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Net10 LG900G Review: A No-Contract “Smartphone” for Under $40?

Last updated by on January 5, 2014

This past week I upgraded from an old-school Net10 Motorola W375 flip phone (think first gen. Razr) to the new Net10 LG900G. I’ve praised Net10 a lot on the site before for their low cost, prepaid, no-contract plans. I’m guessing a few readers followed my lead in switching away from the bad guys and their early termination fees, so I thought I’d give a review of the new phone – which due to a possible quirk and special pricing at the moment, could actually result in a free upgrade for you right now.

Why review one single phone from Net10? Because it’s a brand new no-contract, full QWERTY, mp3, digital camera, web-enabled phone for less than $30! It’s probably the best phone they have, and it comes at a great price. It might just be the missing link that allows you to have cheap cell phone service without looking like too much of an intentionally cheap jackass.

Net10 LG900G Snapshot

Although it claims to be a “smartphone” in that it can multi-task and is web-enabled, I would not label the LG900G as a smartphone (which, in my opinion, should be reserved for phones with nimble and easy web functionality). It’s a full QWERTY keyboard phone (one of two offered by Net10) with very strong functionality for the price. To my knowledge, these are brand new and not refurbished phones.

Features & Accessories

net10 lg 900g reviewThe LG 900G has the following features:

  • Full QWERTY keyboard
  • 2.0 megapixel camera, capable of taking video
  • Bluetooth compatible
  • MP3 player
  • FM radio
  • 1GB built-in-memory (expandable up to 4GB with microSD)
  • Web browser
  • Headphone jack
  • GSM quad-band
  • MMS/text-messaging
  • Speakerphone

Note that the phone only comes with a wall charger, SIM card, and battery. If you want to take advantage of the MP3 player, you’ll need to purchase the standard USB phone cord. It also does not come with a microSD card. The phone does have 1GB of internal memory, so you might not need the SD card if you don’t have an extensive mp3 library.

Appearance & Feel

It definitely has a Blackberry look and feel to it. Pretty stylish compared to other non-smart phones. The one big difference from a Blackberry in key functionality is that it does not have a touch or ball pointing device, like most Blackberry’s. Rather, it has a standard left, right, up, down directional keypad. The keyboard is backlit, if you were wondering.

It has a mid-weight feel to it and fits nicely in my medium-sized hand. Despite the low price, it doesn’t look or feel cheap. The keys and casing plastic are pretty solid and seemingly durable, unlike the other Net10 QWERTY, the Samsung T401G.

LG 900G

The Pros with the LG 900G

Here are the pros that I’ve experienced with the 900G thus far:

  • MP3’s sound great, and the player and playlist functionality is good and very intuitive. I love that this phone has a standard headphone audio jack, so I don’t need any adapters or to purchase anything new.
  • Interface is intuitive, even if much less superior to iOS or Android.
  • Love the FM radio functionality. I’m a bus commuter, so I can vary it up from mp3’s. You can pre-set stations.
  • Phone clarity and connectivity is good thus far. I’ve never had a problem with Net10 on this.
  • Picture and video clarity is good.
  • Also has voice recording capabilities to record memos for yourself.
  • You can download javascript apps – has a ton of free apps.
  • Battery-life is strong. After a few days, I’ve only lost one of three bars.

Cons with the LG 900G

For the price, these are somewhat expected and petty concerns, but:

  • Web-browsing capabilities are limited, which is why I say it’s not truly a ‘smartphone’. The browser is slow and navigation with the native browser is clumsy.
  • Doesn’t come with a good manual, you’ll have to dig one up online for the LG 300GW (which launched in non-U.S. markets).
  • Pre-loaded apps and games. The 900G comes pre-loaded with FaceBook as the only app and just two games – Sodoku Cafe and WordAttack. Sure, you can get more for free, but pre-loaded app functionality is always nice.
  • Not voice activated.

Price & Availability

It does not appear that Net10 is selling this phone directly on their website any longer,  however, you can pick up a used version elsewhere and use it on Net10 still.

Plans & Free Upgrade:

This phone can be used on any of the Net10 plans – unlimited or not. I personally buy the 300 minute, 60-day plan for $30 ($15/month is ridiculously good). I’m planning on using the web functionality only when needed, since one minute of web = one minute reduction in minutes and one could speed through minutes pretty quick.

The Upgrade Trick: Get this. If you’re an existing Net10 customer and you transfer your time and minutes from your old phone, Net10 usually adds on a few extra minutes and they gave me 60 days of added airtime (which usually costs me $30). This means that if you are upgrading and you’re able to snatch up the phone for $35, you’re basically getting the phone for free! If you sell your old phone, you’ve made money. For a phone with this level of functionality, that is outstanding.

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  • Ron Ablang says:

    Thanks for the review. Is it locked to Net10’s network? Can it be easily unlocked to be used w/ T-Mobile or AT&T?

    • G.E. Miller says:

      Not sure, Ron. Net10 runs on Verizon’s network, from my understanding. However, not sure why you’d want to use a Net10 phone on another network since it is so much cheaper than other networks (unless you were stuck with impending early termination fees).

      • Ron Ablang says:

        Well G.E. I like what I see w/ this very cheap smartphone but I currently have a pre-paid account w/ T-Mobile w/ over $175+ of prepaid minutes on it still, and have been using my very old Palm Treo 650 still, but I’d like to move to a newer phone I could have more fun with.

      • Mike Z says:

        GE- Net10 actually uses ATT and Verizon, which is great because you have a choice of whichever provides you with the greatest coverage where you need it.

      • Raven says:

        Do you know how to hide your phone number and stop the sound when pushing the buttons/ Would appreciate knowing. Thank you.

        • Dave K. says:

          Has been awhile since I used my LG900 (upgraded to an Android)…

          To hide your number,

          1. Click on the Recent Calls Icon.
          2. Scroll down to Settings.
          3. Select no. 2, “Send My Number”.
          4. Select no. 3, “OFF”.

          That should hide your number while making calls.

          To stop your keypad from sounding off while pressing…

          1. Click on Settings Icon.
          2. Select “Profiles”.
          3. From the Profile list, normal should be defaulted. Click the button under “Options”, select “Edit”.

          Scroll down until you come to the menu “Key Tone”. From there, you can decide what kind of keypad tone you’d want, or to completely turn it off. Once you’ve made your selection, just click “Done” and the setting should be saved.

          Hope this helps!

        • iamlegion says:

          to stop the keytone, go to profile, highlight normal profile (or which one it normally is on, and press “options”, and select edit. then scroll down to key tone sound, and using the left/right arrow, select no sound and click ok. then press done. hope this helps!

    • Al says:

      Don’t think that it can be unlocked and switch from CDMA to GSM. But, if you are asking about at&t and t-mobile, the GSM network is both of them together. In a sense, with a GSM you are already using both at the same time. Could be wrong though but almost positive.

    • Tove Ducharme says:

      Net10 actually runs off the AT&T Mobility network to be more precise.

  • George says:

    Thanks for this update. I am a Net 10 fan myself, having kicked the comtract habit for good. What I like about this is that you can have a web browsing phone at a really low cost, and if they bring out a better phone, you simply upgrade to that, at a much lower cost than the $100 and upwards that you would be spending on an I phone. As you say, Having the phone and web access for $15 a month is unbeatable.

  • Eleanor says:

    I wish all phones had such thorough reviews as this one for Net10, I can’t wait for tomorrow so that I can buy 3 of these phones for my teen kids and I. This is the answer for me because my kids have been nagging me for smart phones but I really can’t afford the $150’s and up prices for them. I’m also using Net10 and am happy with the cost of their plans and their reception, but when there is a sale on as cheap as this you have to take advantage of the specials fast to upgrade your phone and save money.

  • Jim Brye says:

    Good article with one exception. This phone is available at RadioShack of Suttons Bay, MI for $29.99, of course without any shipping charges. It is on sale from 2/6/2011 until 3/27.

  • Henry Leery says:

    Hey, I was looking on their website and I can only seem to buy this phone with the free month of unlimited service, am I right in assuming thats the only deal Net10 has for this phone? Don’t get me wrong its a great deal, but I kinda just want to get it with the 750 minutes monthly plan. Your response would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

  • Rich says:

    This phone is indeed a great phone for under $30.00 I agree that it isn’t a true smartphone but, if you are a gmail user the included app is decent. Also,this phone is quad GSM and uses AT&T or Tmobile’s network. The Samsung 355 the net10 offers is CDMA and uses Verizonwirless’ network. My nephew has the Samsung. It is also a good phone but, not nearly the same value as it is currently priced higher. I think it is $60.00 at Walmart. The Samsung’s MP3 functionality is superior to the LG’s in my opinion and it has voice dialing. However, the LG has a better QWERTY keyboard and is Java app capable. I could be happy with either but, purchased the LG because of it’s app capability. My local radio shack has the same sale on this phone that Jim Brye spoke of… 29.99 until 3/27.

  • T.Davis says:

    Great review of a great phone. I’ve been waiting for Net10 to get some more feature-packed phones for a while now. This one has pretty much everything I need, like you pointed out the browsing isnt as good as a true smartphone, but hey, look what you’re paying for it. So far this phone has been great, I really like that it has a headphone jack, I use it a lot for music and radio. Such great value for a good, and pretty near true, smartphone.

    • Kja says:

      It’s not really as good as you may think, though. I tried to trtansfer some of my phone info to the Net10 and it wouldn’t work. So I called the company and they told me that all of the information would be transfered in the next 72 hours. And I called them back again because none of it transfered. They told me it would take three months to get another phone, and I argued and argued until they decided they were going to give me an old Flip-phone. I disagreed and they just hung up on me. So, through my opionion, I am NOT a big fan of Net10.

      • Marv says:

        You are sooo correct. Customer service sucks. But if you can get through that I still like net 10. What I have learned is to never NEVER buy a net 10 phone online. Go down to a local radio shack or Sears and get one there. If they do not have the style you want you are out of luck. This is because only certain net 10 phones work in certain areas. If you get a phone online that ois not approved for your area you will spend weeks and dozens of phone calls to net 10 to get the phone/features set up. And in the end they may just sent you another phone that is approved for the area. This is what they did to me. Props to net 10 for sending me a free phone because of my screwup but they could have just told me in the first place.

  • Sussane9301 says:

    I was just wondering, but can the background be changed?

  • Mike says:

    Thanks for the review. We just bought the phone and 300min/60day at Best Buy. When activated we got 120 days of service with no upgrade from another phone. Wasn’t expecting it but glad to get it! Love Net10 and hope they don’t start playing games with the deals.


  • Kathleen says:

    I am moderately enthusiastic about my phone. So far, I have not been able to connect to anything successfully with the web browser, with 4 bars, and I want a browser that, if slow, at least works. The camera takes good pics and the other features are easy to use. I have had to call customer service twice to get the original codes fixed, hold times are about 30 min and the quality of info is questionable. Maybe others will have better luck.

    • Joe says:

      Use the Net10 FaceBook Support.
      The Support people there can and will work with you to solve any issue.
      They Are Great!!
      I just got a new LG900G, and they Ported my phone number from one StraightTalk phone I had been using, and transferred 1,300 minutes and 8 days from another Net10 phone I had ( and gave some additional minutes, and 60 additional days ) … And All this was accomplished in less than an hour.
      … try that, using Call In .. LOL

    • Chrisf says:

      Try the Opera Mini browser (or another that strikes your fancy). I got Opera Mini from and found I was actually able to BROWSE with it! I know! Imagine: browsing with a browser. Not so with the original built-in browser. You’ll see others here (Laurah, Kelly, Shamil, and more) recommending Opera Mini for this phone.

  • gina says:

    I just bought the phone for my daughter I’ve been running through the set up before giving it to her. 1st I must say the biggest annoyance of this phone is the fact that the browser button is millimeters away from the end button. And guess what, every time you hit that by accident (I’ve done it 4 times in the past hour of fooling around) you are charged 1minute!!!
    I was online with tech support and I’m so annoyed the tech didn’t know that this phone charges 1min for 1min of browser, he swears it was .5mn. Well after 4 tests (on my dime) he was wrong!! and they refused to compensate me! THANKS.
    Also he insisted there was a way to move the webrowser menu button but I think he was wrong.
    over all it is a great phone and my daughter will think she has something better than it is for a great price

  • Priscilla says:

    This LG900G is an absolute value for money bargain on the Net10 plan. I use the $25/750 minute Net10 plan which for medium use, works great with this phone and it’s also a great solution for henpecked parents who have kids begging for smart phones.

  • Christina says:

    I just got this phone a few weeks ago and i like it a lot. It has all the features that you would need on this phone. You can download a lot of cool apps on it and i have really enjoy it. It is easy to use and very affordable. I think it’s a vey nice phone and anyone would enjoy it. In my opinion it looks like a smart phone it has a ver glossy, nice look to it. It looks a lot like a Blackberry. It’s a very nice phone.

