50 Life Pleasures that Make Money Seem Insignificant

Money can be a great tool.

When used wisely, it affords us the opportunity to see, do, and experience a lot of things.

Each “0” we add to our net worth can increase our feeling of comfort, peace of mind, and hope.

Most of us work 40-70+ hours a week for 40-50 years of our lives in the pursuit of it. And many dedicate their entire being to the pursuit of more.

But as much as your employer, peers, the government, banks, corporations, and the media may try to convince you otherwise, money and its pursuit can be quite insignificant when compared to a number of life’s pleasures.

It would be a healthy thing to remind yourself of that at times. I find myself having to do so quite often as the topic of money tends to creep up around me in more conversation than any one person should have to endure.

To help with that, I decided to create an appreciation list of 50 things (could have easily grown to 100+, but decided to stop at 50) that render money and its constant pursuit relatively insignificant.

  1. better than moneyTime
  2. Freedom
  3. Passion
  4. Family
  5. Friends
  6. Spending quality time with family and friends
  7. Love
  8. Helping a person or animal in need
  9. Coming together with others to solve a problem
  10. Learning
  11. Teaching
  12. Watching a sunset
  13. Going for a long bike ride or walk
  14. Feeling like you gave it your all after a workout
  15. Seeing yourself become more fit
  16. Your health
  17. The health of loved ones
  18. Spending time with pets
  19. Taking your dog for a walk
  20. Great food
  21. Great drink
  22. Sharing a meal with others
  23. Physical affection
  24. Verbal affection
  25. Spiritual growth
  26. Building or creating something from scratch
  27. Giving it your all
  28. Failure, followed by success
  29. Feeling proud about an accomplishment
  30. Having others feel proud about your accomplishment
  31. Feeling proud for others accomplishments
  32. Exploring a new location
  33. Planting a tree & seeing it grow over time
  34. Growing food in a garden
  35. Seeing rare wildlife
  36. Clean air
  37. Clean water
  38. Clean soil
  39. Reducing your impact on the environment
  40. Selling or giving away your stuff
  41. Taking a vacation
  42. Feeling like part of a community
  43. Becoming more self reliant
  44. Losing yourself in an activity
  45. Laughing uncontrollably
  46. Becoming the first person in your family to achieve something
  47. Raising children
  48. Having a good relationship with neighbors
  49. Having a boss you like and respect
  50. Enjoying what you do with your time

Ironically, few of these things actually require money.

What makes your list?

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