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Virgin Mobile Unlimited Plans: $35 for Unlimited Data, Text, & Talk?

Last updated by on February 9, 2016

Virgin Mobile’s Beyond Talk Plan

Virgin Mobile, a prepaid cellular phone service provider that was purchased by Sprint, just launched a new – and potentially game changing prepaid cellular plan, that they are dubbing ‘Unlimited Plans‘ (formerly “Beyond Talk”). It might just grab your eye, as it did mine.

The base plan works like this:

  • Unlimited data (high speed 3G/4G speeds up to 1 GB before throttling kicks in)
  • Unlimited text
  • Unlimited talk

All on 3G (with some 4G LTE) and all for just $35/month!

virgin mobile unlimited planFor young professionals, this plan is seemingly brilliant and flawless. I find myself using cell phones less and less these days, which is why I went with Tracfone prepaid (you can check out my Tracfone review) to limit my cell phone bill to just $6.67/month.

When I first discovered the Virgin Mobile unlimited plan, I was super excited. I thought to myself, “wow, I can move to a smart phone and get unlimited data for just $35. Finally, a plan that caters to exactly how I want to use a phone – unlimited data and text messaging, and a decent amount of minutes each month that I probably won’t use up.”

The Downside to Virgin Mobile’s Beyond Talk

In the time since I originally wrote this article, Virgin Mobile has come a long ways. It used to be that the cheapest smartphone you could buy that you could reasonably use data on was around $100. Now, Virgin has a few different Android offerings in the $35 – $75 range.

Extremely reasonable for prepaid!

If you go with Virgin Mobile’s Unlimited Plan, note that you should calculate how much your plan really costs once you distribute out the cost of the phone per month. If you figure two years of life on a phone (lengthy these days), a $300 phone equates to an extra $12.50 per month vs. a free contracted phone from other providers.

Check out my list of the cheapest MVNO (prepaid) providers, cheapest mobile hotspots, and the cheapest mobile data plans for comparisons to other companies. Note that the only MVNO with comparable smartphone pricing is Republic Wireless. T-Mobile has also offered cheap prepaid smartphone plans.

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  • Nick Lemarr says:

    ^ Correcto-mundo.

  • Matt says:

    Popping out the SIM won’t work because Virgin Mobile runs on CDMA. That means no SIM..

  • Nick says:

    Yes, but you’ve got to compare it to a 2 year plan. The total is $1,140 for a total of 2 years. Compare it to the cheapest total BBerry package for ANY other carrier, and it’s going to be a whole lot more expensive ($1800+ AT THE CHEAPEST).

    Personally, I’m going to get the LG Rumor Touch. I can hit up Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube will preloaded apps. Virgin also put in Opera Mobile so you can browse the web very well, and I’m pretty sure there will be Hulu support. Did I mention multi-tasking? Sorry Apple fans, but you got beat out by a dumphone!

  • Jage says:

    it’s expensive price, in Indonesia for unlimited data access max price is under $200

  • Yetibiker says:

    I would trample people to buy one of the beyond talk phones if it had a wifi hotspot feature and tethering. My next phone has to have those features, but it also has to be affordable. Is there a blackberry wifi hotspot app?

  • Mike says:

    Yeah, a blackberry costs $300 without a contract subsidy, but even after only a year this is cheaper than any other plan from any carrier in the US. It is people like you that let the industry get away with the crappy 2 year contract business model. How much would you expect a fully fledged mini computer with wifi and 3G to cost, “free” ?

  • Reta says:

    I cant stand always having to pay extra. I found Net10 prepaid as it is simple and I get a lot at a great price. My new phone was only $30 and I got 300 minutes free with 2 months service free. Now I stay in touch for an unbelievable 150 minutes for $15. Net10 is a great prepaid option and I will never be overcharged again.

  • credit girl says:

    Alright I think im sold. All i need is texting anyway.

  • Aury (Thunderdrake) says:

    Eventually I’m going to be looking for a solid phone carrier that will help me get a good price for internet service. I do a lot of surfing, especially in social media. It could come in handy when I’m commuting (I don’t drive, of course!)

  • Budgeting in the Fun Stuff says:

    I’ll have to look into pay-as-you-go phones…we pay $80 total every month for 2 phones (we got for free), 700 anytime minutes that we hardly use, unlimited night and weekend and Sprint PCS to Sprint PCS minutes that we use alot, and 300 text messages per person (also hardly used).

  • Southerner says:

    Used to be on Virgin Mobile many years ago. It was cheap and easy to use. Problem with VM is COVERAGE. Unless you stay inside the city limits or near major highways, coverage is spotty at best. VM uses Sprint towers but is not (at least, it didn’t used to be) covered by their roaming agreements so if you’re not within range of a Sprint tower, your phone is a dead weight. Don’t spend your money until you check coverage in any area you’re liable to be in.

  • djdannygee says:

    I got the VM LG Rumor Touch. With the $25. Plan. All unlimited
    Data email sms txt chat. With an apps section for free apps like, facebok twitter myspace mycontacts mypix uploader video uploads
    And VM gps navigator. Plus music player 2mp cam/corder
    Stereo blutooth. And voice operating.voice play of incomming messages automaticly. This phone kicks ass guys! However the touch screen is a bit buggy. But I like that you can use a stylas with this ph. Bestbuy sells lg touch this week for only $129! I absolutly
    Recomend this phone.

  • tammy says:

    This company is the worst company i have ever delt with. At first it took them a week to port my number to my new rumor touch. After calling them and emailing every day, they finally got my phone on and promised me a free month of service. They said i needed to add sixty to my account to have my phone activated fully and they said it won’t be touched till my free month is over with. So i agreed but they had problems with the card not processing and told me to go to a store in my city that has virgin mobile and have them add the money to my account. I went to radio shack and had sixty put on my account..yay..but the idiot gave me the wrong plan. I wanted the 25 dollar unlimited text web and data plan, and she gave me a 18 cents a min plan. I had no idea and was texting away and used up 15 dollars in one day. I checked my virgin mobile account the same night and noticed it and i changed my plan online through their website. But it took another 25 dollars out of my account. Now i racked up 40 bucks in one day! wtf! I emailed them again..asking for my money back and where my free month of service is? They emailed back , they have no idea about free month and mentioned nothing to help me. I was p.o.ed …I assumed i just got scammed so i accepted the loss and waited for the rest of my service to work i was told that my web wouldn’t work till they got me in the system. But i had waited long enough after one day and still no web I called them about the problem, it should only take 2-4 hrs to get my web started what is going on? They were having problems with all rumor touch’s not compatible with the system. (don’t sell the flipping phone if it won’t work duh) They just wanted me to bear with them. ( Not like they have helped me any) They said give till saturday at least..So i wait ..and two hours after i got off the phone with them they shut my phone off! WTF! I havn’t had this phone for a whole flipping week yet!Now it is saturday and still no phone. I emailed them telling them they shut my phone off without ever telling me. The emailed back saying that the phone was never shut off. really? then wtf does my phone not work? I made a complaint to the BBB..Let them handle it. I am so sick and tired of this company!

  • Britt says:

    I have had a Virgin Mobile cell phone now since 2002. Love it except, as Southerner said, there is the coverage issue. It’s fine in Mpls/St. Paul, but totally lose it traveling outside metro areas and off major roads. I supplement my phone with a Verizon Blackberry (data plan only) for $50/mo. If worse comes to worst I can make calls on it for $.25/minute. The new Virgin plans sound fantastic to me…..except for the coverage.

  • mike says:

    lots of misinformation here, first off, the prepaid plan they offer, beyond talk, is NOT 3g, its slow. not sure what its called exactly.
    second, like someone else said, they dont allow roaming with this plan. IF u get a sprint plan im sure u will have betetr coverage, but since they get charged by whatever tower you use that isnt theirs, they dont allow it. so that means alot of dead zones.
    my internet is SLOW. according to the operator, my area has GREAT coverage, even the phone says the signal is good to excellent.

  • mike says:

    one more thing, the internet doesnt even load up 40% of the time. and loading something like yahoo messanger takes a good minute to load up contacts.

  • Rhia says:

    i just heard about the new phone plan for virgin mobile and it sounds great but none of my friends have it and i just saw it advertised in the best buy add and it was advertised with the lg rumor touch and imma get that plan in august when my next session with net10 is up and imma get either mantra or the arc cuz like none of the other phones r camera phones and i like have to have a camera phone so like is it quality service cuz i wanna upgrade my phone not downgrade i want something better than my crappy net10 phone i have now i have the samsung t401G from net10 wit a qwerty keyboard but the web is terrible and theres only a couple of webpages and its really crappy and when i get or send a txt message it takes like 30 seconds to send or recieve i hate net10

  • Britt says:

    Rhia, you need to review the previous comments, Mike’s in particular are helpful.

  • G.E. Miller says:

    @ Mike – wow, that sounds frustrating!! No thanks!