  • gustavo says:

    is about dam time that net10 came out with one of these phones. Look at it, it looks like it belongs on tmobile or something. Now i have been putting off switching to Net10 because of the phones but umm i think is about time i started saving some money, being that i am broke haha. But ahh man can’t wait to see how this phone works with the Verizon network and the unlimited $50/month plan. Just one thing left for net10 to do better there costumer service because is bad 🙂

    • Pat says:

      Yes, I’d agree that their customer service is bad .. not that they don’t seem like they want to help, but their understanding of the English language leaves a lot to be desired. I do like this phone a lot with the exception of battery life (don’t go too far away from a battery charger) and if you aren’t on the $50/month unlimited plan, you have to be very careful about hitting the “browser” button by mistake & having minutes deducted from your paid time. It’s a minute whether you mean it or not. Bad design in the placement of the browser key.

      • Chrisf says:

        Others mention the (idiotic, I think) placement of the browser button. I think I solved that by changing my home page to blank — about:blank or whatever it is for that browser. Well, you might not call it a “solution,” but it is at least a workaround! I can’t check the settings for the built-in browser because I switched to the Samsung T401G, so I have no service on the LG900G — and therefore it won’t let me start the built-in browser. And I don’t see a way to check its settings, either.

  • Angela says:

    Great review! I just bought the phone and Net 10 plan at Radio Shack :)…whenever I use the Facebook app, it has a connection problem..I will keep trying but I am wondering if I should delete app and you have any problems with that app?

    • Laurah says:

      1st facebook on the phone will load. It loaded after using the link and connecting with the connection code that is texted to the phone.
      2nd if the preloaded browser isn`t meeting you needs go to and download the operamini browser. Almost all sites will load without the issue of insufficient memory encountered in the normal browser.

      • Pat says:

        I’m new to “smart” phones & tried to put on the phone so I could download a variety of apps, but i seem to be lost from the get go. I didn’t know where to enter a code or “” but fiddling around, i did get the response “insufficient memory.” So maybe I am stuck with whatever apps came with the phone and shouldn’t try for more?

        • Chrisf says:

          You’ll want to go to on your computer, and download the file for Opera Mini — make sure you know where you store it! Then connect your computer and your phone using a USB cable (I might have used Bluetooth or wi-fi, don’t remember). Move the file from the computer to your phone. It’s probably much better to put it on a micro-SD card.
          The card doesn’t usually come with this phone, but you should be able to get a 2GB or 4GB micro-SD WITH adapters (to mini-SD and standard SD) for less than $10 (try Big Lots, or some store that sells older technology, closeouts, stuff they bought from other stores or companies).
          After putting the file on your phone (memory card), run it to install Opera Mini. Then look for Opera Mini in your “Games & Apps) folder. Remember you can make a shortcut of sorts; this phone lets you assign a small number of menu items. Sorry, I forgot how. 😉

  • Linda says:

    I’m a Net10 user using the LG900G but I see this phone is also being sold by Straight Talk (which is a sister company of Net10) for $69.99 and their plans are $30/1000 min, 1000 texts, 30mb of data & free calls to 411.
    Their unlimited plan is $45/unlimited text,web,data,e-mails & free calls to 411.
    I’m totally happy with the value for money I’m getting from the LG900G and $25/750 minute plan. I don’t need an extravagant iphone or smart phone for $200 – $400, I’d rather put that money into a great cruise in the Bahamas.

  • Cayleigh says:

    @Linda Yes, this is also a Straight Talk phone. Straight Talk’s prices on phones that both companies offer are usually slightly higher, but then their monthly plans are slightly cheaper. I guess it’s about what you prefer. Personally, I’d rather go with Straight Talk’s cheaper monthly plan as it adds up month on month. Both however have great coverage on top networks, so it’s an all round winner. By the way, this is a gsm phone, so runs off AT&T for either company.

    • la71009 says:

      Here, where I live, the straight talk version is gsm and runs off of T MOBILE ( which totally sucks here, can’t get a single bar on my phone with them)

      The net10 version runs off of at&t and i get a full rack of bars
      on their network. being on the $25/750 plan, and never using all my minutes ( 3 yrs now) in any month, i ‘d rather have the “slightly higher priced” plan with at&t as carrier. at least i can use the phone…..

  • Jacob says:

    In many ways, a prepaid cellphone is extremely better than a traditional cellphone. For one, you’re not bound by a contract, so there’ll never be hidden fees and you can switch phones or leave whenever you want. Plus, they have many different plans so you can switch whenever you are tight for money or anything. Still, Net10’s 50 dollar plan is pretty affordable so I’ve never had to switch 😛

  • Al says:

    Even though i use the 50 dollar a month unlimited everything plan with this phone, i am still saving money because my old contract phone was roughly 80 dollars a month. Some months it was 100-120 dollars! Seriously… what a joke compared to contract phones.

  • Ed says:

    Same here with the Facebook problem. Love the phone but I would love to get the Facebook app working. The mobile site is horrible compared to the app.

  • Suzanne says:

    I just purchased this phone for $29.99 on the Radio Shack web site. No purchasing of minutes was required, and the shipping was free. Not bad!

  • Melissa says:

    Hi, just bought this LG900, and can’t seem to get it to show contact names upon incoming calls…it just shows their number. My old LG showed the name I put in the contacts for their number and it showed up, along with the # on the screen when I received a call. Now I just get the number. Does anyone know how I can get the names to show, or is this not a avail feature on this phone? Thanks for your help…

    • G.E. Miller says:

      Showed up automatically for me.

    • Mike says:

      When my phone is called directly the contact info shows but I have landlines forwarded to the this phone and then only the number shows. After it quits ringing it then shows the info. My old LG320G worked correctly. I’m am sure it is a software problem and am trying to communicate with NET10 to hopefully get an update. I use this to screen my calls and if not resolved may return to my old phone. If I find a resolution I will post it here.

    • Kelly says:

      I believe once you save the name and phone number into your contacts it should show up when they call. If it’s not in your contacts, I believe only the phone number will show up.

      • la71009 says:

        SAVE the number in contacts, then EDIT the number… it will then show a entry line for “NAME” …once you enter a name for that person and hit SAVE or DONE, everytime that person calls it will pop up the name u assigned to that number on your caller id.

  • james says:

    what does the “E” or “G” means in the upper left hand corner next to the 5 bars?

  • Albert says:

    When you buy the phone for the first time does it come with any or do you have to buy.

  • Albert says:

    Does it come with minutes

    • Chrisf says:

      I guess it might depend on where you buy it. Someone said they got 120 days, and I think I did, too. I believe it also added 1200 minutes! I was switching to the LG900G from my original Net10 phone, and I was quite surprised. For $19.98 clearance price at a Target store, I got months of service, and more minutes than I could possibly use!

  • Mitch says:

    I bought the phone. I like it. But when I try to download apps I get an insufficient memory error. My primary storage area is the sd card.

    When I have send a link for an app the website says it doesn’t recognize my phone.

    good phone – $30 cant go wrong.

    Wish I could get a couple of apps though.

    • Tia says:

      When in see if the LG 900G is listed under it’s former name – LG 300GW. I, also, have had the same problem with insufficient memory error. I’m going to try and down load the app to my computer and transfer it onto the memory card.

    • Chrisf says:

      How about this:
      Download the app file to your computer, transfer it from there to your micro-SD card, and then stick the card back into your phone! 😀
      Remember to turn your phone OFF before removing or inserting the card (can’t hurt, right?). And use the “Safely remove hardware” function on your Windows computer before you pull the card (in its standard SD adapter) out. If it ain’t Windows, sorry, I’m ignorant.
      Or you could download the file to your computer and then transfer using Bluetooth. If your pc has Bluetooth, that is.

      **Whatever you do, don’t try to use the phone’s built-in browser. That way lies madness. Or at least frustration. “Insufficient memory” is all that most of us get from that. Go to to download Opera Mini, put it on your card, and use THAT to browse (if you must browse) the Internet.

  • Sindy says:

    @James I think the “E” is for Edge and the “G” for GPRS…but not 100% sure.
    @Albert Some of the phones you can buy as a kind of package, with an airtime card, others come with nothing. The idea here is that you will buy the quantity of Net10 minutes to suit both your pocket and your usage. I noticed a really good deal on this LG900 on Net10’s site on the weekend. The phone alone costs $60, but for $80, you can get the phone, plus a $50 unlimited card and a $20 gift card, meaning that the phone is basically costing you $10! Free shipping too. You can guess who took advantage 🙂

  • Christina says:

    I have a few questions about this phone…

    -For the unlimited card (for $50), after buying it once, do you have to continue buying it, or can you switch from unlimited to 300 minutes and back if you want?
    -It’s not touch, right?
    -Is it sturdy enough that if I drop it from 5 feet up it won’t shatter? Or if I drop it in a kiddie-pool it won’t die?
    -Is it worth every penny? I was looking at the Samsung t401g phone, until I saw someone else with it, and it looks cheap and plastic, like the tracfone I have now.

    Thank you! This review has been very helpful! I can’t wait to get the phone!

    • G.E. Miller says:

      – don’t know about the unlimited, but I think you can switch back and forth.
      – it’s not touch (don’t be greedy now)
      – yes it’s sturdy, but I wouldn’t let a stampede of elephants run over it.
      – yeah, for the price, it really can’t be beat.

      • Chrisf says:

        I know, I know, it has been a couple of years. But for anyone who needs to know, yes, you can switch plans.
        HOWEVER… the “Unlimited” plans are MONTHLY plans. If you switch from a monthly plan to a pay-as-you-go plan, you will LOSE any remaining days of service in your monthly plan. If I were switching, I would not wait until the last day, just in case something unexpected happens. I’ve never heard of anyone having trouble switching plans — but I wouldn’t want to be the first person who does.

  • Stace85 says:

    Can this phone watch videos online? Does it have a notepad or memo pad?

    • Carolyn B says:

      Gee!!!!What do you want for $30. I would not have even asked that question. It is a good phone, and in my opinion much better than the IPhone I have. It has so many great features that my Iphone does not have. I am totally pleased and impressed. The only thing that I think they should work on is the key pad sound. The only way to silence it is to put it on “silent” and that cuts off your ringer. But if you can deal with the beeps on your texting, etc. that’s fine.

      • luvmyfone says:

        You can turn off the beeping without using silent mode. Go to Profiles….Normal>>>>Options>>>Edit>>>>>Scroll down to Key tone>>>Highlight box right below and keep moving over until it says “No Sound”. There you go!!! No keypad sound but you still have all your other sounds!

  • Christina says:

    Hmm… I have now switched from Lg900G to the Motorola EX124G, which should be coming out soon. This review was awesome! Are you planning on doing anything for the EX124G? Do you know anything about it yet?

  • Josher says:

    I just got this phone and so far I love it. Like you said in the review, not all the functions work like a true smartphone but the look and feel, as well as most of the functions, are a lot nicer than some of the earlier offerings from Net10. I looked for the sale price everywhere, but ended up paying full price for it, even so where else can you get the features, price and coverage you get with these guys?

  • Timothy says:

    When you think of a phone that only costs 50 bucks a month, one would be inclined to doubt its legitimacy. But in reality, there’s nothing more legitimate than Net10, especially with its service from Verizon and AT&T. Take it seriously, dude.

  • Mike says:

    I bought the LG900G a couple of days ago and just discovered that there is no function in messaging to send e-mail. Bummer! Read the manual for the LG300GW and it gives instructions on how to do it for the 300GW. However, the 900G isn’t set up the same way. Under “menu-messaging-settings” e-mail isn’t listed. Any ideas? Been using NET 10 for 3 years and always had that capability with other phones.


    • rob says:

      when you are ready to send your message hit send when at the selection screen for your address book hit center button. Should say number at the bottom will switch to contacts at this point using the shift button enter in the email address destination and then send it i do it all the time on my 900g. My Net10 is using att’s network exclusively so when i use this message the email comes in from (your cell#) I’m not sure if this is an exclusive capability of Net10 phones using at&t’s net but works for me. ps. you can send and recieve picture messages this way also. files too if i remember right

      • Chrisf says:

        Darn. This didn’t work for me. I tried sending to one of my e-mail addresses, and it tried but then said it failed. Resend? Yes, I tried once. Failed.
        I sent to my number, and after 2-3 minutes it did arrive. Unfortunately, it cost .90 minutes instead of .30, because it is a Netzero address I no longer pay for. The free service attaches advertising, so that took up 2 more txt screens. My fault.

  • c47charlie says:

    Love Net10! very happy with the signal strength and the quality of service, it seems that I’ll be able to talk everywhere. A little concerned about the selection of phones but that’s no big deal when it comes with the price of 50 dollars per month and no contract. I do miss 3G speed a little bit but it’s worth the savings.

  • Jason says:

    I just got the LG900G from RadioShack for $30 (with a $50 unlimited plan). This is my first “smartphone”, a big upgrade from my old LG bar phone.

    What can I say, it works pretty well. The browser is slow and quirky, but google, gmail, facebook, and the weather channel all seem to work, and so far some JAVA games I got from (for the GW300 model) seem to work fine. The camera is good enough for non-important photo’s, but the video camera function is horrible quality.

    For $30, you really can’t complain too much, it’s got as much functionality as a 5 year old PDA, plus the Net10 coverage is pretty good, so I’ll keep it. An Android or iPhone however, it is not.

