What is your Favorite Employee Benefit? Take the Poll!

Twenty-somethings are a hard to please bunch. After all, many of us are fresh out of school, where just about everything was taken care of (ok, maybe just the lucky ones with generous parents). The harsh reality in this economy is that many employers are cutting back on benefits, pay, and even people.

On a November 25th (before the worst of the recession) employer benefit cut poll, a whopping 705 of you weighed in on what your employer was cutting back on. Here are the results:  employer_cut_benefitsemployee benefits

Unfortunately, your co-workers, or possibly you took the brunt of the cutbacks, with 401k’s and bonuses not far behind. These results lead in to another interesting question:

What is your favorite employee benefit and why? (salary and wages excluded).

Take the poll below and comment as to what benefit really keeps you going the most, and why. Who knows, maybe you can use the poll results as a case study to provide to your HR department if you’re not getting (or will be losing) the benefit that you love the most.

What is your Favorite Employee Benefit?

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