What would you do with your Life if Money were not an Issue?

I have a question for you.

It’s a question that, at its root, is the single biggest driving force behind wanting to improve our personal finances – whether we know it or not.

We work so that we can make money, pay the bills, get rid of debt, worry less about our finances, become financially independent and free to pursue a ‘better’ life, and eventually retire worry-free some day. Some may have other motives. Not many.

It’s been said by many that in order to have the most rewarding career and resulting happiness, you should choose the career you would choose if money were not an issue. In other words, if money and everything related to it just disappeared tomorrow and you had zero debts, financial obligations, bills, or retirement concerns – imagine what you would decide to do for 40 hours of ‘work’ a week. Then go out and make that your career. In other words, do what you really want to do.

career happiness

Do you believe in that philosophy? Let’s discuss!

  1. Are you truly doing what you’d want to do? Please take the poll below, it will be interesting to see what percent of readers have chosen their passion as their career.
  2. If you aren’t doing what you want, what are you doing now? And what do you want to do?
  3. Do you believe in this ‘do what you want to do and let everything else fall where it may’ philosophy? If you do and you’re not executing it, what’s preventing you from making that leap?

I’d love to get your feedback!

Have you chosen your career as if money were not an issue?

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