  • mike says:

    ok, to edit my last comments. according to the virgin mobile website, the blackberry 8530 and the rumor touch are both 3g enabled. My rumor 2 apparently is not.
    Btw there are only 4 phones available for this plan.
    ill be taking mine back before the 30 days is up and possibly check out the rumor touch.
    Any other questions about the rumor2 i have, let me know.

  • Kari says:

    I have had virgin mobile for 3 years now and i’m still very happy with it…especially since they just came out with the beyond talk plan…i love it cause i can text all i want to my friends and talk to my family (for a short amount of time) lol. the unlimited web is nice too. I’m going for the new rumor touch soon because all this texting is hard on the flare lol. it’s going to be simple too since all i have to do is buy the phone and log on to my account and say i’m switching phones…I’ve done it before and they just switch the number to the new phone. the old one gets shut off basically but that’s ok since we’re going to give it to my step son so he’ll have a pay as you go home phone when he’s home alone.

  • mike says:

    its great for texting.
    just checked my bank online, i got charged for two months.
    they had a deal where if u give them your credit card number u get a five dollar credit at some point. i hope that happens.

    wish me luck, now i have to call customer service to get this straightened out.


  • Jenn says:

    Everyone, I currently have the rumor touch. I love my phone. The internet loads fast and I had Virgin Mobile for a year now, and barely have any drop calls. The Rumor Touch has its problems but everyone can work around it.

  • Gannon says:

    See, I’m a little younger at this, im 12, and Im pretty satisfied. Earlier, Ive had virgin mobile and been getting the $20/ month for unlimited messages. Because that’s what my sister got. Then i switched to cricket and got screwed. So now im back again and have been working my butt off just to get the Rumor touch. When i got it, i noticed a paper that came with it listing all the deals on the beyond talk plan. And im thinking “wow for an extra $5 a month im getting email, data, web, and 300 mins. So, what im wondering is, Should i go with the beyond talk or my old plan?

  • dani says:

    i have virgin right now and all i can afford it their no-contract unlimited txt for 30 only $20. however i would like to browse the web on my fone for free and have 300 mins for important calls to work.. i can pay the extra $5 for that amazing deal!!!!!!! i have the X-tc right now but i hate it! im goin to rumor touch i have owned a rumor and rumor2 they r petty good phones:]

  • gannon says:

    Dani, i just got the beyond talk plan for $25 and i love it soo much. you should seriously get it

  • elijah says:

    i have the rumor2 on Vm what the 25 dollar plan its great for me cuz ill i do is txt but i was a little angry cuz when i bought my rumor 2 a month ago they didnt even have the rumor touch in stores now mad cuz i cant get on youtube and u can with rumor touch ……..i might take the fone bak cuz i have a geek squad 1 year warranty and see if i can get i store credit to get the rumor touch cuz that fone looks wayyyy cooler then my rumor2

  • suzy says:

    After dealing with the crap from Verizon, and then T-Mobile (dropped calls, awful customer service, overpriced), I couldn’t fathom the idea of owning another contract phone. My brother and mother had Virgin Mobile for about 4 years and they have more bars than I did with Verizon or T-Mobile (Massachusetts resident). So I switched over, bought the $25 Beyond Talk plan, and got the LG Rumor Touch. Pretty sure it’s one of the best money saving decisions I’ve made. I have service EVERYWHERE, I never drop calls, the unlimited texting is terrific and the data plan is fast enough to get some basic browsing done. Perfect phone for a socialite. I’ve made 4 of my friends switch over from crappy contract plans to this plan with this phone and they are all also extremely happy. If you have issues with Virgin Mobile, then I don’t understand what you’re doing wrong. Their customer service is pretty solid. When I accidentally charged my bill twice in one month, they sent me a refund immediately. TRUST ME. This plan is so worth it. I have to laugh at my friends who have contracts, with less features than me, and pay more money.

  • yoki says:

    im wondering if I buy the lg rumor touch do I have 2 get the beyond talk plan?.. can I just keep my old plan? & can I just call them on the phone 2 activate & swop phones? just wondering because ppl r saying that you have 2 get the beyond talk plan 4 your phone to actually work

  • mickeymick says:

    So i’ve been using an Att go phone and i really dont mind it. its 60 a month for unlimited text and talk. thats all i need. hell i dont even need the unlimited talk lol. so i’ve been thinking about getting the beyond talk plan with virgin mobile. May i get some feed back from users that only text , dont really use web and very little talk? i just want to know iF this is a legit plan to invest in. thanks guys


  • Yuki says:

    Regarding Virgin Mobile service, my wife is using VM for over 4 years and so far, no dropped calls or coverage problem (mostly used in tri-state area: NY-NJ-CT). On the other hand, I just got Rumor2 for my son and selecting pay-as-you-go plan during activation process completely messed up their system and caused activation application to crash and create multiple accounts in their database. I was already assigned a phone number during the process but no longer able to continue activation or access my account. VM support had no clue what was going on – the only answer was that they started the “investigation” which can last for up to 72 hours … At that point I decided to return the phone to Target and get the new one. Tried to activate the new phone with exactly same result. Returned that one as well and finally got the Rumor Touch, went on line, selected “Beyond Talk” plan and the phone was activated and ready to use in less than five (5) minutes. I understand that my attempt to select pay-as-you-go service was the cause of the problem but I shouldn’t even be allowed to get that option once I enter the phone MEID which tells the application which phone I am activating and what plan is available for that particular phone. Looks as VM needs to test their applications before using them in production.

    One more thing – make sure you get your phones at Target as they have Rumor2 and Rumor Touch on sale – $89.99 and $119.99, and if you want to get bonus 60 minutes of talk time, enter the following “kickback” code during the activation process: B9wqJPPP

  • victoria says:

    If I buy the blackberry from VM and decides to leave them,can’t I use my BB with another phone company?

  • mike says:

    phones on a carrier can only be used on another carrier if they are “unlocked”.

  • kizzy says:

    im using the old 2007 wild card right now to type this message (i really need to upgrade phones). my amazing phone guy told me about this new plan and its frikin awesome!!! so you can use an older phone, but you gotta find them. the best places are amazon or ebay. if you really wanna save money get google voice. you can make text and calls for free. but data and web are not supported.

  • Jeann says:

    I bought this phone and the $25 Beyond talk plan last night.

    I’m returning it this afternoon. As soon as I program and activated my phone, it didn’t work. I could not place/receive calls or send/receive texts. I could get onto the internet, but it would crash.

    I called the first time and they said that it may have been programmed incorrectly. She kindly helped me to reprogram my phone and told me that in 4 hours, I’d receive a text and could then start using my phone. I waited 8 hours. No text..same problem. I called them back, and they reprogramed my phone the 3rd time. She was really kind and helped me try and figure out what was going on.

    My zip code is 95124. I live in San Jose, CA and I have no problem getting service here from any other company. The lady helping me came to the conclusion that it might be a defective phone. The phone itself (LG Rumor Touch) showed no evidence of defect apart from one–it kept telling me my battery was low even if I charged it overnight. I’m thinking there was a problem with the battery and overall, a huge huge problem with Virgin Mobile’s network.

    The first woman I spoke to told me that I couldn’t get a refund on Top Up cards. The second woman, however (after I explained that I had tried everything and used zero minutes) gave me back a full refund. So don’t let them tell you that you can’t get a refund for Top Up minutes.

    So basically, Virgin Mobile ended up being 24 hours of stress, frustration and disappointment.

    The deal sounds too good to be true. Because it is. I have no idea why this phone didn’t work for me, apart from the fact that their network is shoddy. When I was purchasing this phone at Radio Shack, the cashier said he couldn’t connect to their network and activate my phone and that I should activate it myself at home. I should have taken that as a sign.

    The only positive from this experience is that unlike other reviewers here, I had an awesome experience with customer service. The two women I spoke with both spoke English well, were highly intelligent and helped me the best they could. I don’t blame them for any of these issues, they were really sweet and intelligently ran through every possible reason and were stumped as well. Virgin Mobile’s network is shit. That’s it.

    You’ll lose sleep over this shit plan. I hardly get scammed–and Virgin is such a big name, I’ve heard great things about their quality in other industries. Cell phones isn’t one of them. Read these reviews and save yourself the stress. Stick with Metro PCS if you want a cheap plan. Steer clear of this mess I got myself into.

  • mike says:

    i just got a text that said with this plan minutes are 10 cents a minute when u go over.

  • PeachOil says:

    Those of you using Beyond Talk-a little help with the phone choice, please. I’d use this primarily for checking email away from home and as a second phone should something go wrong with Ooma. Text, IM, heavy web surfing not an issue. Suggestions as to which of the available phones appreciated. Essentially, I need a phone that’ll allow me to check webmail with minimal issues.

