2019: The 20somethingfinance Year in Review

2019 – what a year.

I’m sure that there was some good stuff that happened. Maybe? However, as I searched far and wide to find it so that I could highlight it here, I came across a lot of really depressing news highlights that made me want to burrow under a weighted blanket with a puppy, a warm drink, the glow of Christmas lights, and just binge watch holiday comedies for a week or two. So I’m going to spare you the torture, and simply share the photo that I think best encapsulates the mood (and hope) of much of the planet right now…

20somethingfinance highlights

OK, Boomer.

20somethingfinance is celebrating its 12th anniversary this week. The site saw a record-breaking 6 million visits and an all-time high in subscribers and social followers this year. I freshened up the look of the site (thank you for noticing), sped up the server, and 54 published posts were added to the archives this year (mostly new, with a few major re-writes worked in). I will be giving a self-assessment of 2019 and set some goals for 2020 within the next week.

As a note to newcomers, this site is still an independent, 1-person show and has been since day 1 (with the support of wonderful friends, family, subscribers, and readers/commenters, of course!). All of the articles here are written by me – no ghost writers, no fillers, no guest blogger pandering, no sponsored post garbage, etc. I write about the stuff that I find interesting and think most of us can benefit from knowing. Hopefully, some of it resonates, inspires, entertains, and/or educates.

As always, feedback is welcome. What has stuck with you? What influenced positive change? Are there any particular topics that you’d like me to explore, re-explore, or dig deeper on? Please share your feedback and requests in the comment section.

Also, if you are relatively new here or haven’t yet done so, you can follow the 20SomethingFinance Facebook page, follow me on Twitter, and/or subscribe to get new posts – for free – via email. And check out the money saving products page for updated recommendations on products/services that can save you serious money. Here are the top articles of the year…














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