Virgin Mobile Unlimited Plans: $35 for Unlimited Data, Text, & Talk?

Virgin Mobile’s Beyond Talk Plan

Virgin Mobile, a prepaid cellular phone service provider that was purchased by Sprint, just launched a new – and potentially game changing prepaid cellular plan, that they are dubbing ‘Unlimited Plans‘ (formerly “Beyond Talk”). It might just grab your eye, as it did mine.

The base plan works like this:

  • Unlimited data (high speed 3G/4G speeds up to 1 GB before throttling kicks in)
  • Unlimited text
  • Unlimited talk

All on 3G (with some 4G LTE) and all for just $35/month!

virgin mobile unlimited planFor young professionals, this plan is seemingly brilliant and flawless. I find myself using cell phones less and less these days, which is why I went with Tracfone prepaid (you can check out my Tracfone review) to limit my cell phone bill to just $6.67/month.

When I first discovered the Virgin Mobile unlimited plan, I was super excited. I thought to myself, “wow, I can move to a smart phone and get unlimited data for just $35. Finally, a plan that caters to exactly how I want to use a phone – unlimited data and text messaging, and a decent amount of minutes each month that I probably won’t use up.”

The Downside to Virgin Mobile’s Beyond Talk

In the time since I originally wrote this article, Virgin Mobile has come a long ways. It used to be that the cheapest smartphone you could buy that you could reasonably use data on was around $100. Now, Virgin has a few different Android offerings in the $35 – $75 range.

Extremely reasonable for prepaid!

If you go with Virgin Mobile’s Unlimited Plan, note that you should calculate how much your plan really costs once you distribute out the cost of the phone per month. If you figure two years of life on a phone (lengthy these days), a $300 phone equates to an extra $12.50 per month vs. a free contracted phone from other providers.

Check out my list of the cheapest MVNO (prepaid) providers, cheapest mobile hotspots, and the cheapest mobile data plans for comparisons to other companies. Note that the only MVNO with comparable smartphone pricing is Republic Wireless. T-Mobile has also offered cheap prepaid smartphone plans.

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