Google Fi Referral Code Plus Trade-In Promo for New Customers

In a desperate attempt to avoid traveling into the wilds of Canada (a remote outpost called “Toronto”) without a pocket travel agent (my phone), I recently decided to give Google Fi a try. It seems like I stumbled across a good deal, so I thought I’d pass along the opportunity for similar cost savings via a Google Fi referral code and other promotions that they are offering at the moment to my readers.

My previous mobile service provider unfortunately did not offer an international data plan option, and my research found that very few of them do without obscene surcharges, so I landed on Google Fi as the best international talk/text/data plan option for travelers. All Google Fi plans include data, calls, and texts within the US, Canada, and Mexico (among 200+ countries) at no additional cost beyond the standard $20/month “flexible” plan where each gig of data costs $10 (until capping out at $60 for 6GB, and then no cost after that). Fi has an unlimited international data plan as well, but via the tips I shared in my how to cut mobile data use article, I rarely go over 2 GB per month in data use, so unlimited data plans seem exorbitant to me.

Google Fi referral code

Google Fi Referral Code and Other Current Promotions

The Google Fi referral code (code is RRH1XK, but you can just click the link to have it applied to your order) gets you a $20 credit after you pay your first bill and your line has been active for 30 days.

On top of the referral code, Google Fi occasionally offers large credits toward a new phone with eligible trade-in of your old phone or a $100 bill credit for bringing your own device (BYOD) to new customers of the service. “New customers” are technically “someone who has never had Fi service or someone whose last day of Fi service took place more than 180 days before making a purchase with this promotion”, so it looks like this offer may be available for reactivations. As far as I can tell, it looks like new customers are eligible for both the referral code and the new customer promo when they sign up (they both showed up in my cart during the signup process), but make sure you read the full promo offer details and the same happens for you when checking out. Google Fi referral codes have been around for a while, but I’d expect the other promotion to be for a limited time only.

Google Fi promo

The $20/month base cost is a bit higher than I’ve been used to, but the promotion and ability to use my phone while traveling internationally made it worth the effort. Plans can be paused as well, and reactivated when traveling internationally again, so that’s another option.

As an FYI, I am an actual Google Fi customer and have no affiliation with the service. If you sign up for the service using the referral link above, I may be eligible for a referral credit.

What’s your experience with Google Fi versus competing services and international mobile service plans? Please share in the comments section below.

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