20somethingfinance: Year in Review (Best of)

Wow, 2017. A year I’ll never forget – but will try desperately to. 2018 is gonna be better. It has to be.

But hey, on the plus side, 20somethingfinance just turned 10 YEARS OLD – a DECADE!!! Woo!

That’s a lifetime in the Internet age and it feels good to hit that milestone.

It’s been a fun ride, but I’m not done yet. Although I’ve slowed down a bit from last year’s record pace, 2017 was still a solid year – with 57 new posts added to the archives.

And there will likely be some exciting developments in 2018 that I can’t talk about now, but hope to if they come to fruition.

2017 reviewAs a note to newcomers, this site is still an independent 1-man writing show and has been since day 1 (with the support of wonderful friends, family, and readers/commenters, of course!). All of the articles here are written by me – no ghost writers, no fillers, no pandering guest blogs, no sponsored post garbage, etc. I write about the stuff that I find interesting and think most of us can benefit from knowing. Hopefully, some of it resonates, inspires, entertains, or educates.

As always, I’d love your feedback on what you liked or disliked, what has stuck with you, and what influenced positive change. And if there are any particular topics that you’d like me to explore, re-explore, or dig deeper on, please share your feedback and requests in the comment section.

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Here are the picks for the top posts of 2017…














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