  • LG USER says:

    Found this phone at Walmart for $29.99. Came with wall, and car charger. And with a 4gb micro sd card, Pretty good deal for this phone. Call quality has been great. And not a single dropped call. Need to get a USB cable to transfer music from pc. All said, great phone for the price. With all the extras included, It’s a no brainer. Also 750 minutes for $25.00 will more than cover me. Web is kinda weak, but if that’s what you are looking for, get ready to dig a bit deeper in your pocket. Highly recommend this phone.

  • Pat says:

    I got this phone thru HSN with a $50/month unlimited plan. Good value – no hidden taxes, surcharges, etc. like I had with Sprint. Several objections I have to the phone are: (1) can’t assign different ring tones to incoming callers and (2) can’t figure out how to activate the “vibrate alert” feature that the phone is supposed to have. You can turn the volume down to zero, but it still doesn’t vibrate. How can you tell then if you are getting a call?

    • Kelly says:

      1) find the contact you want to assign a ringtone to. Under “options” select “edit”. Go down to the little icon with the phone and bell. This is where you can choose your ringtone. It should be the icon right below the picture icon.
      2) See the post below this one. Basically, in your sound profile, go to “options”, “edit”, and go down to “vibrate” and turn it on. When you want it to JUST vibrate, turn the volume on the side of the phone all the way down.

    • la71009 says:

      Net10 charges STATE and FEDERAL taxes on top of all monthly plans.

  • Tiny says:

    I just bought the LG 900g for my husband and I and now my mother wants it. The problem I am having is placing the phone on vibrate. According to the instructions it says hold down the #/J button until it says silence activated but the phone does not vibrate. Do you have any knowledge on how to put the phone on vibrate?

    • Kelly says:

      Go to settings, profiles, and under options select “edit”. Select the profile you are currently using and you can scroll down to “vibrate” and turn it on. At this point an incoming call will ring AND vibrate. When I want it to JUST vibrate, I turn the volume all the way down on the side of the phone. Hope this helps!

  • Shamil says:

    A couple of things to know about this phone.

    Only use signed apps on it. You’ll get real annoying untrusted ap warnings when using an app that uses internet to the point of unusability (other than this, the ebuddy app works great on here ebuddy has so far not made a signed version, and i think web apps suck). This and no app can access the file system on your sd card. Hack your phone and change the java permissions to fix this. Google “cu500 howardforums” and you’ll find a howto that will actually work with this phone to change the java permissions to allow any app unfettered access based on the filesystem layout on most if not all lg phones.

    I made a dash mount for this phone in my car. I routinely play mp3’s on it through the tape deck head phone adapter. When you get a call, the phone will pause your music. Hit the receive call button, and it becomes a car hands free device phone through the headphone jack and your car speakers. End your call, and the phone will resume playing your music.

    Download opera mini with all certificates. This gets rid of the self memory utilizing default browser. This phone does work with bolt browser, but opera mini is more optimized for operation on a phone such as this. This phone is also not youtube capable; so dont bother with that. Plus with opera mini signed version, your not limited to just wap sites.

    This phone’s one hell of a deal compared to the much sturdier and better built samsung t401g (samsung gravity 1). The samsung t401g is however very locked down, but otherwise just as capable as the lg900g. Id rather just deal with no locking down and bigger screen myself. In the end i say that this phone is quite amazing (you might be surprized how many apps you can multitask and this phone wont mind). My only gripe with it is the locking down of apps, which makes this java app capable phone no where near as app capable as advertised (unless you hack your phone to change java permissions). Have fun all of you, definitely a great purchase was made. Lastly, this phone does 0.25 minute texting too (net10 phones usually do 0.50 minute texting). My minutes go so far with texting on this thing.

  • Patti Dampman says:

    Im not a happy camper…. Net 10 didnt pan out so well for me, online i paid foe a monthly plan to get an old phone activated which had lots of minutes on itstill. in order to get service time my purchase was for 200 minutes. Do to an error i was not able to connect my phone this was told to me after i gave all my banking it would be paid for every month. I noticed on my bank statement four days later that net 10 billed me and collected for giving me no air time or usage of my phone. I called and asked to be refunded, I was told they dont do refunds buit they would get my phone working.Atthat time they were haveing problems and said my phone would be acctivated within 24 hours.NOT.. I since then, ten days later i have called three times just tobe told wait for 24 to 48 hours.What a bunch of ….

    • Kelly says:

      Try contacting them on Facebook. People seem to have pretty good luck getting their problems taken care of there. Their CS is horrible. I always feel like a parrot, constantly repeating “I beg your pardon?” “I beg your pardon?” because I can’t understand them. And if your problem isn’t on their scripts – you might as well forget it! They are no help at all! Good Luck!

  • Pat says:

    Sure, I would LOVE to have an iPhone, but I have more sense than dollars and cannot justify the sky high cost of data packages both Verizon & AT&T charge. This LG phone does what I need it to do and this month, I’m trying the 750 minutes for $25. The web access is slow to begin with and since I’m sitting in front of a computer all day at work and have a speedy iMac at home, texting and phoning are my 2 major needs on a mobile phone. Net10’s customer service is one of the worst I’ve ever experienced. Unfortunately, they have a lot of people on the phones who do not have a good grasp of the English language and they are hard to understand which is quite aggravating when you are trying to communicate a problem in order to hopefully get a resolution. And don’t expect anything less than getting put on hold 4-5 times during a phone conversation. Hopefully, my service will continue smoothly and I won’t have to deal with them. If another major carrier could offer the same rates, I’d certainly not be with Net10, but I’d rather save money.

  • Nicole says:

    How can I get a video from my phone onto my computer?

    • rob says:

      send a txt message to your email with it attached. Create the txt message, hit send hit center button should switch from number to contacts, use the shift key (btm left corner) to alternate between letters and numbers and once you’ve entered it hit send. you’ll recieve an email from or something similar. with the video as an attachment.

  • Nicole says:

    When I try to download getjar apps to my computer, I am getting a “failed to load Main Class manifest attribute” error message. What in the world does that mean and how to I fix it?

  • scott payne says:

    I bought two of them at Best Buy mini mobile and they were only 29.99 each I love it and so does my wife.

  • Christina says:

    Hey- G.E.Miller,
    Are you going to do anything on the MotorolaEX124G?????
    I’m going to get it, so I’m trying to learn everything I can now…
    thanks 🙂

  • Patty says:

    Sometimes when I am on a call, the sound is very muffled. is there any way to make the call sound better, or do I just have to turn down the volume. If anyone knows, I would appreciate it..thanks.

    • Chrisf says:

      Okay, please don’t laugh at me.
      Naw, go ahead. Usually (nearly always) when that happens to me, I find I’ve let the handset speaker / earpiece slip from my ear. Still, I sometimes accuse people of changing something — only to realize the earpiece speaker is not pointed right into my ear canal. Again.
      I’m sure there are many reasons, but this is the only one I can think of that happens to me.

  • Rochelle says:

    After over 2 yrs, this month I decided to upgrade from my Net10 Motorola W375. Loved it and the value as I only used it for calls, but just started texting so began looking for other options. Thanks to all for their comments. Eventhough the LG900G was larger than I wanted, I decided to try it. Lowest price I found was $39 until yesterday when I found it at Walmart for $29.88. It included a 4GBMSD, car charger and headset, so no more hesitation.
    I was worried about transferring my number because of others comments, but the transaction went very smoothly. My number and mins were transferred quickly and two extra months were added before I needed to purchase additional mins. So far I am very happy with it but have a lot to learn.

  • strangecurrencies says:

    I had this phone for a month. I returned it to Best Buy, decided to stay with Verizon.

    Good points:
    -Very cheap to buy, cheap service also.
    -Good signal, mine was on AT&T towers. Research how to decipher the codes on the box to see what network you will be on.
    -Good size keyboard.
    -Micro SD slot.
    -FM Radio.
    -3.5mm headphone jack.
    -Can install apps and games.
    -Google Maps works.

    Not so good:
    -Call quality was very poor. People on the other end said it sounded really bad, worse than any other cellphone Ive had.
    -Mp3 player takes very long time to load..
    -Mp3 tags were not read correctly.
    -I could not install a signed version of Opera Mini, I tried many times, researched, tried the tips I read – no dice.
    -Animated Gif’s do not animate, you can’t see moving weather radar, this is one thing I really wanted.
    -The built in Facebook app did not load – not a big issues for me.
    -I only found a few good games, and no really useful apps. Many apps have some built in connection to the Internet, I didnt trust those.

    For me the terrible call quality and poor mP3 player were the reasons to return it. Also its bigger than I thought and I never got used to that. The cost savings wasnt that great as I am on a 2nd line on Verizon.

  • technodude 60 says:

    The lg900 is quite possibly the best pre paid cell that net10 has ever offered! My girlfriend and I both purchased them from walmart for $30 with the bonus pack that included the 4gb sd card!
    The feel,features and options available in the menu make these phones a great buy!
    Personally, I can’t stand contract phones with the 2 year agreement requirement,and all the crappy hidden charges,so this is a much more economical service if you’re not the chatty kathy type who needs to be tied to the web 24/7.
    The lg900 is NOT a good phone for web access with the slow browser,and a included app for fake-book which was not needed.
    Apps are best downloaded to your pc to the sd card from Then just re-install the card.
    Downloading direct to this phone will just eat your minutes!
    I loaded the app for TWC from to the sd card in my pc in 5 minutes.
    Texting is a breeze with this thing so if that’s your thing,you’ll be quite happy!
    Caller volume and clarity is great,and the 2.0mp camera offers lots of options as well as special effects too.
    Battery life is excellent,after the battery is completely charged for the first time (in about 3 hrs.)
    Mp3’s and the FM tuner sound great! Listening at work all day,chatting and texting at lunch and the battery is still full at 10pm.
    What more can I say? It’s the lg900.

  • browneyedgal says:

    Just bought this through HSN – 1 year service, 1200 minutes, car charger, ac charger and headphone. $99. TRIPPLE minutes for life. Sure beats $50 a month as I would rarely use the internet.

  • sunshineseville says:

    I purchased my LG900G about four months ago and am pretty happy with its features & other capabilities. There is one main issue, though. The reception is not very good on my phone. I miss portions of conversation because the reception quality does not stay consistently clear as it should. I’ve exchanged the phone three times with the same results. Other than having to ask people to repeat themselves during 1/4 to 1/3 of time we’re talking, it’s a good phone. Has anyone else had this issue and how was it resolved?

    • Sabrina says:

      Are the buttons easy to use? I have a Samsung t401g & rarely use the keyboard because of my nails. I use the main buttons with the t9.

    • Bill says:


      I’m experiencing the same problem with my phone. The volume / reception can go from ‘ nothing ‘ to ear splitting in the span of one word. I thought it was the phone but since you’ve exchanged your phone twice and are still on the third ( I assume ? ) then am wondering if it’s a Net10 / network issue. But then, why would noone else be having this issue ? it is very irritating for both sides of the very poor quality conversation. Of course that leads to using it less and then that means I spend even less on the phone.

      • Dave says:

        I have this phone. Whenever I’m on a call, it seems that whenever I’m in a good spot, I try to stay within that hot spot during my call. I guess it’s dependent on location and proximity to the cell site. Most times, I’m at work and the area is surrounded by other buildings, which is probably why I have to go outside to get really good reception. In open areas, I have no problems making and receiving calls.

    • Rebecca says:

      I agree totally horrible reception. My old phone worked better. Sad they put all this fancy stuff on it but it doesn’t work well as a PHONE….isn’t that what it’s supposed to be?

    • Brittney Morgan says:

      well i am having a problem with my cell phone it says i have 14 messages but i don’t they are all blank and well not go away what do i do plz help me

      • Adam says:

        I would suppose the best way to handle this would be to call your voicemail from another phone. Even if the messages are blank, if they are in your voicemail, the icon will not go away until you delete them all. To access voicemail from another phone, call your mobile number, wait for voicemail to pick up, then press *. You will be prompted for your password and then you can review your voicemail messages without wasting the minutes on your Net10 phone.

      • Chrisf says:

        When I get what look like blank “text” messages, they are actually MMS (picture) messages. I am charged to see the “shell” (I guess we can say) of the message, and then I have to tell it to download the actual multimedia (picture) part. You might try to see if that’s what you have.
        On the other hand, maybe they’re so old that you couldn’t possibly care what is in them. Go to your Inbox. Do not view any message; just sit there in the Inbox where it shows the list of messages. Choose the “Options” key (left side button up top), and then Delete. Do this for each message you don’t want.

        One thing — no, two things I don’t like about the LG900G:
        Cannot delete multiple selected messages; it’s either one or all.
        While looking at one TXT, cannot simply press right or left navigation button to move to next or previous message.
        These are two things the Samsung T401G can do, and I will miss them when I switch back to my LG900G.

    • Lynn says:

      I have this same problem too. I didn’t realize it at first because some of the first calls I made seemed like the person was in a bad area of reception, but ever since then 9/10th of the calls I’ve made have had this weird mircophone/muffled/electronic noise. I started to look into this and I hope i can find some solution to this online. If you find one, let me know, and if I find one i’ll let you know as well.

    • Ron says:

      Try using OUTDOOR profile and activate spkr phone. Bet u hear em then. It sure works 4 me.

