What Happened to Credit Karma Tax? It is Now Cash App Taxes

An FYI to readers, as I’ve had a number ask me the question recently, “What happened to Credit Karma Tax?”. Credit Karma Tax was renamed and recently fully relaunched as ‘Cash App Taxes‘. Cash App Taxes is now fully live within the Cash App and on desktop/browsers with a Cash App login.

Why is Credit Karma Tax now Cash App Taxes? Credit Karma was purchased by Intuit (which owns TurboTax and Quicken) in late 2020 in a massive $8.1 billion deal. In order to complete the purchase, the U.S. Justice Department required Intuit and Credit Karma to divest Credit Karma Tax, due to Intuit’s ownership of TurboTax.

Credit Karma Tax Cash App Taxes

Square, Inc. (now named “Block, Inc.”), parent company for the Cash App, purchased Credit Karma Tax and renamed it as ‘Cash App Taxes‘.

What else has changed? Other than the change in ownership and rebrand, not much has changed, which is good for former fans of the Credit Karma Tax product:

  • Cash App Taxes is built off of the Credit Karma Tax program.
  • Cash App Taxes offers free federal and state returns (zero Federal or State e-file fees!)
  • Cash App Taxes is available for use on desktop computers (browser-based) as well as through the Cash App, with a Cash App login.
  • Max refunds are still guaranteed.
  • You are able to access Credit Karma Tax return information from prior years within Cash App Taxes.

I previously highlighted Credit Karma Tax within my best and cheapest tax software article and have updated that to reflect the change to Cash App Taxes.

If interested, you can start a free Cash App Taxes account here (affiliate link).

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