An Important Update for 20somethingfinance Readers…

I have an important (many people are saying ‘critical’) update for my beloved 20somethingfinance readers. I’m going to be shutting down… nothing. Sorry to get your heart racing there – but I seriously do have some important news about the site to share. Many of you probably noticed that you haven’t received any 20somethingfinance newsletter (new article) email updates for a number of months and have wondered what’s going on.

Long story short: I’ve been launching new content the entire time, but a few email delivery services failed me in sending that content to you. I believe I finally have a fix. That’s right… email is back, baby! I think. Now, I need your help to ensure that you and other readers receive the emails I send. Important details on the newsletter, highlights of what you missed while email was down, and what’s next on the site are all ahead…

email is back

How Email Subscribers Can CONTINUE to Get Free Newsletter Updates

If you previously subscribed to the free 20somethingfinance email newsletter (as confirmation you should have received this article update over email) – thank you – you should continue receiving emails. No need to re-subscribe. However, with these emails being sent from a new server and email service, there is a strong chance that you will not get emails delivered to your inbox because email providers sometimes suck. Doing the following can help prevent or fix this:

  1. Open 20somethingfinance emails. This sends the signal to your email provider that these emails are not spam.
  2. Add or whitelist “newsletter [@] this site” to your email address contacts (remove the funny stuff, of course). If you’re not sure how to whitelist, check out this whitelist guide for instructions from your email provider.
  3. Drag 20somethingfinance emails to your primary inbox. If you’re using Gmail or another service that segments emails, drag our emails from the ‘Promotions’ tab to the ‘Primary’ tab, and click ‘Yes’ when they ask you if this should be done for future messages from 20somethingfinance.
  4. Check your ‘spam’ filter and remove this or any future 20somethingfinance articles from it. If you’re subscribed, this article that you are reading right now should’ve hit your inbox. If it didn’t, check your spam filter and remove it (and any other of our emails you see there) by doing this:
    • Open your Spam or Junk folder. If you don’t see the ‘Spam’ folder, click More first, then open the Spam folder.
    • Select our email and click ‘Not spam’ or ‘Report Not Spam’ to move our messages into your inbox.

How to START Getting Free Newsletter Updates

Did I mention it’s free? You like these articles. These articles like you. Why not let these free newsletter updates move into your inbox (as they already have for thousands of readers/subscribers)? ;-)

If this article did not hit your inbox (or spam filter) – you’re not a subscriber. This may be the case for a number of you who attempted to subscribe in recent months.

To subscribe, go to our newsletter signup page, submit your email address, then hop over to your email to confirm. That’s it.

I appreciate your support. Your inbox is a sacred place, and I promise to respect it with no spam and your email address will always stay private.

What you Missed While Emails were Away

Even though emails were down, I’ve been smashing away at my keyboard the entire time. I’ve published dozens of articles, including these highlights:

I’ve also done a complete refresh of the popular “Money Saving Product Recommendations” Page and hundreds of articles on the site.

I likely won’t be sending email updates for most of these, so if you have not been to the site, just head on over to the archives to find all recently published articles and read what captures your interest.

What’s Next:

There’s lots of stuff in the pipeline:

  • I’ll be giving away credits for paid H&R Block tax software very soon.
  • I’ll be highlighting all of the big changes to be aware of for this year’s tax filing.
  • I’ll be sharing personal updates as I’m closing in on 3 years of “FIRE”.

…and lots more!

One more thing. Many of you noticed that article comments close after a while (2 weeks to be exact). I did this due to the sheer amount of time comment moderation takes due to attempted spam. I may re-enable older comments if there’s enough demand for it and I can find some fixes.

That’s all for now. Thank you again for your continued support of 20somethingfinance. 15 years in, I wouldn’t be here without you.

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