  • Skypink says:

    I am trying to decide if I should get the Rumor Touch or shell out the extra bucks for the Blackberry from VM. I have used VM for over 5 years and I am able to receive and make phone calls in the elevator at our hospital and through the tunnels as I drive without dropping a call. That’s insane, I love it. Currently, I have the good old Cyclops but I bought the Rumor2 for my hubby. Only thing I can’t stand about it is the screen and text on the web pages are teeny tiny. I have seen on YouTube that the Rumor Touch has a very tricky touch pad, but the Blackberry looks like it would have a small screen. I want to be able to use the web without my reading glasses. Any suggestions?

    Oh btw use Opera Mini to browse it’s much faster.

  • mike says:

    anything cheaper then the touch wont have 3g from what i can see.

  • Yetibiker says:

    I just picked up the Rumor Touch for my wife and ported our landline to it. By default the plan was the 300 minute plan and Virgin Mobile will not let you upgrade your plan to the 1200 minute plan without forking over another $40, bringing the cost of the first month of the 1200 minute plan and the unlimited minute plan up another $25 just because they can.

    The unlimited text, mms, and data is amazing and the email app is pretty good for a dumbphone. The touch screen on the Rumor Touch is very quirky. Sometimes it works great for me, sometimes the keyboard is necessary. Something that Virgin Mobile does not disclose is that they block you from downloading apps from, which is the app store for dumbphones. It is still the best value in mobile phones in my area, so I will be getting one for myself as well.

  • Paul C says:

    I got an e-mail reply to an inquiry about getting the Rumor Touch and keeping my current 14.99 plan. They said the Loft, the Rumor2, the Rumor Touch, and the Blackberry only use the new beyond talk plan.

    I wish I could feel comfortable about getting the Rumor Touch. The reviews are not positive enough for me to take the plunge yet. I’m drawn to the Blackberry but $300 is a lot to spend on a phone. Plus the data plan is extra.
    My wife and I both have the cheap plans but I am going to need a smart phone (e-mail and web brwosing a must) soon for a new job. I don’t want a 2 year contract. This looks like the best option.

  • Adam says:

    Okay im going to simplify everyones comments for everyone, ready!?
    THE PLAN IS $25/MO FOR UNLIMITED TXT, INTERNET, DATA, AND YOU EVEN GET MINUTES!! if you want a blackberry ONLY $35/MO lets keep that in mind. This is a ridiculous low amount its allowed to have flaws and for that reason maybe its not right for everyone. However it can be a steal for some people.

    1. If you don’t live in a big city or will need the phone everywhere you go, it doesn’t sound like this plan will be much help to you. However if you live in a big city like Miami for example and spend most of your time in the city, it doesn’t sound like coverage and drop calls will be an issue.

    2. Yes you have to pay for a new phone, get over it! Sorry they don’t have a promotion for cheap or free phones when you sign up, and sounds like if you want to get online alot the lowest you’ll be paying for the phone is $130 and if you want a blackberry its $300. Okay so if you don’t have the extra money to invest in a new phone stick w/ your tracphone and shutup.

    I plan on buying the blackberry curve tomorrow and signing up w/ virgin mobile that’s why im on here looking at reviews. im a college student about to go back down to miami so for me this sounds like a killer steal! ill be in a big city and im telling you $35 a month for a blackberry coverage is unheard of! who ever wrote the first review im sorry but did you think they where just going to give you a blackberry coverage and a blackberry for nothing extra?? The only other serves that comes close is metropcs for $50 a month n you still have to buy the blackberry. the only reason i wouldn’t buy virgin mobile is if i wasn’t in a very big city, but complaining because they went from $25 to $35 for a blackberry coverage is the stupidest thing i’ve ever hard!

    (just based on the reviews i’ve read. Don’t actually use any phone w/ virgin mobbile at the moment.)

  • DB says:

    I was reluctant to get a cell phone for many years because 1) I didn’t want to be nearly always accessible, 2) I am a ham radio operator so thought a cell phone was redundant, and 3) I was under the mistaken impression that all cell phone companies would require contracts and have overly complicated plans.

    So about a year ago I finally decided to get a phone in case my wife (who has a bad heart) needed to contact me in an emergency. She has a TracFone. I Started looking around, got a TracFone similar to hers, used it for about 2 weeks, realized that it really isn’t as good of a deal as it seems. Dumped it and went with Virgin Mobile with an LG Flare phone.

    LG Flare worked great, tough little phone – I dropped it, kicked it by mistake once and lost it in my snowy driveway last winter where it got ran over by my car. Luckily the ground was wet so it sank into the mud and survived with only 2 small dents in the battery & cover. Found it, cleaned it up and kept using it.

    Fast forward to summer 2010…..

    Still using the LG Flare. Went on a 15 mile hike in the wilderness. Good coverage from Virgin at the trailhead but drops off shortly down the trail. Stashed the phone in my backpack till the return trip, mental note to myself to call my wife upon return to the trailhead. Also told my hiking partner to remind me.

    Back at trailhead, called wife. Was talking to her whilst sitting on vehicle running board and removing hiking boots in favor of shoes. Set phone on running board after talking and yep, you guessed it – I forgot and the phone stayed on the running board as we drove off :(.

    Got home, didn’t realize what happened till late at night. Was pretty bummed cuz lost my little friend. Didn’t think that there was any chance whatsoever of finding the little guy. So the next day I bought a new phone – an LG Rumor 2 :). Got on the Virgin Mobile website and switched phones, no problems at all. New phone is awesome! Web browsing works good, talk & messaging are working great, monthly price is great deal, life is grand etc. etc.

    But something kept nagging in the back of my mind…..the poor little LG Flare phone. Didn’t seem right to just forget about it after all we’d been through together. But 1.5 days had passed since losing it and it could be anywhere within a 50 mile area!

    Friend comes over and says “I’m bored anyway, lets go look!”. So we retrace the route, slowly and carefully. Move slowly and look…..move more and look…..keep looking…..and all of a sudden BAM! There it is! Laying facedown on a gravel road about a mile from the trailhead… poor little phone had such a will to live!. It was an emotional moment for me as I picked it up and saw some road rash and a missing battery & battery cover. Found those items a short distance away too :).

    Amazing that no one else saw it or ran over it, especially since so much time had passed.

    Brought the little LG Flare back home, cleaned everything & reinstalled the battery & cover and guess what? It still works!! How cool is that?

    So now I have 2 phones…..a Rumor 2 and a Flare. The R2 is in use while the Flare enjoys some much deserved rest on the shelf.

    And yeah, I’ve been happy with Virgin Mobile. I’ve had good luck with their service and no trouble whatsoever swapping phones.

    Hope you enjoyed my little adventure 🙂

  • Magoo says:

    I have a rumor 2 and am usually pretty happy with it. I’ve had it since last Christmas, and it’s been working fine. But yesterday it started delaying my texts by hours. I would send a text, and then it would not be received until hours later. I have never had this exact problem, except for a few times when it delays it by like 15 minutes.
    But this is a major problem for me, as I really can’t text with it. Calling and web work fine… any suggestions?

  • suzy says:

    hey magoo-
    i have a rumor touch and i’m also having the same problem. it’s definitely the network. it’s pissing me off.

  • Magoo says:

    has it only been the past few days? because it is driving me nuts! i hate being the only person who’s phone can’t seem capable of sending and receiving texts on time… and I tried calling but it said to call back later… ughh I don’t feel like wasting time with them; if I hadn’t just topped up I would definitely be switching today.

  • suzy says:

    i noticed yesterday and now today that i am getting texts up to 6 hours late. the only reason i’m putting up with it is because it’s a $25 a month plan and you get what you pay for i guess. hopefully it’ll fix itself soon….

  • Magoo says:

    that is exactly what is happening to me. And seriously, 6 hours late is ridiculous! and same here, I mean 25 is hard to beat, and I’m just not sure how long I’m willing to wait for it to fix itself. Because knowing my luck, if I go out and get one today, it’ll be fixed when I get back lol. But on the website it says that there are representatives every day yet, when I call I can’t get through to talk to anyone. It’s only a recording saying unavailable.

  • Mike R says:

    My wife, frustrated with my not wanting a cell phone, got me a virgin mobile a year ago. She’s still frustrated, because the service stinks to high heaven. The reception for voice calls in Chicago (well, my area of the city) is worthless – I can never predict when I will get a call or not. Texting is equally as wonderful. I’ve gotten texts a day or two AFTER they were sent. And they are changing their service? To what? One that works?

  • DB says:

    Surely in a city as big as Chicago you can find a carrier which works for you…..

  • Dan says:

    The LG Rumor Touch is an alternative to the Blackberry for basic smart phone functionality. Not bleeding edge, and not as full-featured as Blackberry or ipod, but good enough for many people–email, im, social networking, mp3 player, gps, maps, etc.

    • Samantha says:

      NO.. the LG rumor touch sucks. it restarts every time i close the keyboard and its super slow. you cannot download things like ringtones or pictures from Facebook, and you cant even use the mp3 music from a sim card as a ringtone! i could do that on my cruddy cricKet phone but not this one “/

  • KO says:

    T-Mobile prepaid is $100 for 1000 minutes. Good for 1 year. Text is .10/message. Works for me.

