TurboTax Discounts End Soon!

A time-sensitive heads up to readers who are interested in TurboTax for their tax filing needs – TurboTax’s “early bird” pricing of up to $20 off ends Monday, Feb 28 and their affiliate partner discount of up to an additional $20 off (link here) on top of the early bird promo ends even sooner – this Monday, Feb 21.

I have an affiliate partner relationship with TurboTax and they confirmed this news with me this week, so I wanted to pass it along to my readers before it’s too late:

So, if you’re a TurboTax user (or want to become one), I’d recommend using the above link to sign up and then file your taxes this weekend before these promotions both end on Monday, in order to save money.

If you’re late in reading this or prefer another program, check out my cheapest tax prep software article for current partner discounts for all of the major tax software programs. Happy filing!

TurboTax Discount

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