    • Keith Pendleton says:

      I too own an gl 900g but my are with the internet capabilities and i have wonder what websites are best to download contont.

  • tapp says:

    Sushineseville- net 10 must not have good coverage in your area. I have great sound quality.

  • Rachie says:

    Is it a good phone? Is it recommended? What would you rate it from 1 to 5?

    • technodude says:

      On a scale of 1-5 I would say the lg 900 is in the range between 4-5 with it’s features,options,sound quality!
      If you’re not a data junkie then it will fill the bill!

    • Joel says:

      I would give this phone a Solid 4+. It really all depends on what Plan you are going to use. If you do a lot of Texting and DONT have the $50 Unlimited plan, you will see your minutes Fly out the window FAST! I owned an old Tracfone for 8 years. Texts were 0.3 to send and FREE to receive! With the LG900G My 1st. text was “Hi”, just to see that it worked. It worked just fine, to the tune of ONE FULL charge to say HI! I’m not sure how many characters you can type(Not Many!)before it charges you for sending 2 messages. So Bang, there goes 2 Full minutes, for two Very Small paragraphs. I sent a Picture message once, with a few words, Bang-there goes 2 1/2 Minutes. WOW! If you do anything on the internet, the minutes Fly By. It IS a Good-Great phone, Great battery life, nice screen, mp3 and other features are real nice. If you Buy this Very Nice phone. BUY THE $50 PER MONTH PLAN(CARD)! YOU MUST! I got the 750 Minutes for $25 at first. That’s Good for just Talking. I spent a Lot of minutes just figuring out the Internet on it. Not that it’s hard, but it’s a new toy and Ya Wanna Play! Without the Unlimited Card, it will Cost you. If $50 per month is too much, this is not the right phone. If $50 fits in your budget, it may be the perfect phone.
      For All that are looking for a True Smart phone, check out the Nokia E 71 from Straight Talk. Watch the YT VIDEOS.

      • Chrisf says:

        I have to disagree with some of this, for my own usage. There is NO way I’m paying $50 for month of cellular service! That’s why I dropped Sprint and AT&T. The did not have plans with service amounts that were small enough for me.

        One might like to get the $50 card at first. But see if you can get the same plan for $45 through I would not do that because I cannot justify Internet usage on my cellular plan. Maybe one day I’ll have a need for it other than just as entertainment. Remember if you switch from an “Unlimited” plan to a pay-as-you-go, you need to do it near the end of the “Unlimited” plan. Otherwise, if for instance you are 17 days into 30-day “Unlimited,” and you switch to pay-as-you-go, you will lose 13 days of “Unlimited!” Personally, I would not wait until day 30, either! Something could go wrong, and then it’s ’round and ’round with Net10 — OR they might resolve it in a snap!

        Also remember to try to get help from Net10’s Facebook page instead of calling, since so many people have trouble even understanding the phone agents and give extremely poor ratings for the support by telephone. It’s or just go directly to the support page:

  • angel_boy says:

    the problem with net 10 and data/web is that you can’t access the regular internet- you’re limited to net 10’s limited access- you don’t get access to the whole internet.

    i never use all my minutes- i’ve got more than $300 in roll over minutes on my phone- i wish they’d just sell 60 days of service for $5 or $10_ cause i don’t need anymore minutes. i hate to think that my $50 phone is actually now a $350 phone- hope i don’t lose it…..i read that tracfone does sell you 60 day extensions for $6 ish

    • technodude says:

      The lg900 is a PHONE not a desktop or laptop. It is not designed to suit all the needs that those devices will. Too many people complain that it has little web access,well then maybe they need a laptop? As far as a PHONE goes,the lg900 is a great investment for the money with its 4gb sd card (up to 8gb as a rumor?),great music player,fm radio and the camera isn’t too shabby either!
      It’s really great for texting too and has excellent sound quality!
      Last week my girlfriend ordered 2 soft custom-fit covers for us from for only $5.00 ea. so now they look even cooler!!

      • micro911 says:

        confirmed, 8 gig micro sd used here. love the phone for the price!

        • Keith Johnson says:

          how did you get it to accept the 8gb sd card?

          • Chrisf says:

            I just stuck an 8GB micro-SD into my LG900G. It says my external memory is 3476MB. So I guess an 8GB card will work in mine — but only half of it is accessible. I think I’ll stick with the 2GB I got a couple of years ago.
            Does anyone know a way to actually *use* a card with greater than 4GB capacity — fully? Phone software update? No way? Maybe it’s firmware based, so I’m limited to the original specification of up to 4GB?

      • Happycamp says:

        If you download opera mini app you have great data ph.

      • Dave says:

        I agree! A lot of websites have too much GUI (Graphical User Interface), which is why this phone will not open most (if not all), webpages.

        I use mine mainly to check emails, and I’m lucky that my financial institution’s website isn’t too graphical, so I’m able to check my balances, etc.

        This phone is basically great for text messages and light web surfing.

      • leadtech424 says:

        There are many faults with opening links that shouldn’t be! It’s the year 2011. There should be proper apps. Youtube will not play as well! Bummer! In this day and age, a laptop has become a dinosaur. Get with the times…

        • Chrisf says:

          The LG900G is NOT designed to stream video from the Internet. You should use a different device, if that’s what you want. You should do a proper needs assessment before purchasing an electronic device or service. This is 2013….
          (Held true in 2011, too.)

    • Joel says:

      I had been with Tracfone for 8 years before net10. Sounds like the Deal for you. If you do much Texting-Call Tracfone-ask them about the Model of fone you may buy. And ask them what they charge for Sending AND receiving Texts. All Fones are NOT the same. They sell Some Fones now and Give you TRIPLE minutes for the life of your Fone! Ah, but the catch-on THOSE Fones they soak you for Texting. It may sound otherwise but I Really Dont have Anything Bad to say about Tracfone. Was with them 8 years! For those that dont know-Tracfone, Net10 and Straight Talk are All owened by the Same Company. It’ Very nice that they offer different plans through their different Names, something for Everyone. Remember This, Net10 And Straight Talks ANDROID PHONES run on the SPRINT Network(they have the Least Towers)therefore, not the best coverage. Phone models that end in the letter ‘G’ run on Att or T-Mobile Coverage. And a phone model that ends in a ‘C’ run on the Verizon network(most towers)Best reception. A ‘G’ phone is not bad , I just bought the lg900g, and in my area works just fine. So if you are buying THIS phone, go to the ATT Site and look at THEIR coverage Maps because That’s Who is actually serving your phone. I have used ALL prepaid services(yes,Every One.) If you have ANY questions, feel free to ask. Just comment or ask(reply) to either of the posts on this page. Joel.

    • karen says:

      I have wished the same thing. My son rarely uses his phone. He has tons of minutes….and no days. Maybe suggest again to Net10. Planning to do soon….again!

  • Cellus says:

    People complain but do not want to take the time to research and troubleshoot. since this phone has come out and is the same as lg gw300 there are lots of stuff to it online. for the 3rd time I have almost 150 games and about 40 apps all work. I have ringtones plenty for everything, opera, bolt and uc web browsers all signed accessing real web pages. I get tired of repeating. I also have 8gb worth music and I connect right up to my kenwood unit in my car through male rca plug into my earphone slot on the phone playing thru aux my car speakers system sounds so great always shock peps when they see that. I love technology. Best phone ever so easy to use.

    • Melyssa says:

      How did you get the signed version of opera? I had it on my old lg900g, but I had to get a replacement and I can’t remember how I did it or what site I found the instructions on.

    • Joel says:

      Sounds Great man! Should I search on this page or can you tell me the easiest way to download Apps(and the best site for them)? Also the best site And way to download the mp3s? This is my first kind of smart phone. I’m excited but dont really know much about this phone. Joel.

    • Joel says:

      Oh, one other question. There are a couple of Lawsuits pending that i have read. They have to do with THAT word UNLIMITED. now to me and a few friends UNLIMITED means just that. But, I guess to the phone services it means something else. There is a Cap on how much data a person can consume. Do you happen to know what that Cap is? I know with different browsers they ‘squeeze’ the info being transmitted, which is good. But still, a person can not be downloading things 24/7. One of my pals had their browser Shut Down because he simply used too much UNLIMITED INFORMATION. Any idea of what the Cap is? Thanks, Joel.

  • Rosa says:

    Where is the speaker on this phone? I love this phone but do not know how to use or find the speaker.

  • shab says:

    hey, does net10 900 work on virgin mobile service and if not can my virgin number be ported to net10 service

    • technodude says:

      It’s no problem to port your # over to net10,however I think it’s anything from 5 minutes to 72 hours for it to go through?
      It would be much easier for a new number,then just forward your calls from your old number to your new one.
      However porting your # to net10 usually results in added minutes and days to your account!

      • Chrisf says:

        My experience has been that just about nobody wants to pay for two phone services when they only use one. So keeping Virgin Mobile (in this case) solely to forward calls to a Net10 number would be unacceptably costly. This is true especially considering having to pay not just for service from Virgin Mobile, but also all the minutes on the forwarded calls — since one cannot forward calls from a number that’s not in service, and neither Virgin Mobile nor any other carrier is just going to give away free service just for the asking. Also, people receiving the calls would see the Net10 phone number unless the Virgin Mobile + Net10 caller chose to carry two different phones.
        So, yeah, not good for (quite likely) anyone you meet.

  • Jeff says:

    I am happy with my current Net10 phone and service, but I am considering upgrading to a smartphone for one single feature.

    I’m a road warrior and receive sales leads via text messages. With an Android phone one has the ability to click on anything resembling a phone number and have the phone dial it. I don’t have time to stop and write down a number. Can the 900G do this?

    • Jeff says:

      Bump. Anyone know if this is possible?

    • Joel says:

      Just remember, and this is Fact(call them)Both(all) of NET10s phones use ONLY SPRINT TOWERS AND NO OTHERS. Out of the Big 3, SPRINT has the Worst coverage of Any Service. Now someone will write and say they had Sprint and it worked Great. They are not lying, But I bet they live/work VERY close to one of their towers. Go to Sprint dot com. Check out their maps. These Phones are Great Phones. But net 10 And Straight Talk use “only” Sprint Service for their ANDROIDS(NOTHING ELSE). gREAT pHONES, CRAPPY-MOST TIMES, NO SERVICE if you are traveling. I swear. And I Promise!

      • Chrisf says:

        Well, if Joel said it, then it must– oh, no, wait. This is a falsehood. Net10 has for years had deals with multiple providers, which is why they have claimed that they use other providers’ networks (PLURAL) to give great coverage. They certainly do not use only Sprint. Nor has that been true, for at least several years — long before 2011.

  • Tammy says:

    I have just purchased the lg900g with net10. I have the unlimited 30 day plan, however I cannot receive picture messages. I get “network not available”. How can I get picture messages

    • Dave says:

      I found that in order to receive or send pictures with this phone, the image resolution has to be at 640×480 or less. Anything larger won’t be sent, since most servers don’t like large files transmitted thru their system, especially via cell phone.

      If you’re going to send multiple pictures, the resolution has to be set even lower, since pictures eat a certain amount of megabytes when transmitted.

  • Karon says:

    I purchased the LG900 when it first came out ,loved it but you cant watch web videos.(bummer) Also the internet is too slow and no full web pages,but I found a solution for the web.You can download Opera browser and it is free it allows you to view full web pages and WOW FAST,you get more memory also.opera mini4

    • technodude says:

      The thing you have to remember is that the lg 900 is NOT really a smart phone like people think. It’s great for pics and texting and rocks as a music player but it’s NOT a computer and is not even close in comparison.
      All in all, it’s a great phone and maybe the best one net10 has ever had on it’s network!

    • MacBob says:

      The standard web browser is slow, but if you download either
      Bolt or Opera 4.2, it will greatly improve the web browsing and speed it up too. There are videos on YouTube that show how to download Apps.
      I bought my LG900G phone for $27.00 from Walmart Internet site and it included a 4 GB mini SD card, wall charger, and a car charger.
      This phone has a lot of potential and you can add many Apps from, just have to be willing to do it.
      I use the the $25.00 mo 750 minutes plan and works out well.
      The volume on this phone is too low for me but I use the speaker
      phone function and it is much better.
      My wife has a blackberry and my LG900G has a better keyboard at least for me because the buttons are slightly larger.
      Overall, at this price, a great deal compared to the Blackberry. About the same size, but the LG900G is much lighter and much thinner.
      The photo quality from the camera is very good.
      My wife loves her Blackberry but I save a lot of money over her contract monthly rate. If you take advantage of all the free Apps available, you will greatly improve this phones capability.

      • Misty says:

        I have this phone and tried to use Getjar (Using my opera browser – everything causes the phone’s browser to crash) and it said my phone is not compatible with the site? Did they change i or a I missing something?

  • johndork says:

    I want to get this phone but im not sure about the capabilities. thanks for this though, it helps a lot. i have one quick question though. if you are using yahoo messenger on this phone, do you have to click on refresh every now and then to see the replies of whom you are chatting with or its auto reloading? thanks!

    • technodude says:

      Did you read the above post,john?
      If you want to chat on yahoo then try your computer. The lg900 is a great phone but it is NOT a pc.
      Yahoo is possible but it’s not cheap or fast.