    • Chanel says:

      Virgin mobiles beyond talk is great..I have the lg optimus v android market program is like htc incredible..phones range from 40 to 200 online or check well theres only three $25 for 300 mins $40 for 1200 mins and still save $20 if ur pick unlimited everything for $60 a month And no extra fee when u use ur mobile hotspot for pc or anything thats has wifi..i connect y dont u money aint nothin but A piece a paper so spend it on somethin worth it like A phone that can dont it al..busy mom with a android keeps me organized

      • Tasha says:

        Hi, I was looking into getting the Virgin mobile LG Optimus. I am wondering if I get the $25 plan which includes unlimited texting, will it really be unlimited to all other carriers (Verizon, AT&T, ETC…)

        • Red Oscar says:

          @Tasha…..Unfortunately, the $25 Virgin Mobile plan is no longer available to new subscribers. Those subscribers who were on the 300 minute plan have been grandfathered at that rate. The 300 minute plan is now $35 per month.

          Even with the $35 plan, texting to US phones on Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, etc. remains unlimited. If you’re not a big talker but text constantly, the $35 plan may be a good fit for you. Just remember you will be using the Sprint network only and need to make sure your locale is covered by Sprint.

  • sugardaisy says:

    I went to Radio Shack and purchased a $4.99 phone to use with this service! Although the phone is pretty old-school and reminds me of my cell phones of years ago, the features are wonderful, unlimited text, internet, and 300 minutes! I have been thrilled to death with it! They also had a $40 phone available in the store , but I was looking to go cheap, cheap, cheap so I didn’t go with that one. I may trade up at some time in the future, but for now (this is a second phone for reasons I won’t go into) this phone & service is the sh*it!!

    • curtis says:

      so if i wanted the $25/month plan for unlimited text i can buy any virgin mobile phone and get that plan? please explain to me id appriciate it

      • Red Oscar says:

        @curtis…..I would NOT say you can buy ANY Virgin Mobile phone. You could buy any phone that is made for their “Beyond Talk” plans, get it activated on the $25 Beyond Talk plan before the new rates go into effect (2 or 3 days from now), and you supposedly get grandfathered at the old rate (under terms still unknown to most of us at this time).

        My intention is to keep our two $25 plans as long as Virgin Mobile allows us. If our rates increase, then I will look for better value elsewhere. It’s as simple as that!


        • Stephen says:

          Curtis, I wouldn’t completely trust Red Oscar. From my experience he’s getting paid to give good comments to Virgin Mobile (piece of crap mobile is what it should be called). LOok at all my comments and I’m sure that you won’t go with Virgin Mobile.

          • Red Oscar says:

            @Stephen….You are just too funny. I WISH I were being paid by Virgin Mobile (or anybody else for that matter). At this point, @curtis can make whatever decision he feels is in his best interest, with the information he has gathered from numerous sources.

            My experience has been positive over the past 7 years. If you live outside of their service area, then you would not want to choose Virgin Mobile. If you travel a lot and need roaming, then you would not want to choose VM. But if your needs are well covered by Sprint’s area of service, then Virgin Mobile is an economical choice as a cell phone service provider.

          • Jake says:

            I checked the link, sorry, looks like it isn’t up yet.

            Oh, you’re being sarcastic! Bottom line is that there are a lot of people not happy with Verizon, and the site has been up for years. You don’t have to agree with them, but you have no right to tell them that they are wrong. The information deserves to be out there, so that people may choose what they do with that information.

        • Stephen says:

          @Red, sure you aren’t. My friends that have Virgin Mobile say it’s a piece of junk too. Curtis he’s a spokesman for Virgin Mobile definately because I’d say 60 to 80 percent of this message board (skimmed) is bad stuff on Virgin Mobile.

          • Stephen says:

            Red, I don’t travel outside of a Sprint coverage area. I stay in my area. Sprint and Virgin Mobile are both junk go to Verizon (I would say Boost Mobile but I haven’t ever had them and none of my friends or family has had Boost Mobile).

          • Jake says:

            Virgin mobile: Drop 150 for the Optimus. 25 bucks gets you: unlimited text, unlimited, data, and 300 minutes.

            To get unlimited data on Verizon, you need an iPhone. With an iPhone, you will drop 200 just to get the cheapest model. To get their smallest amount of minutes (450), prepare to drop 39.99/month. To get unlimited texts, drop another 20 bucks/month on top of that. To get unlimited data, drop another $29.99/month. At the end of your first month of service, you will have spent over $310, including tax.

            In short, to get the kind of plan on verizon that you want on VM, you will spend 50 bucks more on the phone, and 65 dollars more on the plan per month, with insane overages if you exceed your minutes, and offensive late fees if you can’t afford the bill on time.

            In two months on Verizon’s plan (including phone purchase, plan expenses, and taxes), you will have been able to pay for Virgin Mobile’s 2nd best phone, plus around 9 months of service after taxes.

            I don’t care how good Verizon’s phones/services are. When Verizon is charging more for unlimited data than VirginMobile is charging for their 300min/unlimited text/unlimited data plan, then Verizon isn’t worth it.

          • Stephen says:

            @Jake: Obviously, your dumb. If your on the Verizon Prepaid plan, as I’ve stated before, you pay $20 per month for unlimited texting to anyone on any network.

          • Jake says:

            Are you talking about the Verizon phone rates that cost 1.99 per day? Forgive me. Meaning that if you, like most people, have at least one call per day, you will be paying $60 per month for your phone service. Then, if you purchase the texting plan on top of that, your bill will be $80 bucks (before data). Then, add on 30 dollars more for unlimited data, and you’re up to $110 dollars per month for a phone.

            Even if you never use your phone for phone calls, and only text and surf, you are going to be hit with 50 dollars per month for your bill.

            Now, if you are talking about getting the 450 minute plan, with unlimited texting, that will cost $64.99 per month, plus the $30 charge for data, bringing your bill to $94.99.

            On top of that, there’s the cost of the phone. Verizon’s Samsung Continuum, the closest thing Verizon’s prepaid has to the LG Optimus costs 244.99.

            So lets do the totals (before tax) here:
            Verizon pay by the day (with daily calls, unlimited text & data):
            $110 per month + 244.99 (for phone)
            Total paid at the end of first month: $354.99
            Total paid at the end of second month: $464.99

            Verizon monthly prepaid plan (450min, unlimited text & data):
            $94.99 per month + 244.99 (for phone)
            Total paid at the end of first month: $339.98
            Total paid at the end of second month: $434.97

            Virgin mobile prepaid plan (300min, unlimited text & data):
            $25.00 per month + $150.00 (for phone)
            Total paid at the end of first month: $175.00
            Total paid at the end of second month: $200.00

            Now who’s the one being dumb Stephen? Including the cost of the phones, it will take me 8 months at Virgin Mobile to match what you pay in one month at Verizon, and 12 months for me to reach your second month.

          • Stephen says:

            Jake, that’s pretty funny because I never have had ANY issues with my phone or service with Verizon Prepaid.

          • Jake says:

            You might be lucky enough not to have had troubles with Verizon. I, and a slew of others, have. Every month, even though I had data and texting turned off (couldn’t send a text to save my life), and only used 1-200 minutes per month, my bill was getting hit with an offensive amount of overages that they would do nothing to reduce.

            Even if that wasn’t the case, however, for that customer service that you use once every couple of months, you are paying 4 times as much. When you pay 4 times more for the same service, customer service had BETTER be good. And I’m glad you haven’t had a problem. But your opinion is not the opinion of the whole.

            I encourage you to go to and see exactly what I am talking about.

          • elise says:

            i have virgin mobile and everyone says that it drops your calls but idk llike none of mine have been dropped i like the coverage but i live in chicago and dont travel much out of the area so ive never had areas that arent covered. my phone the lg rumor touch is okay i mean its better than any phone ivee had before. i like it i guess my parents pay my bill and they wont do any contracts and this one was the cheapest so im happy for what i get with 25$ cause i looked into other companies and their so expensive so virgin mobile is good if you dont have much money like my parents

        • Abie says:

          Why not Strait Talk? I switched 3 phones from Sprint after several months of overages ($130 to $140 a month). Now I can count on the same $105 every month as I have for the past year since switching. My wife and son do not text or use the web so they are on the 1000 min a month plane. I am on the $45 unlimited plan. We all use the CDMA (Verizon towers)for great coverage but from time to time I switch back and forth to a smartphone on GSM (AT&T towers)to get fest web at conventions and swap meets. They, ST, have been great about switching phones for me and we still have our original Sprint numbers that ported in easy (The first GSM took a while for the data to kick in but once you have the sim card its fast). And as some one suggested the sim will fit my modified smart phone (have to watch the data usage that way, like no movies or streaming).

