Open Enrollment is Over. What if I Need Insurance NOW?
Wed, 04/16/14 | 3 Comments

One of the biggest selling points of the Affordable Care Act was that it would allow millions who previously had not had insurance to get affordable insurance through a public health insurance exchange. The biggest …

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Forget Dave Ramsey, 5 Ways I’ve Used Credit Cards to Better My Advantage
January 4, 2008 | 82 Comments
Forget Dave Ramsey, 5 Ways I’ve Used Credit Cards to Better My Advantage

The Dave Ramsey Credit Card Philosophy
I know Dave Ramsey and many financial gurus would crucify me for saying this: ‘keep your credit card’. Key emphasis on the singular. Let me explain. The average American household …

An Intro Guide to 401K’s
December 31, 2007 | No Comment
An Intro Guide to 401K’s

The Importance of 401(k)’s
More and more companies are doing away with pension plans, and very few employees who have just entered the workforce will ever see one (consider yourself lucky if you have one). I …

What is a Mutual Fund?
December 30, 2007 | 3 Comments
What is a Mutual Fund?

2014 update to readers: while mutual funds are great, and it is worth your time to learn about them, I have now become a big fan of passive index investing through ETF’s
Definition of a Mutual … Has Launched!
December 29, 2007 | 2 Comments Has Launched!

I am hungry to get into the ‘meat and potatoes’ financial topics, so please excuse me while I get philosophical on this, the first post on What makes an ‘expert’ in anything? And at …

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