Unemployed? Many Hiring Employers Won’t Even Give you a Look

The Huffington Post highlighted a disturbing trend that I feared might happen where employers are completely overlooking applicants who are currently unemployed. Disturbingly, they are notifying potential job applicants that they ‘Need Not Apply’ right within the job posting itself! This one hits close to home because my wife was laid off for non-performance reasons early last year (she has since found a job, but it wasn’t easy).

Before we go into the reasons why this is ethically disgusting, it’s worth pointing out that these employers at least have the hubris (or stupidity, not sure which it is) to announce it externally. I’d imagine for every hiring employer that it announcing this policy, there are 20 who are smart enough not to. But that doesn’t make it any less excusable from an ethical standpoint.

Why this Employment Policy is Ethically Inexcusable for an Employer

hiring unemployed1. Based on Wrong Generalized Assumptions

It’s wrong to think that an employee who is unemployed is unemployed because of their performance (which I’m guessing is why these companies are doing this). Entire divisions in companies have been cut, cuts are often based on seniority, and extenuating circumstances that otherwise has nothing to do with an employees performance are all legit non-performance reasons for being unemployed.

2. It’s Evil

Those who have been unlucky enough to lose their jobs are down on their luck already. If they are otherwise qualified, there is no reason why anyone should be kicking dirt in their eyes while they’re down.

3. It Promotes Disloyalty

If you are only hiring someone who is currently employed and looking to move jobs in this volatile economy, aren’t you hiring a ‘job hopper’ to some extent?

4. It’s Close to Being Illegal (and Probably should be) – Unemployment by Race

There are borderline Equal Employment Opportunity violations at play here. In new unemployment data released by the U.S. Labor Department last Friday, the unemployment rates by race are as follows:

  • whites – 8.8%
  • asians – 7.5%
  • hispanics – 12.6%
  • blacks – 16.5%

That means that an African American is twice as likely to be unemployed vs. a white or asian.

What to Do if you See an Ad That Highlights this Policy

If you are employed and actively looking to find a new job, do me and every unemployed person a favor – send the employer your kick-ass resume along with a note that says “I was interested in this job until I read your ‘No Hiring the Unemployed’ policy. I don’t want to work for an employer with this type of unethical hiring policy.”


  • What do you think of this policy?
  • Would you feel comfortable working for an employer with this type of policy?

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