  • sugardaisy says:

    And one other thing….my reception is phenomenal. The people I talk to often comment on this. It’s better than my AT&T service. I haven’t been out of my home state with the phone (PA) but have been in many different areas and never one problem, no dropped calls, no breaking up. Texting is super fast too.

  • Macten says:

    I have had the loft for 2 months now and it is great. Loads up email and internet in under a minuite. Apps are good like google and weather and it has a gps to use with google maps. Ok camera too. Dont need thier extra gps service for 10 per month.
    U cant beat this service with anything else out there.
    Quit crying about crackberry $$$ and enjoy cheap phone and Inet service.
    U gotta have a phone cause of the name??????

  • Julie Stephens says:

    I bought a Straight Talk phone for 100.00 from Walmart. I have to say I’m pretty happy with it, for 30 dollars a month, you get 1000 mins , 1000 texts and 30mb of data, I really don’t think the average person would even use everything up I know I don’t. And it has a better than average camera, way better than alot of expensive phones that i’ve compared it to. Ok just wanted to share!!

    • FinnStar says:

      Julie you are so right. Straight talk is the best value out there, and if you got a smart phone, as I did, you must agree that $45 a month for unlimited service is really the best value. I get unlimited web, that’s apps, downloads and email, plus unlimited voice and text. Pretty happy with my Straight Talk too, oh, and I got it a walmart, paid for it at the register, no hazzards, great!

    • stephanie says:

      i send 4000 texts a month so that wont work for me…

      • Stephen says:

        Stephanie, my first cell phone provider was Straight Talk and I had no problem with their service until they started making my phone go on and off by itself, when i called tech support they were always rude. So I went to Virgin Mobile and had lots of problems there. After that I went to Verizon Prepaid. $20 for unlimited text to anyone in the US, that’s awesome because all I do is text on it. Verizon Prepaid also gives you $2 extra to your acct per ever $20 you add to your acct. They don’t charge you for the $2 extra that they add to your acct and when you purchase a phone (existing customer or not) they give you $10 to $20 put on your acct just for creating a prepaid acct with them. They have reasonable prices and their Samsung Gusto is good as well as their Pantech Caper. Over the 3 companies I’d pick Verizon Prepaid as my first pick (best), Straight Talk second (they’re ok but not as bad as Virgin Mobile), then Virgin Mobile (worst).

  • Matt W says:

    Every 1 Star review you read about Virgin Mobile is painfully true. I had the absolute worst customer service experience of my life. Spent probably 8 hours wrestling my number back from them after their grossly incompetent phone agents failed to activate my phone time after time. A true disaster. Wouldn’t refund a dime of my unused airtime, in spite of the legendary hassle they put me through. I advise any and all prospective users against Virgin Mobile with every ounce and fiber of my being.

    • gus j says:

      thank god its not only me its literally a war with customer service the phones are ok, the plan is great and so is the service but forget about customer service, dont think you can transfer your number easy 1,2,3 it will take up to 30 days and 1 phone call a day…oh and if they hang up on you dont worry thats normal, just call again. yes you need to pay for the phones but thats the price you pay to get cheap monthly, you’ll save in the long run and only join vmobile if you want the 25$ plan its the only one thats worth it…im currently battling vmobile for my number that they suddenly “lost” its been 10 days and they assured me in 48hrs it will be restored along with the remainder of my minutes but what about the 10 days lost ? well wish me luck…

      • Big Tex says:

        Transferred my phone number to Virgin from AT&T. After speaking with customer service to set up my account, the automatic process took about 30 minutes for my AT&T service to stop and my virgin phone to activate. MUCH quicker than the 72 hours the customer service rep said it would take. Promise little & deliver much?

        • Penny says:

          Virgin Mobile is by far the very worst provider I’ve ever dealt with. Yes, $25/$40 is inexpensive, but isn’t your sanity worth a little more? Positively the lamest, most ineffectual customer “service” I’ve ever encountered. They DO NOT GIVE A FIG — not about you, or your difficulties, or about fixing them. Someone else wrote, “For $25 a month, what do you want?” Well, I want VM to provide the service it advertises and collects payments for — unlimited data. More than 50% of the time, I cannot connect to the Internet. I recently went ELEVEN DAYS with no Internet connection whatsoever. “Network connection failed.” “Time out.” “Bad request.” And VM didn’t give a fig in the least. They collected money for a service they’re either unwilling or unable to provide. Sounds ILLEGAL to me. Do yourself a big favor — run don’t walk away from this sham of a company.

          • angel_boy says:

            you obviously didn’t read their ‘terms of service’…

            just some of the small print.

            no calls longer than 2 hours- they will terminate calls that go over 2 hours.

            unlimited does not mean unreasonable

            and the catch all one:

            We may place restrictions on accessing certain Content, impose separate charges, limit the amount of data you can access or transfer, or otherwise limit or terminate services.

            they also don’t guarantee access to all services all of the time. there may be disruptions in service and they don’t give refunds

            —it takes a long time- but you’ve gotta read their ‘terms of service’ and their ‘privacy policy’ if you want to know what you’re really signing up for.

          • Stephen says:

            @angel_Boy…. 1. I got my phone from radio shack and the associate had no problems with activating it and everything. 2. When I had VM I would be on the phone for more than 2hours voice calling and texting all the time so obviously your statement is bogus about VM’s privacy policy and terms of use (none of which they stick to or abide by).

        • Red Oscar says:

          My son and his wife both ported their AT&T numbers to VM’s BeyondTalk plans with minimal hassle. They had some billing issues because my son selected the wrong radio button on the web site; but VM customer service helped them get that resolved and now all is well. They love the BeyondTalk plan and both have the Optimus V phones. My youngest son will be switching from AT&T to VM at the end of this month when his contract expires.

          I myself have been a VM customer for nearly 7 years now and have had nothing but good luck with them. My wife and I both have the BeyondTalk plans (I have the Intercept and she has the Rumor Touch). Not bad for a couple pushing 60. I love to save money and love no contract plans.


          • BME says:

            I currently have T-Mobile, but in my “bad credit” days I used Virgin Mobile on several occasions. I never had a problem with them. Setting up the phone was a breeze, and could usually do it on the internet with no assistance from CS. Even ported numbers with no problem. Phones would be working within minutes. I’m considering going back to VMobile after seeing this $25 unlimited service. I get essentially the same package with T-Mobile and it’s $80 a month.

        • Abie says:

          You must be polite. I get the same treatment from Strait talk by being polite, using Mams and Sirs, but some of the rude folks I know get some nightmare treatment. It does not pay to get rude with any one holding the power to lose your number and turn your phone off and on. I find that by trying to make their day better they usually go out of their way to make mine better.

  • Afroman says:

    I think this will be a perfect plan for my son who’s turning 10 next month. I will give him this as a birthday present. I will probably get him a rumor touch. His older sister already had this phone with Sprint service and she has no complaints.
    This plan is perfect for kids since they hardly ever talk anyways, just text and checking out youtube videos.

  • The Dood says:

    You have somewhat of a point… it might be $50/mo for the plan including the phone, but you didn’t compare that to what it would cost say.. using another carrier..the same phone.. and tell the difference 🙂

    But on another note.. i am/was thinking of switching over to virgin.. but it scares me to no end.. that once i get comfortable paying 35… they can just up there rates at any time.. which yeah i know i can leave. but who likes switching carriers? i don’t.. jmo 🙂

    • G.E. Miller says:

      @ Dood – I didn’t compare the cost of phones from other carriers, b/c most offer free smart phones with a 1 or 2 year contract. For not getting the contract, you’re basically paying up for the phone with Virgin Mobile.

    • Jake says:

      I’ve been with Virgin Mobile for less than a year, but I still have the $25.00/month rate. They grandfather their old clients in. I can purchase a new phone, or switch and still have the same rate. The only way they can change the price on me is if I change my minute plan (which I have no intention of doing).

      So if you stick it out with Virgin Mobile, your rates should stay the same.

  • Timmy says:

    Hello, everyone. I am/was wondering if I should get the BlackBerry Curve 8530 with the $25/mo “Beyond Talk” plan for myself. However, I haven’t seen much talk of the BlackBerry within these comments. So, if anyone could enlighten me about the pros and cons of owning a BlackBerry with Virgin Mobile (minus the extra $10 for BlackBerry Messenger/App Store/Maps), it’d be extremely appreciated.

    Sincerely, Timmy. (:

  • Jerry says:

    The Kyocera Loft phone for Virgin has a full qwerty keyboard, looks like a Blackberry (2.2″ screen) and has a lot of other features, without the $10 Beyond Talk plan surcharge. List price is $70, but it was on sale this past week at Radio Shack for $30! (sold-out before sale ended 12/24). Looks like one can still be found new elsewhere for around $40-$50. Not the best phone, but great for the money.

  • Kendra says:

    The best advice I can give is DON’T DO IT! I have not even had my phone for 5 hours and it already does not work and customer service has hung up on me 4 times. One of the times they actually told me I should call Walmart for help. I did as a last resort and Walmart said they don’t even sell Virgin Mobile. One person said they could not return my phone unless I tried to get it fixed first and that they were transfering me to their technical support dept…then they hung up. Worst experience ever!

