2022: The 20somethingfinance Year in Review

Happy New Year, everyone! If you’re reading this you survived everything 2022 through at you – a tripledemic, decades-high inflation, another election, and who knows what else. That’s reason to celebrate! 20somethingfinance just celebrated its 15th anniversary (!) this week. 2022 saw 57 published posts added to the archives (both new stuff and major rewrites/updates). On a personal level, there were some big ups and downs and I look forward to sharing more with readers soon. Email subscribers have probably noticed that email delivery has been offline for a bit now (more news on that soon), but it should be back shortly. Please bear with me as I iron out a few kinks with new servers, testing, and deliverability. In the meantime, check back to the site to see what’s new and if you are getting emails (once they start re-sending).

My annual note to newcomers and returnees: this site is still an independent, 1-person show and has been since day 1 (with the support of wonderful friends, family, subscribers, and readers/commenters, of course!). All of the articles here are written by me – no secret owners or funders, no ghost writers, no fillers, no guest blog pandering, no sponsored post garbage, yada, yada, yada [pats self on back]. I write about the stuff that I find interesting and think most readers can benefit from knowing. Hopefully, some of it resonates, inspires, entertains, and/or educates.

2022 year in review

The James Webb photos were one of my personal favorite highlights of 2022. Credit: NASA, ESA, CSA, and STScI

As always, feedback is welcome. What has stuck with you? What influenced positive change? Are there any particular topics that you’d like me to explore, re-explore, or dig deeper on? Please share your feedback and requests in the comment section.

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Happy New Year, everyone! Here are some of the top articles of the past year on the site…












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