  • larry brown says:

    how do you download this app it keeps saying my phone is not recognized thank you i have the lg900g phone

    • technodude says:

      Your lg900 is also recognized as a gw300 This is the same phone but a euro model. try gw300 instead,also do NOT download apps directly to your phone!! Instead download them from a pc to your sd card first! NOTE;many of the apps require you to use your browser(SLOW)and will eat your minutes, so the apps are not such a great idea.

  • bob says:

    How much does texting cost?

    • technodude says:

      2.5 cents per text.

      You can’t go wrong!

      • Chrisf says:

        Actually, Net10’s standard charge for a TXT message (SMS) is half of a minute. For MMS (pictures) they charge more, such as 1 minute to retrieve the message format, and then 2.5min to actually download the multimedia information — the message itself.
        HOWEVER, on the LG900G I was only charged a quarter of a minute for each TXT sent or received! And on my current Samsung T401G, it’s 1/3min for each TXT. I try to never look at any MMS messages; the T401G often can’t display them, and it costs too much (if you’re as cheap — I mean frugal! — as I am).

    • Dave says:

      For me, on the $25/750 minute plan… 1 minute is deducted for each page of text sent or received. Picture messages sent or received deducts 2.5 minutes from my balance.

      If sending a text message to multiple recipients (with the 900g, limit 5), the phone will deduct 1 minute for each contact number listed on your text message.

  • Lizzy says:

    So a few days ago I called customer service because my phone was not sending or receiving texts and could not make and receive calls!!! After talking with costumer service for 90 minutes the problem was fixed after resetting my phone. Though my messaging rate was .25 minutes before I called costumer service it is now .50 minutes!!! Since I text a lot I am just wondering if it is worth it to call customer service again or will they not change my rate back????

    • technodude says:

      Lizzy, I would definitely call customer service again, but this time ask for a english speaking supervisor…and YES,they DO have them because I have spoke with alex.
      Then explain your dilemma. My text rate is .25 per text but then I haven’t lost service. You may have had a problem with the network or a cell site near you,if this happens again try shutting your phone down and re-starting it.

      • Terri says:

        for technodude:
        My daughter & I both have LG900G with Net 10, during the day about 10 miles apart but I log same zip code for Net 10 records. During the day her texts & calls do not come through, only 1 a day if we’re lucky. I’m sure part of it must be a blocking system at the school she’s at (?), or can you tell me if it is an issue with available cell towers Net 10 uses in our area. (I am in an area where we don’t have many internet providers available to us, so wondering if I might also be in a semi-dead zone for cell towers). Thanks.

        • Joel says:

          Hello, Remember this. If your phone model ends with the letter ‘G’ (lg900g)it runs off of ATT Towers. Perhaps check the ATT coverage maps. Just an idea. Also, if your phone model ends in a ‘C’ it uses Verizon towers. Verizon does have Many more towers than ATT. But, ATTis Buying T-Mobile, which means they will be taking over their towers. Things may get better for you. I have never heard of a School putting up something to stop messaging. If you put up something against messaging, that would affect Calls in the same manner. I wouldnt think that would go over well with teachers or staff, or for Other Events that may be held at the School. Unless I got an OFFICIAL word from the School itself, I would not think That is the problem. Net10 does not have there own towers. Tracfone owns net10 And Straight Talk. Tracfone ande the others Rent(or Piggyback)with other providers. So yes, check your ATT coverage in your area.

    • Barbara says:

      Try emailing them. I got an answer the same day, and it was much easier–and less time-consuming–than calling them. Plus, you have proof of their response.

  • Rebecca says:

    This phone has horrible reception compared to my LG 225. I wanted a phone that was newer and fancy but the main thing for a phone is to be able to use it as a phone. No service at our home, my husbands work and while traveling even through some city’s it didn’t work….while my other lg 225 was working fine.

  • bob says:

    can you use youtube on this phone

    • technodude says:

      No you cannot access
      The lg900 is NOT a true smart phone in the sense,that it’s not android based.
      The apps from are extremely limited in what they allow you to do.

      • Rebecca says:

        can you use apps from getjar? I am having trouble even getting on the web browser with my phone let alone loading on apps…if for some reason my network becomes available to load them on how do I load them on?

        • technodude says:

          The thing to remember is that the supplied browser on the lg900 is S_L_O_W ! So to download anything from FIRST remove your sd card and load it into a sd adapter then plug into your laptop or pc. Download your files from direct to your sd card then back into your phone! It’s faster and doesn’t cost you minutes!

  • max says:

    i am thinking about getting the Lg900g, my only question is how well does gmail work on this phone. thanks

  • Bill_Wa says:

    I just got the 900G and I am really happpy with mine. The ability to use any MP3 as a ring tone is great, the micro to standard USB cable is extra but it saves having to remove and replace the sdhc card. That being said if you don’t mind doing the remove/reinsert thingy with the card you can svae twenty bucks. The other thing I like is the card slot is on the side, not in the back, under the battery and sim card. The only downside is that so far I can only play swf’s and gifs as video. It says it can play WMVs but it keeps saying unrecognized file type. Overall a 10-

    • Sally says:

      What plan do you have? Because I am not happy with the $25/750 minutes that won’t rollover. Use it or lose it.

    • Dave says:

      Any videos have to be reformatted into the 3gp format, to play properly on this phone, especially YouTube videos. You’ll have to download videos by computer, reformat it, then upload it into the phone. I did this to a couple of YouTube videos that I like. The only drawback to reformatting videos, is that the video image will be slightly choppy during playback, but the audio is great!

      WinFF is a good conversion program to reformat videos for cell phones.

  • Drew says:

    the lg 900g is a wannabe smartphone. I am becoming more and more unsatisfied with this thing(and net10). the Day I brought it home, I was so excited. thought I had made the transition from just a cell phone and mp3 player to an actual smartphone. web apps media etc.. nope! no streaming video. so if you go to youtube, you can only stare at a still pic. you can download youtube downloader from cnet. free version works well, if you have plenty of time on your hands to wait for the dl then hop over to convert it ,then send to your card, then put your card back in your phone. you had better like that vid. alot. hint: REMEMBER turn the volume down on youtube player 1st thing. its alway set at 100 percent. if you dont, the audio on the vid you went through so much trouble to get will sound like someone put an arrow through it.(distorted)think I’ll go get the newest net10 phone, will be my 4th and final try.Its a touchscreen, but if its not a true smartphone then no.

  • Joyce Russell says:

    How does the phone perform for getting e-mail?

    • Dave says:

      For accessing email accounts, it’s very good (I have Yahoo and Gmail). However, it doesn’t have the feature like Android phones (or the 900’s brother the 300GW), where the user can retrieve emails without using the browser (externally), emails can only be accessed via a browser.

  • ray says:

    listen people its a great phone one of the best phones ive ever had it gets great service no u cant watch youtube videos on it and limited websites but ITS 30 BUCKS!!!!!! its got a great sound to it great picture so if u complain ur an idiot ive had mine for awhile and its still a great phone

    • technodude says:

      Thanks ray!

      That’s one of the smartest things on this forum anyone has said about the lg900 !!
      This phone is excellent for texting and listening to your jams! clarity on calls is excellent also and it really shines with added features. BUT if you want the internet access or are hung up over the whole app thing,then you won’t be happy!
      THIS is a phone,not a pc or tablet and not a true smart phone….It’s a damn good phone for the price!

  • Sally says:

    I bought this 8/2011 and was fooled about the prepaid plan. The plan is for 30 days. For example $25 buys 750 minutes to use in 30 days or you lose it. It doesn’t roll over. I asked them for an “unlimited” time plan and they don’t offer it. Not good at all.

  • road warrior says:

    does the 4 gb micro sd card help speed up the web speed?

  • Adam says:

    I have been using Net10 for about 2 years now and have never found fault with their quality of service. In fact, there are several locations where I get better reception than with the major carriers. I switched to the LG 900G from the Samsung T401G myself around three months ago. The 900G does feel a little flimsy compared to the T401G (which is a brick AND a tank all in one) but I have never had any problems with it. Now that I’ve been using it for three months or so, I’m noticing the letters are starting to wear off the keyboard and so on, but nothing more major than that. I love the picture quality and I actually am quite happy with the internet performance. If you get the free Gmail app for this phone, its an awesome way to check your mail quickly and inexpensively while on the go. I wasn’t real happy with their Facebook app however, and on the rare occasion I need to Facebook from my phone, I usually just go to the mobile web page instead of using the app. Oh, and I don’t know if anyone else is experiencing this or not, but when I bought my 900G ($39.99 here in Los Angeles from Von’s market) I noticed the price of texting was cut in half. On the T401G, it cost 1/2 of a minute per text. On my 900G, it only costs 1/4 of a minute. I DO text a lot more than I phone or internet (at least from my phone) so this is an awesome bonus for me.

  • Courtney says:

    I’m thinking about getting this phone, but I was wondering how well mobile banking works on it? From what I’ve read, it doesn’t have great internet functions. Does anyone know?

    • technodude says:

      Courtney, READ the above posts regarding the lg900. This is NOT a real internet phone!! It will let you check and send email with the opera mini browser from but this is NOT a true smart phone. It’s a great basic phone + some neat extra features,decent camera,great for texting, awsome mp3 player and decent fm tuner but this is not an android based internet phone!!

      • Adam says:

        I don’t know about all that. I have absolutely no problem accessing my bank account information or my paypal account from the native browser on the 900G. I think it may more depend on whether or not Courtney’s bank has their website set up to be viewed in a mobile format rather than the phone itself. Then again, I AM a Technologist by trade, so I know how to make electronics do things they aren’t neccessarily supposed to by nature. 🙂

        • technodude says:

          Adam, that may be. I am a electronic assembly technician by trade and have over 20+ years in the trade.
          If the software and firmware is not in place in a particular device,tricking it into alternate functions may be a futile attempt at best.
          But you’re right as far as her bank is concerned. on the other hand,bank transactions by any wireless phone is dicey given all the security threats your account may face and that phone is your weakest link.

          • Adam says:

            True enough Technodude. For sure, the security issue would be the biggest problem in my eyes as well. I usually only have about 10 cents in my account anyway, so I’m not real worried about anyone making off with my millions. LOL

    • Dave says:

      Accessing your bank’s web page is dependent on how graphical the page is (aka GUI), and its security level.

      I can access my bank’s web page since it doesn’t have too much GUI. The more GUI it has, the more difficult it will be for this phone to open up the webpage. Of course, I do get the warning message that the connection isn’t secure, but I take the risk, only when needed. If I need to transfer funds, that’s when the laptop comes into play.

  • clyde says:

    i have this phone and i love it wspecially the free radio part.they sell them at every family dollar here in new haven for only 40 can also buy a 20 dollar card and youre total will only be 64 dollars so get one today ok

  • Juanda says:

    I don’t know if the author of the article and technodude are the same person or not, however I really do appreciate the article it is very informative and has answered a LOT of my questions. And the responses of technodude were most helpful and I’m sure I will be referring back to his comments to remind myself of some things once I actually get my phone. Didn’t say it before, so I’ll say it now . . . Thank you!

  • Randal says:

    I have had the 900 for a little over a week and i have had two issues with it so far. the first was i had a voicemail and the icon would not go away until i switched to the unlimited plan and now i have the failed text message icon that will not go away does anyone know how to remove it?

  • DaveS says:

    I’m seriously considering this phone, but I’m curious if anyone has tried transferring files or downloaded apps from a pc to this phone via Bluetooth. It seems to me that since downloading apps directly from the web is slow, and it may be an inconvenience to switch the sd card in and out to load files from a pc, that maybe the Bluetooth connection would be a good alternative. Any drawbacks to that?

    • DaveS says:

      Thanks Rainy. Since asking this question I’ve purchased an inexpensive Bluetooth adapter for my PC. I’ve been able to transfer files back and forth, but the connection is okay at best. Sometimes it just craps out on me.

  • tonyd says:

    ok so i need some help first i just installed opera which is great and way faster but whenever i open a new page a screen pops up saying untrusted will access the network how do i get it to stop doing that?

  • alisha says:

    How the HECK do i get this phone on to speakerphone???????

    • Dave says:

      Make sure you’ve programmed your phone to allow you to press any button to answer a call, otherwise you may have to press the SEND key first, then press the OK key.

      When a call comes in, press the OK button (center soft-key). The Speaker icon on the screen with have a red X next to it, which dictates you’re on Speakerphone mode. When done, just press the END CALL key to hang up.

  • Mike says:

    I’ve had the phone for a little over a week. I love it. I only have a few issues:
    Opera Mini costs me airtime. My old EM326g didn’t cost me airtime on Opera Mini. I understand that it’s not a smartphone and isn’t suppose to be boss at internet. But is it too much to ask that I can get free internet browsing on my newer phone? Haha.
    Also, I can’t seem to turn off the Shutter Sound for the camera or the sound it makes when the battery is almost dead.
    Any ideas?

    • Dave says:

      What plan are you on? The only way you’ll be able to use your browser freely, is if you’re on the Unlimited Plan. All other plans will cost the user minutes deducted from the balance.

