Tata Nano Price, Models, Specs, & More

Update: production for the Tata Nano ended in 2018, after years of sales declines. The Nano never made it to the U.S. market. I’ll leave the rest of this article up for Tato Nano nostalgia and historical reference.

What is the Tata Nano’s Price?

The Tata Nano was released in India for the price of $2,000 US Dollars (Update: in 2021, it looks like the Tata Nano price is about $3,243 USD for the base Nano GenX XE model). It will easily carry the title of world’s cheapest car – by far.

The Nano is garnering lots of news attention as being a ‘Contrarian’ vehicle. In other words, it’s small, cheap, and there is no excess in this vehicle. When you think about it, this is the perfect time for a vehicle like this to hit the market as global market conditions are really making people rethink their values and spending habits. But would you buy it?

Tata Nano

Tata Nano Specifications

What do the Tata Nano base model specs look like?

Basically, an enclosed motorcycle with 4 wheels that includes:

  • 2 cylinder, 624cc engine that goes up to 105 kpmh max
  • CD/MP3/Bluetooth
  • 1 windshield wiper
  • 4 wheels
  • An enclosed cabin
  • Seats and seat belts
  • All the widgets that make a car run
  • 4 Doors

Tata Nano Models

There are a few different Nano models available

  1. The standard (GenX XE) – manual transmission
  2. The XM and XT – souped up versions of the XE
  3. fThe XTA and XMA – automatic easy shift transmission

What Benefits Does the Nano Bring?

  • 4 year, 60,000 km warranty
  • It gets 58.8 mpg (25 kmpl)
  • It uses a lot less materials than other cars
  • It’s easy on your pocketbook – financially speaking, you’re getting a vehicle at the total cost of less than what most vehicles cost for one year of ownership
  • It will be a market changer by challenging other automakers to produce cheaper vehicles

What are the Downsides of the Nano?

  • It’s going to allow a lot of people who couldn’t afford cars before to buy cars – leading to more pollution and materials waste
  • How long is it going to last with the cheap materials that are put into it?
  • It will increase congestion in large metro areas
  • It’s not the safest car – no airbags, cheap materials, and I’d hate to see how it would fare in a collision with a truck. Nano crash tests results are not good.

Would I Get a Nano?

Depending on my situation, I might. I’m sure the Indian Nano’s American counterpart won’t be anywhere near $2,000 when (or if) it hits this market, but if it’s anything around $5,000 or less, I would seriously consider it – but only as a vehicle to get around town. However, I’d probably just stick to riding a bike to work instead and use another vehicle that is OK on the highway.

It definitely is a market changing vehicle in lower income geographies, so I’m excited to see the positive influence the vehicle will have on U.S. competition.

Tata Nano Discussion:

  • What’s the most you’d pay for a Nano?
  • What would your concerns with the vehicle be?
  • Would you buy a Nano? Take the poll:

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