgent message

How to Send a Text Message to Email

If you have a phone with SMS (Short Message Service) or MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service), then you can send a text to email. SMS is basic simple text messaging and MMS is the next level up (can include photos, video, or audio).

Here are the steps on how to text to email:

  1. Turn on your text messaging application (it’s the white bubble icon with a green background on iPhone or blue bubble icon with white background on Android)
  2. Enter the recipient(s) email address instead of their phone number
  3. Compose your text
  4. Hit the send button

It’s really that simple. Your carrier will convert the text message to an email.

Much simpler than sending a text from email, which requires a carrier specific domain at the end of the number (instructions on how to do that are linked to in the article mentioned at the top of this article).

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