Discounted Instacart Gift Cards: $100 for $79.99 at is once again offering discounted Instacart gift cards (e-gift cards, specifically) to Costco members on their site. Members can purchase up to 2 $100 Instacart e-gift cards for $79.99 each – effectively a 20% discount. I highlighted this offer in my article on the best ways to save on Instacart orders and my Costco In-Store vs Costco Same-Day vs Costco on Instacart price comparison review, but thought it’s worthy of bringing up all on its own so that it’s not missed by readers and will try to resurface if/when it comes back around. This offer seems to come around every few months lately – but it’s not clear how long it will last or if it will continue coming back.

An effective 20% Instacart discount has the potential result of actually saving money (even after tip and delivery fees) versus going to the store at Costco and elsewhere, so I’ve purchased more than a handful of these. When you pair these as a form of payment with other discounts, the savings can really add up. These Instacart gift cards can be used on both and at (which is operated by Instacart). In fact, shopping on Instacart is one of the few ways to shop at Costco without a membership (though there is a per-item markup as my price comparison review discovered). Full offer details can be found below.

Discounted Instacart Gift Cards

Offer Link: (direct link)

How the Offer Works:

  1. Purchase the discounted Instacart e-gift cards on the offer page (up to 2 per member)
  2. Costco will email you Instacart e-gift card codes, typically within a few minutes.
  3. The Instacart e-gift cards can be used at (which is operated by Instacart) by entering the code at checkout or at by choosing to “add promo or gift card”. On Instacart, the e-gift card can be used on Costco purchases or at other available stores in your area.

G.E. Note: while the offer page states “limit 2 per membership”, that seems to be per order and it seems to reset 1 week after purchase. Your mileage may vary.

Offer Terms:

  • Same day delivery
  • While supplies last
  • Limit 2 per membership
  • Item is non-refundable
  • See full terms on the Costco offer page and on Instacart

Offer Bottom Line:

These discounted Instacart gift cards are a great deal. I’ve typically loaded up, when available, as they make shopping on Instacart much more affordable.

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