    • Jake says:

      You are allowed to return your phone for any reason for up to one week after purchasing, as long as you take it to the place you purchased your phone.

      If you purchased your phone from Wal-mart, they were the one’s giving you the run around, not Virgin. They were admitting you had a bad phone, and encouraged you to replace it.

      • Stephen says:

        I purchased mine from wal-mart. After that one broke, I called Virgin Mobile’s tech support and they gave me the 5 after the walmart one came straight from Virgin Mobile’s offices. So they both suck.

    • Abie says:

      If my job was answering a phone to help folks solve their problems and they were rude, raining on my day, I may take a little joy in sending a storm of problems their way. I would get paid the same whether you liked how things turned out or not. Your experience makes it sound like you are a rude dude!

  • Cho says:

    Do I have to get the beyond talk plan to activate the lg rumor touch? or can I just keep my old pay-as-you-go plan for the lg rumor touch?

    • Joe says:

      No, you have to have the beyond talk plan.

      • Vmobile & FB Fan says:

        You Could Go On The beyond talk plan For A Bit Then Call Them Up And Tell Em’ You Want To Go To The Pay-As-You-Go Plan (Of your choice) and they’ll do it right there and then.

        You’ll be switched over within an 30 to 40 minutes!

        Call VMobile and give them all your account info (10 mins)


        VMobile’s Computers do what they do (20 – 30 mins)


        Your on the pay-as-you-go plan that you wanted!!!

  • Charles says:

    LG never was a mobile phone maker and they have all hardware and software engineering problems. They are loosing the market progressively, as they experiment customer’s money for making a better mobile and not their own engineering…!!

    I had two bad experiences and I couldn’t do anything about it. I never heard that this could happen with Nokia or Samsung products… I’m frustrated and I truly think that they have to stop making mobile phone… They have to leave job to the companies who are able to handle it. Who leaves the job of a mason to a plumber? Of course LG… Don’t buy their phones anymore…!!

  • Jimmy says:

    I have been with VM since 01 and was never real happy but did not use the minutes. My phone broke recently. It was Christmas Season so I ordered a Wild Card for $20.00 which included a free month @$30.00. Nice phone but lousy voice reception. Plan includes 1500 minutes, 500 text, 10 mb of internet. I have used 255 minutes of talk time, 300 text & 1. mb of net. Will top up for one more month, then try the lg900g on net 10 and make a final decision. Not much of a phone user but do want clear reception. BTW: I am in the Portland, Or. area.

    Would like to hear what others have experienced w/ Net10 or VM in this area.

  • Chris says:

    Girlfriend and I were being charged $120/mo for 2 phones with 1500/t unl/text&pix no data and service in our area about 30 miles north of Denver and east of Boulder sucks. Can’t use phones inside the house except for occasional text, to talk outside gotta restart the phone to get better signal. Cancelled service, got Virgin Mobile Kyocera Loft phones, black friday deals through Radio Shack for $30 each and have the $25 beyond talk plans. Setup was slow; took a full 24 hours for hers to be activated. If you’re porting a number to VM, don’t activate the phone online, call them. The website and packaging doesn’t cover this but if you activate online first, they have to reverse the credit card charge when you call; goofy but it’s how they work. Call center was in Nicaragua, at least it’s on this side of the world, eh? Nice folks but don’t get them talking about life in Managua or they’ll get mixed up and screw up your order.

    Service is about the same as it was with Sprint, which I expected. The phone is severely disabled, cannot watch Youtube, can’t stream music, can’t grab most stuff off web. You can use a picture you took for the wallpaper but not directly, it’s a 2 step process. You can make a custom ringtone but it’s a pain in the ass process which involves upgrading Opera on your phone and sending an mp3 file to a web based email service and then saving the file.

    Still, $52 instead of $122 (and the $122 was without data) is the shit. I can’t wait to upgrade to an android phone through this service.


  • Supercap says:

    I bought the Samsung Intercept Android phone ($170) for my daughter on the $25/month plan. Good Phone, no contract, great plan.

  • FinnStar says:

    godness m, this sounds like a nightmare…phone nightmare. I really fell for you, it’s so important to have cellphone you can trust and a company that supplies good customer service. I swtiched to Straight Talk and their service and coverage is great. It also works on the verizon network or att acording to the area you live they will supply the network that gives you the best coverage and it’s also prepaid for only $45 a month you get unlimited service.

  • Mike says:

    Trying to join Virgin Mobile has been a BAD experience for me.
    First the 1229 Silas Creek Pwy, Winston-Salem, 27127 Radio Shack rep. sold me the phone with the knowledge that I wanted to keep my old number, but activated the phone without doing such.
    I get to the parking lot, call a friend and he tells me I have a different number. So I go back into the store and an hour later I leave having spent $200 but still using my Verizon phone, with the understanding that my phone should be working with my number “soon”.
    Called 888-322-1122, Virgin customer service, several hours later only to find the genius at Radio Shack had given the them wrong Verizon account number, so I correct that with the rep. and was told it should be working “soon”.
    Next evening, like 25 hours later, the phone switches over but is telling me I need to add money.I go online to try and resolve the problem but the phone number and password Radio Shack provided me wouldn’t work. So I set up a Google account online, to use their sweet phone dialer to call Virgin cutomer service, but much to my surprise, closed at night. Can you believe that? A company this size providing cell service closed at night.
    Well here I am with no phone at all, except of course I can dial out on the net, but no thanks to Virgin Mobile.
    I read all the bad reviews and said “nooo that wont happen to me”.
    Yeah, Get you some!
    Oh yeah, and the Optimus phone sucks. No connection, and you can watch the battery meter drop.

    • angel_boy says:

      it sounds like your problems started with radio shack- and virgin mobile had trouble correcting what radio shack screwed up. don’t blame virgin mobile for radio shack screwing up

  • zollar says:

    Checking Virgin Mobile’s website the offer 2 phones under $200.
    the LG Optimus v and Samsung Intercept and others.You dont have to but a Blackberry.
    They both can both can used with the beyond Talk plan.

  • Mark says:

    Now they have a new cell phone Lg optimus V. And its only 150$!!!
    So you don’t have to pay 10$ more like on Black Berry!! And still pay 25$ a month!!! Awesome!!!

  • drew says:

    The absolute worse. Had to e-mail twice and call to have internet activated. Told phone didn’t have capabilities it did. Phone is stuck in “Canada” zone so many US sites with vids, etc. won’t run. Oh well…only paying extra for unlimited data. Any other company and it would be considered a scam.

  • Dave says:

    The phone wouldn’t activate. Support kept telling me it was activated. They couldn’t understand that it said “device not active”. I spent a day trying to fight thru the language barrier. The phones on their side were breaking up and one rep clomplained about problems with the phone he was using. They wouldn’t take the phone back until I disputed my credit card charge. I have to pay to ship the defective phone it back to them amd then maybe I’ll get a refund. If they sent me a free phone I wouldn’t use it because their suppport is so bad I won’t rely on them.

  • corey says:

    Best Buy is running promotions for the Optimus, which is definitely a good alternative, it’s at least a solid phone. Still $120, but a new android phone with all of the pros as earlier.

    And also, Virgin Mobile is on the Sprint Network, which does not use SIM card technology.

  • Tom says:

    I just got a LG opitmus V from virgin mobile about 3 weeks ago, the $ 25.00 month was a good enticement to buy a smart phone.. the Service seems to be ok and I like the phone, but the problem was trying to get the virgin mobile, sort of rude, live adviser to port my number from net10.. I went back and forth with them several times giving all the correct info and they never got it completed. Not to say that I had to call to find out what was the status because they wouldn’t even let me know that the porting wasn’t going thru. I was never able to find out if net10 didn’t want to release the number or if virgin mobile did even bother to send the request, since everytime I talked to them it seemed like they didn’t care. Oh Well, I finally sent them both a frustrated e-mail, ( No response at all ) and activated the phone with a different number, but not before trying at least two times on their website and having to still go thru the freaking live adviser to complete it. I will use their service for awhile to see if it is better than their costumer service. This is my first review on any company, but it looks like that we as costumer have lost all the respect and good service from most of these greedy USA companies. Boy! is so hard to be satisfied nowadays with any company or product.. Oh Man, where are we going from here?!! REVOLUTION?? technology is being made to evolve as evil.. as I read all those reviews about anything , I wander where can we get those old feelings of happiness from buying anything? Thanks for reading.. lets buy less and less from those companies.

  • Gina says:

    Actually att go phone with text also sent the texts over 3-5 times randomly in 24hours. That is why I’m on this site reviewing virgin m. So if that is not something you enjoyed, don’t go with att. It pissed me off so bad since It depleted my text message count for the month, I had to get another type of service, no more att ever.

