2021: The 20somethingfinance Year in Review

2021: what can you say? It was certainly better than 2020. No need to revisit that year.

While 2021 wasn’t a banner year in human history, with new COVID variants wreaking havoc on public health and the global supply chain and ongoing threats to democracy being top of mind, there were certainly many developments to give us hope:

  • A number of effective COVID vaccines were rapidly developed, approved for use, and over 9.1 billion doses were administered worldwide, with over 500 million of those being in the United States. That’s a monumental achievement for humanity.
  • The world’s first malaria vaccine was approved for use.
  • NASA launched the James Webb telescope after decades of delays, and if all goes well, it will provide the world with unprecedented knowledge about the universe.
  • The longest war in U.S. history was finally ended.
  • U.S. childhood poverty was cut in half with the expanded Child Tax Credit.
  • The largest infrastructure investment in U.S. history was signed into law, in bipartisan fashion.
  • The U.S. economy bounced back from 2020, with around 6 million new jobs added and unemployment claims reaching a 52-year low, with the unemployment rate dropping from 6.3% in January to 4.2% in November.
  • U.S. workers gained more leverage than they’ve had in decades, showing strong wage gains.
  • The U.S. stock market showed resilience and reached new all-time highs.

2021 year in review

Another cause for celebration (for me)? 20somethingfinance is celebrating its 14th anniversary this week. 2021 saw 56 published posts in the archives (new and a few major rewrites).

As a note to newcomers, this site is still an independent, 1-person show and has been since day 1 (with the support of wonderful friends, family, subscribers, and readers/commenters, of course!). All of the articles here are written by me – no secret owners or funders, no ghost writers, no fillers, no guest blog pandering, no sponsored post garbage, etc. I write about the stuff that I find interesting and think most of us can benefit from knowing. Hopefully, some of it resonates, inspires, entertains, and/or educates.

As always, feedback is welcome. What has stuck with you? What influenced positive change? Are there any particular topics that you’d like me to explore, re-explore, or dig deeper on? Please share your feedback and requests in the comment section.

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Happy New Year, everyone! Here are the top articles of the past year…









  • N/A – everyone needs a summer break now and then, ya know?





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