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The 2 Financial Benefits that Every Veteran Should Receive

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This is a slightly belated post in the spirit of awareness around Veteran’s Day. Thank you to all the brave men and women who have served our country.

Volunteering their Lives

Our Veterans volunteer their lives (while in the prime of their lives) doing jobs that nobody else wants to do. Veterans do receive some nice benefits during and upon completion of their service, including paid housing, tuition assistance, and pension benefits.

But it’s not enough.

veteran financesMy grandfather is a WW1 Vet and was able to succeed in his civilian life afterward and receive a pension from his employer. Sadly, there are many Veterans that are not as fortunate. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs estimates that on any given night, 131,000 U.S. Veterans are homeless. This is disappointing in so many ways. At the very least, there are two things that our government should be covering for every veteran who has completed their agreed upon service.

The 2 Financial Benefits Every Vet Should Receive

1. Medical Insurance for Life: Why should any man or woman ever have to pay a dime for treatment for mental and physical problems that result from their service? EVERYTHING should be covered.

2. No Income Tax: Veterans have paid their debt to our country and in the process, have given up some of their prime wage earning years. It is a crime that they are required to pay income tax at all. They should at least get a hefty veteran’s tax credit each year.

What can you do?

1. Contact the White House to give your thoughts on the treatment and benefits for our veterans.

2. Do the same at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

3. Contact your local congressman or congresswoman to advocate on behalf of Veterans.

Veteran Finance Discussion:

  • Are you a close friend or family member of a Veteran who has had trouble adjusting to civilian life after service? Share your story.
  • What benefits do you think Veteran’s should receive?
  • Give your thanks to the brave men and women who serve our country.

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  • Jeff Walden says:

    I agree soldiers should be well compensated, but I disagree with both suggested benefits. It seems more than reasonable to continue to cover service-related issues; armed service involves voluntary, deliberate exposure to non-incidental dangers of a sort not found in most other professions, with little adjustment in the remainder of compensation. However, to extend this forever, to any injury no matter how unrelated to service or how attenuated the connection might be, seems an over-entitlement. (This is not to say that previously-promised benefits can or should ever be abrogated. Government should be as responsible for the obligation of contracts as private business, even if that is not always the case.) As for freedom from income tax, I simply don’t see the clear connection between service and freedom from the income tax.

    All of that said, soldiers do their work voluntarily (drafts excepted, and on that issue there is agreement among at least a strong minority, if not majority, that they are a bad idea except in extremes; economists are actually relatively united in opposition to the draft). They choose to receive market wages for their service, and if they are unsatisfied there are numerous other jobs available.

    On a side note, any serious consideration of the questions and arguments raised here simply must consider those raised by Heinlein’s Starship Troopers as well. The issues touched upon there are somewhat orthogonal but still quite relevant to the issues in play in this post.

  • agency says:

    Lets not forget that while the government is giving them free food, room, and board that they are getting paid a salary for their duty. Its just doesnt seem right to join for no more than 4 years and get free taxes for life.


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