  • Stephen G. says:

    I had the LG Rumor 2 from Virgin Mobile for not even 1 month. After 1 month the LG Rumor 2 started up and stopped at the load up page that says “HELLO”. I immediately called Virgin Mobile Tech. Support and Tech. Support said that my phone was defective and Virgin Mobile would send me my new LG Rumor 2 overnight at no cost to me. I got the Virgin Mobile Rumor 2 the next day. Then I had to call tech support again because that phone was defective after 2 weeks. I ended my service with them after they had sent me 4 or 5 phones and all of them with the same problem. Virgin Mobile Tech. Support was very unreliable and unhelpful. I have had nothing but problems with Virgin Mobile’s Technical Support. If you ask me DO NOT go with Virgin Mobile as a provider. I have had Verizon now for about 6 to 7 months with no problems what-so-ever with my phone. I SAY GET VERIZON PREPAID.

  • James III says:

    Does anyone have the answer to my question? i want to get the beyond talk plan. But I dont want to pay $200 for a phone. So, can i buy any Virgin mobile phone and use it. No one can give me a straight answer.

    • Red Oscar says:

      @James To answer your question, you can use any VM phone that is configured for their BeyondTalk plan. Most of their flip phones are for their PayLo plans, and these won’t work with BeyondTalk. However, if you are diligent, you might find an older model phone at Walmart, Target, Meijer, etc on clearance that are BeyondTalk phones. Just yesterday, I saw an older LG phone at Meijer on the clearance rack for $37 that was for the BeyondTalk service. This can get you started with your service, then, when you are able and want a nicer phone, you can purchase any other of their phones designed for the BeyondTalk plan. Maybe one day we will see the Optimus V on the clearance rack for under $100. Technology moves fast and good hardware falls out of favor very quickly. Still, I don’t mind using yesterday’s technology if the price is right.


      • Vmobile & FB Fan says:

        You CAN buy a filp phone, use PayLo for 3 or 4 months,

        Then Call Them Up And Tell Em’ You Want To Go To The BeyondTalk plan (Of your choice) and they’ll do it right there and then.

        You’ll be switched over within an 30 to 40 minutes!

        Call VMobile and give them all your account info (10 mins)


        VMobile’s Computers do what they do (20 – 30 mins)


        Your on the BeyondTalk plan that you wanted!!!

  • Miles says:

    What about entertainment on their plans? Do they provide some credits for ringtones, graphics, videos downloads? I’m thinking of moving to them from Verizon and just making some research before I do that.

    • Red Oscar says:

      @Miles….I’m not entirely clear about your question regarding “credits” for ringtones, graphics, etc. If you purchase one of Virgin Mobile’s Android phones, then you can download from the Android Market whatever you desire. If I want ringtones or graphics, I download from the internet and install them to the SD card for use. Your monthly plan money does not go towards the purchase of ringtones, graphics, etc. That money is for your plan minutes and unlimited text and data usage. Hopefully you can find more than enough free entertainment from the Android Market and the web. That stuff if what you get from the “Unlimited Data” part of the plan.

      And for a “heads-up”, Virgin Mobile will soon add a third Android phone to their lineup. They currently have the Samsung Intercept and LG Optimus V. They are soon to add the Motorola Triumph to their BeyondTalk plans. Hopefully pricing and availability to be announce in the near future. It sounds like a pretty sweet addition.


    • Stephen says:

      Don’t waste your time trying to do that unless your getting reimbursed for all the time and money you spend on it. See my comment above for my explanation. It was posted March 19th at 1:12am EDT

  • Stephen says:

    @Miles. I would stay with Verizon because I had the $25 unlimited everything per month plan and I was constantly on the phone with Virgin Mobile’s stupid tech support. I would get cut off because they hung up, not able to understand the tech support people, went through 5 phones because the phone kept freezing, finally I had enough and told them “you can get me a Rumor Touch because this Rumor 2 is a piece of crap.” they replied “we can’t do that sir but we can get you a completely different phone called the Kyocera” I said “ok let’stry that.” When I call to activate my phone afterwards they asked me “is there anything else I can do for you today.” I told them I wanted credit for the 3 days and nights that I could not use a phone. Then they never gave me any credit for that phone or any other phones that broke on me. So I used up the rest of my month with them. At this time I had been with Virgin Mobile for 3 months and I went straight to the Verizon prepaid plan. I’ve had Verizon for 9months today. I haven’t had to call customer service at all or if I did it was because I forgot to pay them for the next month on prepaid. I am very satisfied with everything about Verizon. But, I had Straight Talk for about 3months and had the same problems as I had with Virgin Mobile. Overall, I would saystick with Verizon even if it’s an experiment with Virgin Mobile unless someone is going to reimburse you for everything you pay to them.

  • deziree says:

    yup . vmobile sucks . been on here for 4 years . customer service is horrible and the phones aree too expensive . there had only been one group that really help me which was the one they send you over to when you have too many problems .. i forget the name of it though . but bryson was the most helpful . for anyone who is thinkin of joinin DONT DO IT . id say get boostmobile . my bf uses it and it was originally $50 unlimited everything but soon as you pay your bill on time it drops . he now pays either $45 or $30 for it . and he gets great service like me . good luck anyone using vmobile it sucks . and they dont let you do anythimg with personalixing your fone . cant even hack it . i have the rumor 2 …

  • Spexster says:

    I’ve bought an Optimus V phone for both my wife and myself, and after one month I cannot complain and have nothing but high marks for VM. I left Cingular/ATT after 9 years to make my move to VM after LOTS of shopping around. WHY?

    > An upgrade on ATT for phones, data and text would have ended up costing double what I was paying for voice service ONLY.(approx $65 a month for 2 phones, 700 minutes)
    > Most phone companies dont have a decent 4G system where I live, so why pay extra for 4G and a 4G phone when the service is NOT available yet?
    > Sprint would have been my best bet, but still would have cost almost $150.00 for our 2 phones including tethering for 1 phone, including my wife’s corporate discount
    > Sprints no-contract arm is who??? Virgin Mobile of course. (BTW, Boost Mobile is a Sprint company too, last time I checked)
    > My wife talks very little so she has the $25 plan, I use mine more so I have the $40 plan. Total $65 for 1500 minutes, unlimited data, and unlimited texts.
    >Sound familiar? It should because Sprints $129.99 a month plan includes 1500 minutes. Add in $20 for two 4G enabled phones that work at 3G speeds where I live and you’re at $150 a month
    > Porting problems? It took about an hour to get both of my phones ported
    > Billing problems? Buy top-up cards and do it online, you’ll save the cost of taxes doing it that way. Who even CALLS customer service for a top up anyway? All this can be handled online
    >Customer service problems? Those guys actually were great. They gave me a few hints regarding my service. Did you know that the guys at the retail stores get a comission for activating your phone?
    >” Connection problems”, “webpage won’t load” problems? Check your settings- this phone has so many features that you are probably disabling things without knowing it.
    > This phone has so many features I can’t even mention all of them here.
    > I realize that the “youth” market is the target of VM, but I’m 51 and this is my first smartphone and I’m sold. I use ALL of the features: talk, data, and now even texts, which I never used before 😀

    I have a feeling that most of these complaints are actually customer’s problems and are due to their failure to understand the TOCs or even the basic operation of the phones. Thats IMHO!

    • Stephen says:

      Give them a couple months, you’ll have NOTHING good to say about them! Guarantee!

      • Red Oscar says:

        @Stephen…..Personally, I have to disagree with you. I’ve been a Virgin Mobile customer for over 7 years, and have had nothing but good luck with them. My adult children switched to VM from AT&T several months ago and they too have had great results.

        My experience with Virgin Mobile has been so good that we recently pulled the plug on our AT&T landline service after over 30 years. Like Spexter above, I’m not the target Virgin Mobile customer (I turn 60 in a few months). But for great service at a reasonable price, I don’t think you can beat Virgin Mobile.


        • Stephen says:

          Most things like the phone breaking, constantly dropping calls (and I live in the business district), phone locking by itself, services being unavailable when your at your own house where you have coverage, not accepting top up cards (activated) they have or credit/debit cards they say they’ll take, passwords, hacked acct, or Virgin Mobile taking money out of your account when you DON’T have anything for them to be taking money out of the account for (including monthly fees). Those are all problems I had w/ my phone or acct that I had to call them up and give them my info 200million times. If you’re smart you won’t get Virgin Mobile go to Verizon Prepaid sure it’s $50 for unlimited web, text, calling to anyone in the US but that’s just $5 more for a service that I’ve been overly satisfied with. It’s worth the extra $5. If you don’t call or go on the web that much just get the $20 unlimited texting to anyone in the US and you pay 99€ when you use the web. Check verizon out I know they say it’s a $1.99 but it’s not really 99cents. The plan I have is 99cents for calling/web access per day I use it.

          • Spexster says:

            I just visited Verizon’s website for pricing info and there is no $50 plan shown. From what I see the monthly charge is $95 dollars a month for unlimted calling and text but no data. Add in $30.00 a month for data. Add in a $30 activation fee. There are a couple less expensive options but for very few minutes of calling time.

