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Virgin Mobile Price Increases by 40%: A Sad Day for Cheap Data Plans

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Is this the day the cheap data plan died?

I had been keeping an eye on the Virgin Mobile Beyond Talk plan for the last year. At a prepaid $25 per month for 300 talk minutes, unlimited text, and unlimited (albeit throttled) data it was a relative bargain over the $15 a month for 150 minutes on Net10, with no data plan.

To sweeten the deal, Virgin Mobile started adding Android phones to their lineup. The first few Android devices they offered were fairly weak. First there was the Samsung Intercept and then there was the LG Optimus V – both low end Android’s.

But then came rumors that Virgin Mobile was going to be offering a legit Android – the Motorola Triumph Android – with a 1GHz processor, 4.1″ touchscreen, and 5 MP camera.

I was <this> close to justifying the move.

Then Virgin Mobile actually announced they were, in fact, offering the Motorola Triumph.

virgin mobile price increase

Unfortunately, they would also be raising prices by $10 per month for EVERYONE.

My heart was broken.

Just when I thought that maybe, just maybe there’s a telecom company out there trying to throw you a bone… they raise prices. By 40%. When you add the $299 price of the Triumph – $12.50/mo. pro-rated over two years, that kicks up your price close to $50/mo.

To their credit, it looks like it was not a bait and switch move for existing customers. If you got in with the $25 price plan, you get to keep it for now. And even at $35/mo. this is still the cheapest talk/text/data plan out there.

But for those of us who hate monthly subscription expenses and were on the fence about justifying the expense of a smartphone data plan, this might have been the final nail in the coffin.

I’ll stick with my Net10 LG 900G.

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  • Leigh says:

    Some carriers will allow you to use wi-fi only with no data plan. I bought my phone outright and then did that with T-Mobile prepaid for awhile. Considering that I have wi-fi at home and at work, that was a good compromise and way to avoid paying for a data plan.

  • Shaun Carter says:

    I am also struggling with trying to find a cheaper alternative to my current Verizon plan. It seems that prices continuing increasing but the amount of service received in the form of minutes and data are on the decline.

    • G.E. Miller says:

      This is true. And honestly, with mobile, I can see why. Data usage has skyrocketed and there are high demands on faster speeds which requires significant upgrades in infrastructure.

      The broadband industry is the exact opposite… declining use as people switch more to mobile and infrastructure that hasn’t been upgraded in decades. THEY should be lowering prices, not increasing them.

  • Salman Khan says:

    I was a loyal AT&T customer since 2002 and was getting 450 minutes per month with unlimited data & 200 text messages for $58/mo.

    During that long period, I was using a dumbphone and was satisfied with the service.

    That long relationship ended 2 months ago when I purchased a smartphone outright (paid full price) and starting using it. AT&T immediately sent me a text message congratulating me on the smartphone but stating that they have provisioned me on a 2GB plan for $25 per month.

    I called and called AT&T asking them to revert me back to the old plan but they would not listen. I was upset and called them to terminate my account.

  • Hillary says:

    Here’s a trick for all of you. I switched to VM a few weeks ago. When selecting your plan online, search for a link that says “Can’t find your plan? Click here.” The old plans magically appear. I talked to a VM rep…he says they are EXACTLY the same. Not sure if the link will disappear in a few months or not though.

  • dm0043 says:

    I am in the same boat as you. I had actually ordered my LG Optimus V back on the 27th, before I realized Virgin Mobile had increased their prices. I went to their website to get some info on the activation process when I noticed their plans had gone up. I was a bit confused at first since I had just been there maybe a week before, so I googled it and sure enough, they had gone up just a week before. I cancelled my order promptly.

    For me, an Android phone is a cool thing to have, but is not essential. I pay about 13 dollars a month for my Tracfone (400 minutes, 3 months of service, plus bonus minutes as well). I was willing to go up to $25 a month, but not $35. It’s not that I can’t afford it, but I feel that there are better ways to spend my money and I don’t really use my cell phone often enough to justify the cost of the phone and the increased monthly bill.

    I ordered an LG 500G for 16 dollars and just stuck with Tracfone instead. It does what I need and is cheap.


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