      As for turning off the camera shutter sound or the battery low warning, could not find any method to deviate from the default settings.

    • Stella says:

      Mike – you can’t turn off the shutter sound for the camera, sadly. I hate it – I’ve missed many cute pic ops with our cats because they hear the sound and stop what they were doing! You have a choice of three sounds, but you cannot just turn it off.
      Wish we could…

      • technodude says:


        We have four big cats and we take pics of them all the time on our lg900 phones, but the shutter sound doesn’t seem to bother them as long as there’s no flash. Here’s an idea for you.
        Right before you snap your pics try putting your finger over the speaker which is right next to the lens?
        That should kill the shutter sound enough.
        Good luck!

  • Rainy says:

    I’ve had my LG900 for about 2 weeks. I’ve made/received about a dozen calls with it so far. Three of those calls have had so much static in them I could hardly hear the person.

    It is NOT a coverage problem because I had another NET10 phone for the last 2 years that never had that problem. My husband has another kind of NET10 phone right now and never has that problem. I’m getting ready to go back to the old phone. What good is bells and whistles if you can’t hear the person you’re talking to?

    • Dave says:

      I’m sorry to read that you’re having some difficulties in hearing some of your calls. Were those 3 calls received in the same, approximate location? Compared with other calls that you’ve made or received, were they in an area where you had a good signal?

      Sometimes, atmospherics can hinder calls, and sometimes, location as well. It could also be that the caller’s location might be experiencing connection problems as well. But if you feel otherwise, try obtaining a replacement and see how it works from there.

      There are times where I too, have difficulty hearing some of my calls. And when I find a ‘hot spot’, I try to stay stationary until the call is completed.

      I was with GoPhone (AT&T) before joining with Net10 and the LG900. I experienced just about the same type of connection problems with both services, so for me, it wasn’t necessarily the phone giving me problems, but proximity to line of site with the cell towers. Even when I was on a contract service with Verizon, there were hit and misses as well.

  • Joe says:

    Well, where to begin… I was a bit unsure about net10 from the beginning. I bought the LG 800g for around $50 along with the $50 unlimited 30 day plan, and about 8 days later the screen just randomly stopped working. Thankfully Walgreens gave me a full cash refund. I then purchased the LG 900g for 10 bucks cheaper. I then called the net10 customer service and they transferred my number and minutes (thank god i dont throw anything away, keep your cards!!!), along with doing that, they even reset the timeframe so i got an extra week or so on my 30 days. So the customer service was easy and effective which is awesome. As for the phone itself, it`s great, hell im on it right now typing all this, it`s super easy. Getting Opera Mini is an absolute must, though. But once you have that, web browsing is nearly limitless, other than still being unable to stream videos. Pictures from the web come in as good as the pictures original quality is, so if it is HD, then that is what you see. I have no problems texting/calling/browsing or listening to music. As with everyone, i also love the sound quality from my tunes, Aint that a kick in the head. As far as non-android based phones go, I wouldnt recommend anything else.
    Oh, a few people above mentioned bad reception, my bedroom where i spend most of my time if im not at work has super thick brick walls, and just outside are a bunch of tall trees… And i have yet to experience any issues with reception, so either your phone is damaged or you live in a dead zone. Hope some of this helped.

  • KEverett says:

    Both myself and my husband have been using the Net10 service on the LG 900 for 4 months. We have both lost several months worth of pictures at random times for no reason at all. I just lost all the pictures I had taken for the past two months? Why? I was 4 days into my next service month. I didn’t have any interuption in my service. Does anyone know if there is a recovery option?

    • technodude says:

      Do you have a sd card installed in the phone? The lg900 has a limited amount of memory without it. If you have the sd card then you should not have lost any pics unless you reformat the card.
      This would delete anything you have stored.
      There’s no recovery option I’m aware of but even a service interuption would not delete your saved pics.

      • KEverett says:

        Thank you! I hadn’t checked the sd card. It appears that the sd card on the LG900 has a problem popping out even though the cover is still in place. On both of our phones I just had to pop the cards back in and everything was restored! Thank you!

  • nellie says:

    i just would like to knw if they have any free games i can download, pleas hit me up asap. i have the lg900g

  • Juanda says:

    I’ve had my LG900 for about a week now. Since my previous phone, a Nokia 1600, was so archaic, it has taken a bit for me to get used to it, but for the most part I like it. I have a question regarding the addition memory I purchased. What would be the harm in having 8GB of memory instead of 4GB?

    Oh yeah, what determines when you save to the phone, the sim card or the addtional memory? I am SO technologically disinclined.

    • technodude says:


      Fist of all I only have a 4gb hd card in my lg900g but I have read in other posts that people have used a 8gb card and reported that it worked fine. As far as what your phone chooses to save your data to? You do! There is a selection in your menu which allows you to pick the default, either to the phone(sim) or to your sd card! Your phone only has about 1gb by itself – fyi.

  • Pilipo says:

    Will the NET 10 LG900G save emails for me like for the next and later as will voicemail on most cell phones. Will it do this when I am out of range, and not able to receive them at the time they are sent? Am I able to answer emails when out of range, store them on phone, then send them when within cell tower range? Does this phone have this capability as does my iPod touch when near WIFI connection?

    My interest in buying one of these phones is primarily for email while camping in Hawaii and out of range most of time. Would be great for staying in contact with employer if it does.

    • Dave says:

      As far as I know, if you’re out of range of the cell tower, especially in Hawaii, the system will retain any texts or voicemails until you are in a serviceable location. Sadly, the LG900 doesn’t have WiFi capabilities.

      If you attempt to send a text message, but aren’t in a serviceable area, or if it fails to send the message, the output message will be stored in the Outbox folder. When you reach an area that has service, you can then open the message from the Outbox folder, and resend it.

      I reside in Hawaii, and depending on which island you’re on, connection to a cell site is truly dependent on terrain and line of sight.

      • Pilipo says:

        Well, Since this LG900G IS able to store a email message until I am able to come within cell range then I had better buy it before the rest of the world finds out about this fine feature. SOLD!

        • Dave says:

          Sorry… let me clarify something… the process above applies only to text messages. As far as emails go, the LG900 doesn’t have the capability of checking emails without a web browser (like an Android powered phone). For emails, if you cannot access a cell site, you won’t be able to check or send emails via the web browser.

  • Pilipo says:

    Ordered one of these phones. I have a cell phone antenna that attaches via coax cable to a velcro stick on system to the phone. Where exactly is the transmit and receive antenna on this LG900G phone located, so that I may best place velcro antenna adapter? Any tips on boosting performance beyond the obvious, like standing outside or out of vehicle?

  • Barbara says:


    In the native browser, for sites you can’t access by entering the URL, go to Google, SEARCH for the URL and keywords. This sometimes works. I was even able to get to and download straight from the phone browser, rather than use a microSD card or connect to my computer.

    For (almost) full web browsing, install Opera Mini 4. See my earlier reply on how to download the signed version. (No luck with getting a signed higher version, though you can download UNSIGNED 6.5, if you don’t mind a warning after every click.)

    And, yes, you CAN SEE VIDEOS ON YOUTUBE! Download Bolt, prob. the highest version that works with the phone. It’s not signed, so you’ll get the warning after EVERY click and have to click ”Okay”, several times while video is loading. They have link to YouTube. Note: The videos are automatically downloaded to your folder, so remember to delete them if you don’want them saved. (Bolt Lite is signed but doesn’t do videos.)

    Hope this helps.

    • Barbara says:

      Had to reinstall Bolt and realized I totally screwed up before, plus got YouTube steps wrong.

      From the default browser, go to the Bolt download page. It recommends the Java Me Version 2.5. Download the dual signed version (NOT the unsigned).

      For YouTube, launch Bolt, go to YouTube. When you try to download a video, Bolt asks if you want its media wizard. ”Okay”. Click ”Play”. It won’t. Scroll down; Bolt asks if it played. ”No”, ”Okay”. ”Play”. Warning messages: May be ￳extra charges; large file may exit browser. Just continue. (And remember the file is saved to your video folder, if you’re concerned about memory.)

  • Christine says:

    There’s a website for games, ringtones, and wallpapers called Also, if you download wallpapers to your computer and save them, go to your e-mail and in the send to type in: (your number) then add your photos to it, and it’ll send the pictures straight to your phone! I’ve done this sooo many times. The wallpaper size is 320X240, widthXheight, so go to google and when you search, type in the numbers under image size on the left. Hope this helps someone!

  • charlie says:

    if i buy a net ten LG900G phone can i put a straight talk minute card on it?

  • david r says:

    How does this work with twitter, facebook and yahoo. Basicaly the sites i use on the net

  • Angel says:


    I have a question about downloading apps.

    So say I download an app to my PC and then put it on my LG900g. (I’m not gonna waste money/airtime from my phone to DL it from the website to my phone.)

    Do the games cost me airtime to play that game after I’ve downloaded it?

    I’ve been looking though some app DL sites and some say “ad supported”. I would think that would mean that it somehow connects to the internet correct, thus costing me minutes on my phone?

    Where is a site that I can get a variety of free apps, that are able to DL to my PC (then to put on my phone), and are not web/browser based so I don’t waste mins?

    (I will get 30 day/300 min card. I can’t do $50 unlimited…)

    Thank you so much!!

  • Pottery56 says:

    My impression of this phone is overall very positive. However, just as I upgraded from the Motorola W375, Net10 has discontinued, degraded the Texting capabilities of the system and I am no longer able to test to the 41411 system or call 511 from the phone. This is a serious degradation of their service to me, and I’m feeling highly resentful, at the moment at least, as I came to rely on the flexibility it allowed me using the bus and rail system in Los Angeles County!

    Ad to that the issue that it is extremely unwise to use your cell phone to call NET10 customer service because never have I experienced a quick resolution to any problem. It’s always taken 15 – 30 minutes to resolve every issue.

  • Marl says:

    Has anyone transferred a landline number to a net10 phone? I called Net10 and they said it can be done, though it might take up to 30 days. Any problems transferring?

  • Masloozinit says:

    I bought this phone almost a year ago and loved it! Until recently that is. Suddenly the phone lags BADLY and the buttons are becoming harder and harder to push. Let me clarify, pushing buttons is easy but the phone acknowledging the buttons being pressed is horrible. Sending texts is becoming harder as about every 3rd or 4th text fails and has to be resent. (thankfully I buy unlimited monthly) Periodically it will power itself off without warning. That has happened about 5 times. $30 is a great price but count yourself lucky if it lasts longer than a year.

  • niyesha says:

    do you pay monthly for the phone?

  • David says:

    Does this phone have Threaded text Messages?

    Can the Messages be saved to the SD card by default, if not how many does the phone hold before its full?

    I currently have the T401g which does not save to the sd card and memory fills with text messages very rapidly – only aprox 45 messages

    How does the touch of this keyboard compare to the T401g?

  • Mike says:

    Merry Xmast, Happy Holidays to all! I have read that internet access will be sub par, My internet needs are googlemaps and gmail, after that it will will international calls & SMS, has anyone encountered any issues with these sites/needs?
    I had a regular net 10 phone last year, however, I need access to maps and driving directions, will this phone meet or exceed my needs?
    Thank you to all.

    • Pottery56 says:

      Not likely. SMS texting is between phones only, limited to 159 characters. Browser speed and Internet are extremely slow. I think it’s less than 3G, prolly 1G? The system also compresses photos sent, and my received photos are compressed to less than 10k. Thumbnails. You can upgrade the phone so — texting with a qwerty keyboard is really all I wanted, plus the ability to text my local metro for bus and train arrivals, so it’s only a +1 for me. I really miss being to find out when the nest bus was going to arrive. The system behind the phone is still bare bones, but cheap!

  • Pottery56 says:

    Not likely. SMS texting is between phones only. Browser speed and Internet are extremely slow. I think it’s less than 3G, prolly 1G. The system also compresses photos sent, and my received photos are compressed to less than 10k. Thumbnails. You can upgrade the phone so that texting with a qwerty keyboard is really all I wanted, plus the ability to text my local metro for bus and train arrivals, so it’s only a +1 for me. The system behind the phone is only bare bones, but cheap!

  • phil says:

    I thot I understood that the LG900g net10 phone was internet capable? But I can do/acomplish almost nothing on the internet! Everything came up, “INSUFICIANT MEMORY” or “UNRECOGNIZABLE SCHEME” OR “INCOMPATABLE” The internet is mostly worthless. If you’re looking for internet capability don’t get this model. When I looked at reviews, why isn’t anybody else seem disappointed as to this major understatement. There’s so little that can be done thru it’s internet it shouldn’t even be classified as an internet capable phone.

    • Pottery56 says:

      The distinction is the network, not the phone. The phone might well function quite well on another network, but the LG900G is a phone made specifically for Tracphone subscribers/month to month services.

    • technodude says:

      Phil, the lg900g is an internet capable phone with limitations.
      With the correct browser loaded it will allow for some browsing and email IF you have a little patience!! If not the use a laptop,it’s easier!
      Once again, people the lg900g is NOT a android based phone and should NOT be expected to provide you with quality internet use!!
      Cell phones are being depended on WAY too much for tasks better left to a pc. Your “dumb phone” is NOT as smart as you think!