            If I want to pay $125 a month I’ll go with Sprint for TWO phones. Customer comments on Verizon’s prepaid plan indicate that it is by far the most expensive prepaid plan out there.

            No thanks.

          • Stephen says:

            Spexster: you weren’t looking at prepaid!!!! Look at their prepaid plans. You never buy data plans for Verizon Prepaid.

          • Stephen says:

            Go to:


            If you don’t get what you want there i’d call or visit your verizon (the big one)

  • Daniel says:

    Hi, I’m considering switching to Virgin Mobile, so I’ve been reading reviews to see if that would be a good choice. Many people seem to dislike calling the customer service. Well isn’t there an online way of doing it? Can’t you fill some form and have any problems addressed online? I’m pretty sure you can, and seeing how many people hate calling the customer service representatives, that might be a better idea. The email will probably be sent to the same people, but its not like that matters, because there’s no language barrier. (I’m sure the customer service people can figure out how to copy and paste the text into an online translator.)

    Well I wouldn’t even know if that could work, but it seems a lot more sensible than calling them…

    • G.E. Miller says:

      To that point, I’ve never come across a telecom company with rave reviews. They are all hated by many vocal critics.

    • Stephen says:

      Most things like the phone breaking, constantly dropping calls (and I live in the business district), phone locking by itself, services being unavailable when your at your own house where you have coverage, not accepting top up cards (activated) they have or credit/debit cards they say they’ll take, passwords, haclked acct, or Virgin Mobile taking money out of your account when you DON’T have anything for them to be taking money out of the account for (including monthly fees). Those are all problems I had w/ my phone or acct that I had to call them up and give thdm my info 200million times. If you’re smart you won’t get Virgin Mobile go to Verizon Prepaid sure it’s $50 for unlimited web, text, calling to anyone in the US but that’s just $5 more for a service that I’ve been overly satisfied with. It’s worth the extra $5. If you don’t call or go on the web that much just get the $20 unlimited texting to anyone in the US and you pay 99€ when you use the web. Check verizon out I know they say it’s a $1.99 but it’s not really 99cents. The plan I have is 99cents for calling/web access per day I use it.

    • Red Oscar says:

      @Daniel……In my 7 years with Virgin Mobile, I’ve had to call their customer service twice. Both my problems were self-inflicted but resolved quickly. A friend of my son recently signed up with VM. For some reason, his 3g service failed to activate. Voice and texting worked fine, but he had no data service. That this occurred on the July 4th weekend didn’t help, but within 48 hours of his contacting their Customer Care people, they had the problem all straightened out. He now seems to be a very happy Virgin Mobile user. I ask my son all the time how Ryan is liking his Optimus V, and he says he just loves the phone and the great deal he gets with Virgin Mobile.

      I don’t care how much @Stephen hates Virgin Mobile. I have never had a problem I couldn’t fix myself or that the customer service people didn’t get corrected in a timely fashion. Now that I have dropped my landline, I have fully committed my telephone service to Virgin Mobile. To me, that’s putting my money where my mouth is.


    • Diane says:


      Save yourself hours of frustration and speaking to people who you can barely understand who promise to fix your problems but never do. DONT DO IT! I bought my daughter one last week and she cant send or receive texts. Their customer service is beyond bad!! It is absolutely not worth the headache!!! I HATE VIRGIN MOBILE!

      • Billy says:

        Ummm…. any reason you just didn’t exchange the phone where you bought it at if there were problems? That would seem like the easiest approach. I guess complaining weeks later works too…

  • Jake says:

    I have had that experience with every company I elected to “auto Pay.” Now I know better. Call them up once a month, and take 2 minutes to purchase the next month’s worth of services.

  • Billy says:

    Seriously… your a troll right? No one can honestly be that stupid I hope. Lets see… so far you have a $50 unlimited verizon plan, a $20 unlimited texting plan, A $25 unlimited Verizon plan… How many phones exactly do you own from verizon? Your problems with Virgin mobile were self inflicted…I can tell from your posts your the kind of user who can’t dial his phone without customer service holding his hand. 99% of your problems could have been solved online in two minutes if you had a clue what you were doing. Tech support is only 1/2 the equation it relies on the other person having at least an average IQ to understand whats going on. After reading your posts I wouldn’t sell you a phone where the settings menu was accessible. Virgin Mobile rocks. All my friends are on it. If you know anything about phones there is no where else you can get a deal like this. Well except for Stephen who pays whatever he wants to for his Verizon bill this month. It’s a great company, and if your in a sprint area the service is excellent. There will always be lemon phones no matter what company or carrier, it happens… no big deal you exchange it. If it keeps happening then the problem probably isn’t the phone (cough cough STEPHEN)

  • Momma says:

    I am an older lady (54 this year). I work from home and, while I do travel, it’s not regular beyond yearly/bi-yearly vacations. I used to have Net10 and was fine with that. But sending/receiving pictures and connecting to FB proved a failure with their basic phones that held the capability. We have grandchildren that we like to get and send pictures of. Three days ago, I got a VM phone at Target. I paid 130.00 for a Samsung Intercept.I signed up for their unlimited, 35 dollar, monthly plan and am very satisfied with it so far. I am not accustomed to a touch screen so got the slider keayboard. No need! I haven’t even used it for my texts! I am using the touch screen far easier than I thought I could. Haven’t tried pics yet but that will happen this weekend. I do not work for VM so have no horse in this race, however, as a professional SEM copywriter, I DO know the benefit of good and honest advertising. Especially online word of mouth from consumers. If, after a month or so, there are other odd charges, broken services which were promised or other shenanigans… I will come back online at each and every consumer site I see and relay that information as well. But, so far, I am happy with this service and the phone. 🙂

    • Spexster says:


      Amen to that! It’ been a few months for our two phones with no problems AND we’ve recommended the phone and/or service to family and friends and they too have had similar success.

      My only gripe is how phone price keep dropping! I just saw the new HTC available at both Best Buy and Radio Shack….ugh! MY phone isn’t even broken in yet but damnnnn…….i want a new one already. Maybe I’ll pass the “gently used” Optimus down to my 13 year old. 😀

      • Red Oscar says:

        @Spexter….Personally, I’d hang on to the Optimus V, it’s just a great little phone. I can’t see where the Wildfire S and Optimus Slider are that much better, and worth the extra phone cost. These new handsets have the same screen resolution, so you get no improvement there. I know the Wildfire S has Gingerbread, but is that really worth the money of buying a new phone?

        If you really want a bigger phone, either go for the Triumph, or wait to see if the LG Marquee makes it to Virgin Mobile. Personally, I went for the Triumph on Cyber Monday and am waiting for the FedEx driver to deliver it to the house. Merry Christmas to me!

  • Red Oscar says:

    Personally, if I were you, I would return your Wildfire to the store for either a replacement or a refund. Anyone can get a bad handset. But it is also important to make sure you live in an area where Virgin has service. Virgin Mobile works on the Sprint network, but they have no roaming provisions. So if you live outside of Sprint’s native area of coverage, you’ll get no service regardless if your handset is good or not.

    I have no experience with the Wildfire S phone, but every person I know who uses the Optimus V (7 total including 2 that I own and use personally) have had no major issues with that handset. But again, you need to operate within the Sprint area of coverage, or no phone sold by Virgin Mobile will work. That’s just the way it is.

  • Sherrie says:

    I’m on my 3rd Samsung intercept and they want to send me a fourth. I use this phone for both personal and business. Because of the calls not coming in, voice-mails not received, lost/missing texts, inability to make or receive calls, days talking to Virgin-mobile; I have lost sales and business, not to mention the cost of my time dealing with this awful company. The reps are ill-mannered, incompetent, unable to listen, have no authority, are drones and ineffective. I have been disconnected 3 times when requesting a manager. I refuse to take a 4th phone of the same type. I’ve paid phone insurance since 2010 about $120, then had to pay a $65 deductible for 1st replacement (by the way the Intercept was $200 when I bought it; it now cost $ do the math). I requested another phone where I could use the $65 towards an upgrade…since their phone WON’T work. The upgrade cost $200…so if the $65 was used I would still be giving them $135 more. However, that was not an option. Of course, I will take my business elsewhere. Found Straight-talk $45 unlimited everything plan LG Optimus Q $180. DON’T get sucked into the propaganda that Virgin-mobile is the only one.

  • Stephen T says:

    HTC wildfire has many problems i agree but the live advisers always hang up. you can reset the phone without loosing your contacts by typing in ##847446# this will bring you to the set up menu from there you click done on the screen and then power off your phone take out the battery wait 15 seconds and the phone should be reset when you power it back on hope this helps ive had a phone like this with VM from similar problems but it was a earlier flip phone if anything i would go with the LG Optimous V i own one and they dont have problems at all and ive owned it for about 3 months now Hope the reset code Helps You 🙂

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