Day One of Unemployment

Well, folks. Real life circumstances are going to have a heavy hand in some of the topics I cover over the next few months. My wife lost her job today (she’s a Landscape Architect). All of the news about the recession really doesn’t hit home until it impacts you directly. Today it has.

In her field, when companies can’t get sufficient credit to finance new projects, workload decreases. This all thanks to corporate greed and financial deregulation. Some of her colleagues lost their jobs as well. Unfortunately, working in a very niche profession in an economy like we’re facing today presents an even tougher challenge. I’m also concerned that things won’t turn around until 2010 or beyond.

Although this is a huge hit to our livelihood and financial situation, I am confident that we will get through things and come out better off in the long run. We’ve already developed a plan of ways to attack this.

How We are Fighting Unemployment

1. File for unemployment

We need to do further research on what % of her salary unemployment will cover and how long benefits are good for, but at least the paperwork process has begun.

2. What are Our Priorities

Our first choice is to stay local. We have a home and trying to sell it in this economy is not ideal. I like my job and don’t plan on finding a new one unless I have to. Secondly, we both have family about an hour away and would like to stay within the state, at least. Third, if we have to move, my employer does offer some relocation possibilities. This really is going to effect where she focuses her efforts in finding a new job, and we’ll probably work in this order:

  • look locally
  • expand out in a 30 mile radius
  • if we are forced to expand beyond that, I will need to start looking for opportunities within my company


3. Keeping Dignity

Even though there’s a sense of urgency for her to find a new job, we have to keep reminding ourselves that it has to be the RIGHT situation. She shouldn’t rush to take just any job.

4. Update Resume and Portfolio

What better time, right?

5. Network

She’s reaching out to everyone she knows to touch base with and throw her resume out there.

6. Create Lists

On this one, we will be creating a list of every possible employer out there within the area. This includes name of employer, contact name, number, website, etc. We’ll also be collecting a list of every possible job board, and check them weekly.

7. Extreme Frugality

I have been living the lessons I teach on this blog, but now I am forced to take them to the next level. I’m actually looking forward to this opportunity to see how much I can really cut back on in the next few months.

Next Steps in Unemployment

We’re tired, and it’s time to get some rest. The challenge is going to be to remind ourselves to be patient, take our time, and truly believe that things happen for a reason and we’ll come out better in the long run for going through this.

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