    • Abby says:

      Agreed. It’s so bad that I won’t be using the internet.

      • Barbara says:

        My computer at home doesn’t have Internet access; I have one available only 4 or 5 days a week, so I’ve found the phone to be an enormous help. I have Opera Mini 4 and UC as well as the native browser. MOST websites are available, especially on the 2 browsers I installed.

    • Theresa Mendoza says:

      In order to have decent internet browsing you have to download Opera mini 6.5! Other than that its a great phone!

    • Nick says:

      that’s because you used all of your memory all ready, get a micro sd chip and insert it into your phone for more memory, your internet should work fine. and the sd chips are cheap

    • Bill says:

      Phil, go online with the LG900G browser, to Yahoo search, type in Opera 4.3 Mini browser, download that to the Applications file and voila. Do all surfing with the Opera Mini and you will be AMAZED.

    • Bill says:

      For anyone having trouble with the internet on this model, follow Barbara’s Jan. 1 message here, she did a bang-up job of explaining it!

    • Trevor says:

      I have the same problem. To avoid it, I went to and downloaded Opera Mini web browsing app. This app works great and does just about anything except stream and download.

    • Rave says:

      I have the lg900g and at first yeah, the internet was worthless. But a friend told me not to use the built in browser. He told me to google on that browser and search opera mini web browser download and download it. Then once it’s downloaded, you’ll find it in your apps menu and be able to use it. Now, it’s still not amazing, but it does work a whole lot better than the one that comes with the phone.

    • asia says:

      thats the same problem i be having .

    • Rose says:

      I had the same problem. Downloaded an opera mini app & now get on internet through that & have absolutely no problems at all. Also you can go to waptrick to download free games, music, ringtones, & videos!

  • Barbara says:

    Phil, Try the Opera Mini browser. See some of the earlier comments for help in installing it. (Unfortunatley, Bolt browser is no longer available.) Also try UC. You can get to a lot more of the web than just through the native browser.

    • Pottery56 says:

      typing in the, at the site it doesn’t recognize my phone. Is there another way to download Opera?

      • Barbara says:

        In the native browser go to Opens page: Opera for Mobile Devices. Click: Other download options. Toward the bottom of the page is the heading Options for Opera Mini 4.4. Click: Select Code-Signing Certificate. Next: All Certificates. Finally: Download Opera Mini 4.4. And ”Yes” to download. Going through these extra steps to get the signed version saves you REPEATEDLY getting the warning about an untrusted app and then having to click Continue–all the time you’re in Opera!

        • Pottery56 says:

          Thanks for that Barbara! May be you could help with another situation. I’ve downloaded to the SD card books from CDs. I’ve listed them alpha-numerically, set them in a playlist, yet they won’t play in order. I haven’t set it to shuffle, yet it shuffles just the same. Is there a solution?

          • Pottery56 says:

            To be a bit clearer, I’ve purchased the data cable for the phone, and downloaded music from my computer to the phone’s SD card. However, the fact that I have downloaded the music in file folders doesn’t allow me to keep the music in file order, list order, and therefore play in order. I can’t place music in the folders that the phone will create, (not enough memory) or access those phone created folders from my computer, and it completely ignores the folders I created from my computer.

          • Barbara says:

            You’re welcome. AND — I haven’t a clue! — haven’t played with playlists at all yet and need to start. Will let you know if it works out.

  • Kelly says:

    When you use the facebook app, that uses up airtime too right?

  • Draven says:

    If you do get a Sd card how do you hook it up to the phone and switch the SD card to the messages and and video’s

    • technodude says:

      Draven, the sd card comes with your phone. A down load cable from your pc to your phone will work OR a sd slot on your pc will allow you to remove the card from your phone and load it from your pc direct.

    • Barbara says:

      My phone didn’t come with a micro sd card; had to buy one separately. It goes in the little slot on the left edge of the phone, down near the bottom. Make sure the cover is closed tight after you insert the card.

      The micro sd card comes with an adaptor the size of a regular sd card. The micro card goes in the adaptor, and the adaptor goes in the sd card slot in the computer.

      However, I usually leave the micro card in the phone and use a USB cord to connect it to the computer. It’s much easier, with less fumbling and danger of dropping–and LOSING– the micro card, which is TINY.

      To save to the memory card, go to Menu, Settings, 6. Memory Info, 5. Primary storage card, 2. External memory.

      It’s easy to move files from the internal to the external memory. With the phone attached to the computer, the external and internal memory are treated as separate drives, so you can see what’s where, move things around, delete multiple files, etc.

  • cjm7504 says:

    i thought someone said the lg 900g had 1gb internal memory. At least mine does not. Or maybe i have not figured out how to access that 1gb of memory. If anyone knows,or if there was more than one production of this phone,could you kindly let me know?

  • stephanie says:

    I have had this phone for a few months and I have had very little trouble with either it or Net10’s service. There is only one thing I would change if I could.

    Sending texts can be slow: when I send a text the screen shows .50 minutes used, then text sent with a blinking green check mark. I don’t need to see all this. I just want the text sent quickly, with no extra windows popping up. I have never encountered this with any other phones or service.

    I sent away for a clear LCD screen cover that precisely fits my phone. Otherwise it will get scratched up.

  • Nancy says:

    I have two questions. I’m very techno-unsavy and this is my first phone with apps. If I download a free app game at getjar, when I play the game am I still online and losing my minutes? Or am I playing from the phone itself. Second question, does anyone know how to turn sound off on the keypad for when I’m texting. It’s hard to text quietly with it beeping every letter.

    • technodude says:

      Nancy, YES there are many you can get for your phone which do NOT use your minutes…but you don’t get them from
      Instead go to your folder on the lg900 then scroll down to games and there a selection to buy games! They are $4.99 each one time purchase, and you can play them offline!
      For your second question…To make your keypad silent,go to settings in your menu,select profiles,then options,edit,select keytone, select silent and you’re done! 🙂

  • Maria says:

    Hi, I have just purchased this fone and I want to change the ringtone to a song that is one my sd card…is that possible and if so how….cause I can’t figure it out for the life of me!!!!

  • Carrie says:

    Does anyone know how to turn off the shutter sound on the phone?

  • Cindy says:

    How do I lock and unlock the phone so I don’t accidently call someone?

  • Pottery56 says:

    If you go to menu-settings-profiles, you can select totally silent, or modify another as a customized setting including the ring tone, message, key tone, and the volume of each.

  • Ken says:

    Well I like my LG900G from Net 10..Not near as much as my LG Quantum from AT&T. Its a really good back up. If it was my main phone though I think I would have to shoot it.

  • Gibby says:

    I can see where Ken is coming from the phone has its quirks, BUT I am feeling quite triumphant about it right now. I have enabled the USB connection to my computer with my LG990g.

    With the help of this website, I went to Menu, Settings, Connectivity, USB Connection Mode, Mass Storage and selected the latter. And voila, USB connects to the pooter. So now, I can actually get photos off the phone without using minutes, something my old Motorola Tracfone could never do with its disabled usb connection.

    For this alone I am thinking this phone was 30 bucks well spent at Dollar General. It does seem to be a good solid phone for the money.

    But tell me. I can understand it’s too expensive to provide a comprehensive print manual for the phone. But would it kill them to provide a comprehensive web manual on the Net10 web site?

  • Barbara says:

    Gibby, Some sites recommend this: It’s the manual for the Lg300, which is similar to the LG900g. It has around 70 pages. I haven’t checked it out, but apparently most of the info applies.

  • What the hell is this? says:

    This phone is a piece of crap. I’ve had it for less than a year and already it’s messing up on me. The internet is very very slow, and it eats up minutes really fast. I’ve already lost all my music, sounds, pictures, and videos that I’ve stored on this phone just because I charged it overnight. Like, what’s up with that? I bought it last June and it’s already half-broken. I’ve lost all the important media on my phone. The reception is awful as well, you can’t even hear the other person you’re speaking to most of the time. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone except maybe a tonedeaf person.

    • technodude says:

      Well what the hell, first of all the reception could be to to several things, like your relation to the cell site, saturation level etc.
      Did you request the 2.5 cent per text feature from net10?
      Did you install a SD card in the slot on the side of the phone to give you external memory??
      Did you download Opera mini 6.5 as a browser for your lg900 to speed it up???
      Also keep in mind the the lg900 is NOT a android based operating system,so it is NOT designed for full internet!
      I have used the lg900 for well over a year and it continues to be a trooper every day.

  • Nancy says:

    I bought an SD card to put music on and I figured out how to make my playlists, but what I can’t figure out is how to make it play all the way through a certain playlist without turning on the shuffle option. I don’t want it to shuffle, I want it to play the songs in the order that I have listed. But if I don’t have the shuffle on it only plays one song and then stops. Any way to make it keep playing?

    • Dave says:

      Is all your music stored in a file on the SD card? Make sure the ‘Shuffle’ option is checked, in order for the phone to continuously play your music.

      I created a music folder on my SD card, where I uploaded all my mp3’s. In my music folder, I have all the artists listed, and when I click on one title to start playing, it plays one artists after the other.

  • Pottery56 says:

    Try clicking(?) on the shuffle selection. Then you’ll see whether shuffle is on or off. I spoke with Net10 cs, and was told that the other way to listen is to go to My Folder > Memory Card > Sounds and select the folder you want to play. That way, they play in the folders you’ve created, in the order you have them there.

  • Nancy says:

    The shuffle is off. My problem is that it won’t play more than one song without it on. It plays one song and then stops. It then plays another one when I hit play again, but I don’t want to have to hit play every time. I want it to play through the list on its own. I tried the going under My Folder, but it did the same thing – one song and quit.

  • t says:

    Sending texts can be slow: when I send a text the screen shows .50 minutes used, then text sent with a blinking green check mark
    anyone know how to turn that off so i don’t get that screen after sending a text

  • Wolf says:

    ok I have this phone and it’s bugging me to no end. If it werent for the money i have spent for airtime it would be sailing. I have a 4g SD card, and the primairy memory settings are for External. When I open Memory info I have 3119.4mb of free memory under “External Memory’. SIM Memory says 174 KB free, Handset Reserved Memory says 4.5 MB. Handset common Memeory says. Usr memory 14.4 MB in use, and System memory has 11.8 MB in use and 8.4 MB free. the problem is when i go to move pics to folders or try to forward pics it says ‘Memeory Full’ The User Memory lists the Images as being full. How do I fix this so that IM using just my SD card for memory. I have Primary Storage setting as External Memory already, how do I see waht images are being stored on my handset memory instead of in my SD card? All in all, I like the phone, just not being able to simply forward a pic or group them in files is extremely annoying. Thank you.

  • Jennifer says:

    How do i use the FM radio app on my phone Lg900g do i need an antana where do i get it

    • technodude says:

      Jennifer, a decent pair of earbuds are needed to plug in the earphone jack on the top of your lg900.
      Your earbuds will function as the antenna for fm radio,which you access thru your menu under multimedia. The radio works very well for me.
      Hope this helps!

    • Dave says:

      Any type of earbuds or headphones will work as the antenna for the phone. I use the “over the ear” type headphones as the antenna for mine, because earbuds don’t sit nicely for me, and I needed something that would stay put!

  • Tyrone says:

    I just purchased the LG900G yesterday and activated it, and the date and time were fine at first, but now everytime I turn it on the date and time show 12:00 Jan 1. How do I correct the time and date?

    • Barbara says:

      Try taking the battery out, leaving it out for a minute or so, then replace and see what happens,

    • Dave says:

      You may have to set it manually…

      From the Menu Screen:
      1. Click TOOLS.
      2. Select WORLD TIME.

      If location isn’t shown in window..
      3. Select OPTIONS.
      4. Select ADD CITY.

      A listing should come up displaying the names starting with the first letter of the city you entered. If your city isn’t listed, you may have to repeat steps 3 & 4 above, and enter the name of the city closest to you.

      For example, because Hawaii is made up of 8 different islands, I had to enter “Honolulu” as my city, since the phone recognized it as the capital of the State, and doesn’t acknowledge the name of the city on my island.

      Hope this helps!

      • Tyrone says:

        Dave, Thanks for the suggestion to reset manually, I’ve had it set to Denver time which is closest to my time zone, but the problem remains, each time I turn my phone off, then turn it back on, the new time says 12:00 am, 1 Jan 2010. Maybe I got a bum Phone?

        • Dave says:

          Maybe the internal battery is bad. So yes… you could have a “bum” phone. Even though you were to remove the battery, then re-install it, the phone should’ve retained the time setting that was set previously. And seeing that it is not, one must assume that either the internal battery or the memory chip that supposed to retain the information, is malfunctioning.

          If you just got it, return it.

  • Rob DiJoseph says:

    Does this phone do email? I can’t seem to find anything on that. I need it to be able to read my emails through and app.


  • technodude says:

    WHY did you not simply take the phone back where you purchased it from for a full refund??
    You can have a defect in any form of electronics,but how you choose to deal with it is up to you I suppose.
    Contract cellular service is nothing more than a 2 year money trap,in case you weren’t aware…

  • Pottery56 says:

    I just downloaded the browser from because I didn’t find the LG900 on the list of phones, to my computer and transferred it to my phone. I found it in My folders/other files, and installed it. Viola!

