The Best Free Android & iPhone Personal Finance Apps (in 2024)

If you’re going to shell out the cash for a smart phone and data plan, you might as well harness some helpful personal finance applications to recoup some of that money! This article will look at the best free Android and iPhone personal finance apps. And while you’re at it, my tips on how to cut data use on iPhone & Android, while using these and other apps, can allow you to make the shift from expensive “unlimited” plans to the cheapest data plans.or the cheapest Wi-Fi hotspot plans.

Empower: Best Budgeting App

The app formerly was the best free budgeting app out there, but with the news that Mint is shutting down in 2024 and transitioning some features to Credit Karma (further down on this list), the next best free budgeting app goes to Empower (iPhone & Android). Empower has a lot of similar Mint features (ability to connect and monitor your checking, credit card, savings, and investment accounts). With everything synced, Empower offers a spending snapshot that categorizes your purchases, and the ability to customize. Empower takes some of those features further with net worth and portfolio tracking. I would recommend building out your account on the site and then transitioning to the app.

best personal finance apps

Cash App: Best Payments App

Cash App (iPhone and Android) is the #1 rated and downloaded peer-to-peer payment app. It allows individuals to quickly send, receive and invest money. Cash App even purchased Credit Karma Tax and now offers 100% free tax returns as “Cash App Taxes“.

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Gas Buddy: Best Gas Price Finder App

Simply start Gas Buddy (iPhone and Android), and the app will geo-locate you (with your permission) and sync up with a database that will spit out the gas prices of local gas stations, as notified by other Gas Buddy users recently. Select the one you like and use your phone as a GPS navigation to be directed to the station. You can also search for the cheapest gas prices in a given city or zip code. This app is especially handy when you don’t know where the next gas station is when traveling and trying to decide whether you should get off on this exit, or wait for the next.

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Credit Karma: Best Credit Scores, Credit Reports, & Credit Monitoring App

Credit Karma (Android and iPhone) is my go-to app for anything credit score or credit report related. You can check out my Credit Karma user review for more info. on the full suite of product offerings from Credit Karma, but it includes:

  • free credit reports
  • free credit scores
  • free credit monitoring
  • free high-yield savings account (optional)
  • a number of other useful free credit and financial tools

The best part: it’s all free. Credit Karma is now owned by Intuit (of Mint and TurboTax fame). And, with Mint shutting down, many of the favorite budgeting app features will be making their way to the Credit Karma app.

best iPhone personal finance apps

ShopSavvy: Best Barcode Scanner App

ShopSavvy (iPhone and Android) was the first bar code scanning price comparison app and remains one of the most popular such apps to this day. You basically hold up a bar code, scan it, and then a list of local and online prices are used for comparison to find out whether or not you are getting a good deal. ShopSavvy also lets you set price alerts on items you want to follow.

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OurGroceries: Best Grocery List App

OurGroceries (iPhone and Android) is no ordinary grocery list. You can sync lists with other users so that if, lets say, your husband or wife remembers while at work that you are out of Bell’s Oberon beer, they can add it to the list and it will auto-sync with your shared list (thus avoiding multiple trips to the store).

But one of the best money-saving features is that you can save your list for different stores. I highlighted making unique lists for each store you visit as one of the 4 keys to saving money on food and groceries without sacrifice. This app can help you do just that.

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Smart Receipts: Best Receipts App

The Smart Receipts (iPhone and Android) allows you to take photos, create .pdf’s and monthly expense reports. Valuable for anyone who travels significantly for work, self-employment, or charitable purposes.

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Best Personal Finance App – Honorable Mentions:

FuelLog App:

The Fuelio (Android and iPhone) almost made my top 5. It allows you to track what you pay for gas, what kind of mileage you are getting. It’s an app that can serve as a real eye opener that you need to cut down on your commuting expenses (or improve your fuel efficiency).

TipCalculator App:

Have trouble calculating those pesky tips? TipCalculator (Android) takes some of the stress off. Simple – but highly useful.

Best iPhone and Android Personal Finance App Discussion:

  • Which of these apps are you using for your Android, iPhone, or Blackberry?
  • What are your favorite personal finance apps?
  • What other apps would you add to this list?

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