Elio Motors is Dead

2024 Update on Elio Motors: I first wrote about Elio Motors, and its sub $7K target price in 2014. As of 2023 Elio Motors still had not begun delivering vehicles to potential customers who made reservations (and stopped taking new reservations). In 2021, it put out a press release claiming that it is focusing on going electric before producing a gas-powered Elio. In January, 2024 the Elio Motors website (eliomotors.com) now redirects to a page that says “eliomotors.com has expired and is parked free, courtesy of GoDaddy.com”. It appears that Elio Motors is defunct, once and for all.

My hope is that Elio returned all of the paid reservations to the 65,000+ people who had made them. All they have now is this image of what was to be…

Elio Motors



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