  • Pottery56 says:

    Sorry, but as noted above in the ‘Cons’ section, the manual and other market identity of this phone is as the gw300. Anyway, it uses the Mini 6.5 browser.

  • tim says:

    I hate cellphones all around but i use my lg900 with no problems save one


  • Carly says:

    How can I change my ringtone on this phone. I tried everything.

  • Rachael says:

    on my LG900g i have this little icon towards the top that is an envelope with a exclamation point inside of it and i have done everything i can to get it to go away and it wont disipear will someone please help me??

    • Rave says:

      The envelope with an exclamation point means that one of your text messages failed to send. To get rid of it go to your messages menu then scroll down to your outbox and delete or resend the failed message. That should remove the icon.

  • Jenny says:

    I can’t seem to download apps or games onto my phone because can’t find my phone.. please tell me how to download free apps and games onto my LG900g phone

    • technodude says:

      JENNY,Your phone is also known to the getjar site as the GW300, instead of LG900. Download your games to your SD card first, then re-insert into your phone.
      Also read the ABOVE POSTS for other useful info!

  • Eddie says:

    This is the best phone I’ve ever had it gets better signal than my cousins at&t phone

  • Pottery56 says:

    My text boxes are at 93% full and I’d like to move them to my SD card. But I can only move them to the ‘my folders’ and there I can not find them. Any suggestions?

  • Pottery56 says:

    Okay, I’ve created folders within My Folder, Can I move those intact to my SD card?

  • Pottery56 says:

    Ah ha, Setting/(6) backup text messages/ (2) external memory.

    Just sharing. :^)

  • technodude says:

    Ok, now it’s my turn I guess. I’ve spent a little time here trying to help people become familiar with their lg900 (gw300)and now I have question??
    Has anyone succeeded in pulling up any form of weather that will loop on this phone, so you can follow the direction of a storm?
    I do have opera mini 6.5 loaded and have pulled up accuweather radar on it, but it doesn’t seem to want to loop even when loop is selected.
    Even another weather site would help if it will loop the images?

    Thanks in advance for any help!

  • Ken says:

    This is NOT a smartphone,it can hardly browse the internet,it cant even post pics to facebook.It say it has insufficent memory even if u just wanna like something on facebook when I have a 4GB memory card in it. It has a junk processor in it,noteven close to an android phone.The battery has a 2hr life on it.when I get a new phone I will destroy thos pos.

    • Barbara says:

      It IS possible to upload photos to Facebook. Send the picture in a message to your personalized upload email address. For help in finding your address, go to You can’t send a caption with it, though, because the LG900g’s messages don’t have a subject line, where the caption needs to go. However,you can edit the photo and add a caption in Facebook.

    • G.E. Miller says:

      maybe you just got a bad one. My battery lasts up to 2 weeks sometimes!

    • technodude says:

      KEN, FIRST of all, many of the previous posts will explain what you CAN do to get better performance from your lg900 (gw300). Try reading those and have a little patience!
      Also read the directions, FULLY charge your battery with the phone OFF for the first 12 hours before use. Your battery should give a minimum of 10 hours use! Mine is well over a year old and will last a good 3 days before needing a charge! This NOT a android based phone as I have said in PREVIOUS POSTS, It is somewhat limited on the internet so DO NOT expect android 3G or 4G performance.
      You need to download the 6.5 browser mentioned in above posts for better performance!

  • girl haha says:

    Okay…i have this phone…but i dont know how to upload pictures from my phone to facebook..!! Help please??

  • Mari says:

    I love my phone. The only thing I don’t like is when a text fails to send and it still takes .5 minutes from me. Other than that my phone works great.

  • Joseph says:

    My dad bought me this phone, but it was $50 at CVS then $25 for 750.00 minutes. I have a Tracfone or how ever it’s spelled, and it DOSENT take way minutes, that’s why a have around 2,000. I just got this cuz the sound sucked on the ok phone, and this was the best phone at the store.

  • Pamela Pepin says:

    I am on the fence about this phone… like okay I love that its unlimited and that it looks better then most prepay phones… and its very durable because I be dropping my phone all the time…but what I dont like about it is that I cant go on a lot of sites online and I cant even listen to you tube videos or any music on it… and somehow all my pictures and my videos and music somehow got deleted off my card when I put it in the phone… I dont know Ive had this phone for almost a years and it is a good little phone just wish it was more capable to do the things I like to do! :/

    • technodude says:

      Pamela, if you would have read the previous posts you would already know that this phone IS NOT A TRUE ANDROID INTERNET CAPABLE phone. It has LIMITED internet use.
      If you need to make nationwide calls, Text, Listen to tunes, take pics, record videos then you’re good to go!!
      It does all the above very well!


  • Saysha says:

    I lost my phone is there a way to find it like by tracking it?

    • technodude says:

      Saysha, these are cheap at $30 you can but another,and this time put a secure password in it so no one else gets your info!!
      Did you try to call it??
      The lg900 does NOT have GPS so no you cannot track it!
      Remember, Next time keep a grip on your phone and put a password in it!!


  • girl haha says:

    Ok…..i reallly need help on this phone!! How do I upload my pictures from my phone to facebook? Not useing anything to plug something into the computor but just upload it!!! HELP PLEASE! It would mean alot to me!

  • girl haha says:

    Ho do i upload a video to facebook? HELP!

  • Barbara says:

    To girl haha,

    It IS possible to upload photos to Facebook. (Just tried it again and it still works!)

    Forget the Help page I posted in April. Not sure if the info is there or not.

    Here are the Help instructions under What is my personal publishing address?

    Your personal publishing address is an email address you can use to upload photos or videos to your account from your mobile phone. Find your personal pu…
    Your personal publishing address is an email address you can use to upload photos or videos to your account from your mobile phone.

    Find your personal publishing address:
    2.Click Photo under the space to type a status update
    3.Underneath “Upload via Email” you’ll see a unique email address
    Status updates or photos you send to this email address will be published directly onto your Facebook account, so don’t share it with anyone else.

    NOTE FROM ME: As it says, use the native browser on the phone, although Opera Mini works too. I have several versions of Facebook on my phone–in different folders and browsers–and could not find the photo button in all of them.

    As for videos, as far as I know, you’re still out of luck. I was unable to upload them.

  • Lesa says:

    Do you happen to know how to either remove the Internet option, browser, or at least take the easy Hot Button Browser button off of the main screen? I really don’t want this option on the phone but if it has to say there, I would prefer that the Browser option that’s linked to the right hot-key to be changed to something else so that I’m not accidentally connected to the Internet and charged.

  • Maryann says:

    first of all I can’t so thank you enough for giving the website for the manual for this phone.

    I do have a question and it may be in here somewhere but I scanned through and didn’t catch it if it was. I was wondering about groups and contacts. I imagine a group is madeup of a number of contacts to which you can send a text message. If I am correct about that, then how many contacts can be in a group? I can’t seem to find it within the manual and I have been told that it is impossible to send to more than one person. I am thinking about getting this phone from Net 10 and wanted to know if this is possible. Thank you.

  • Marv says:

    I have not been able to send or receive pictures with this phone. Seems odd.. I just upgraded from a LG 100 that was able to send and receive pics and even send to email addies. I have read the posts above. I resized my pics to “contact” size. I am assuming this means a size that can be sent? Well I still could not send or receive pics. I tried to resize to every size available. No luck. Can someone help me out?

  • Barbara says:

    Marv,I edit the pictures to 640 by 480 and they work fine. What exactly is happening?

  • Kristyan says:

    The micro SD card is INSIDE the phone already, so it does come with the SD card…

  • t says:

    hey i just saw this phone and the dollar general in lenoir nc has it for 30 bucks in the thing it mentioned that i needed a standard usb cable where can i find this usb thing cuz i have a song list that i created on windows media player an answer will be greatly appreciated thanx

  • Victor says:

    Hi all,

    Let me tell you my story with LG900G.Few months ago when I was on business trip to Houston I bough this phone in BestBuy store around 50$.I remember my question to the seller guy was following :Is it possible to use this phone with the SIM cards from other providers? The answer was: Yes sir,certainly you can use with any provider.So,since now I’m in very unpleasant situation trying to find some solution. This is what I tried:
    >I wrote few emails to Net10 explaining my story and ask them to propose any solution how to unlock my phone,but unfortunately no reply from them.
    >I tried to unlock this phone using dozens of advices,software’s from the internet but without success
    >I read almost all internet posts related to this phone and finally realize that this is unsolvable issue.
    It’s pity because I really like this phone on one side, but It’s unreal to buy Net10 credit and pay roaming costs each time I call anybody on another side.
    Therefore anybody any idea what to do ???
    Thanks in advance

  • Kim says:

    I have this phone and I had over half a battery on it, went to the store and when I was in the store my phone turned itself off and when I tried to turn it back on it got stuck on the LG900G screen for a few minutes and turned itself back off….so when I got home, I put the phone on the charger for over an hour….still wont turn on. I have tried hard resets several times, and nothing. I would NOT recommend this phone…it sucks.

    • technodude says:

      KIM, Whenever you buy a NEW phone no matter who makes it or the model, you ALWAYS put the phone on the charger for 8-10 hours to condition the battery so it will give you FULL charges! This is a common sense thing.
      You should NEVER expect to use the phone right out of the package. The battery is new and only has enough current for diagnostic testing and that’s it!
      You said you put the phone on the charger for ONLY an hour?? That’s mistake #2! When a phone is NEW it needs a FULL charge!
      Hopefully this is food for thought next time?


  • rich says:

    My issue is similar to “kim”, in that my phone will not stay on, prior to this problem all of my contacts disappeared on phone memory as well as the sim memory. Where my issue differs is my phone is about 5 months old. And, yes I followed the instructions to the letter regarding charging prior to use. This is the first issue I have actually had with this phone. I would appreciate any input anyone may provide. I greatly appreciate your time!

  • karen says:

    How do you turn of the beeping when a message is sent? It beeps when i send the message and beeps again saying the message has been sent.

  • John says:

    Has anyone been able to get BINU app to work? I have downloaded different versions, but get a connection error message. I have been happy with my 900g, now going on 2 years.

  • Dan Haubrich Jr says:

    I am in the market for a good reasonably priced smartphone and have seen mixed reviews.For one thing most of the smartphones on the internet are not available in my area S.NJ and if they are they are priced much much higher than what is stated on the internet TV or radio.Second off is the smartphones are to hard to use load and understand.Third and last with all the new bells and whistles on the more advanced models are these really safe to use around children plants and animals?

    • Ed Potter says:

      This is not a true smart phone. It accesses the web, but oh so slowly. Its processor is probably first gen. However, it does make phone calls and it has a decent mp3 player. I haven’t yet found an app that runs on it, That I care to have,) though I do recall others saying that they have. Hey, it’s under $40!

    • SweetChariot says:

      I just put my review of this phone online today. I would recommend it highly. I live in a rural area in upstate ny and this phone works great. I’ve also used is several times when visiting friend in Jersey City, NJ. Tracfone owns Net10 which runs over the AT&T network to the best of my knowledge and has awesome coverage everywhere. So I think you would be very satisfied with the phone if you want a cheap prepaid plan, and a decent phone. It’s not an android smartphone but it works great for calls, text messages, and listening to the FM radio.

  • SweetChariot says:

    I’ve had the Net10 phone 900G for over a year. It’s sturdy, easy to send text messages and good on price. I usually get the $25/750 minute card it words for me with medium usage. With that said, for the gentlemen, be careful with having this phone in your jacket and putting on your seat belt, it tends to pocket dial and minutes are deducted. The web browser sucks, but the FM radio is very good with sound quality. You can’t beat this phone for the price. I’ve only rarely had a dropped call but 99.9% is works fine and the reception is good. I live in a rural area and never had a problem.
    The 2 megapixel camera is ok for kids, but not if you like to take sharp pics. The battery is very good also and a great feature for this phone. It is not really a smartphone but for the money, it suffices very well. I’ve dropped it a few times on carpet and outside on the ground, no problem it worked great. At first glance some friends thought it was a Blackberry due to its design. I would recommend this phone highly to anyone considering a cheap prepaid phone alternative.

  • AlyKat says:

    I’m wondering if I can upload/download (which ever term is proper) some songs from iTunes that are on my PC and iPod to this phone.

  • phonesucks says:

    I have the lower version 800g i hate change i just wanted a qwerty keyboard that my lg slide didnt have

    now i got a new age to many unchangeable feature phone

    i saw online and thought a movie cam mp3 (not that i need or want those crappy features for kids)anyway so i got it and a 32 gig mem chip just to find out its manufacturer 8 gig but wont evan work with what it was made for it only works with a 4 gig chip sorry kids no videos or mp3s then the setup what the hell all old features and setup crap gone made kiddy friendly like windows 7 and 8 o well life is change like it or not i miss my headset voice dial it was bad with more than one word names but hey you could drive and dial now all it has is redial on earpiece

    and horrible sound options at least it has super detailed contacts it took my wife’s birthday anniversary and more thats finally a good out of it all it has massive history i forget about all contacts for a old 30s its nice not to have to remember all that crap

    the touch screen has to be protected anything can scratch them and easy for ear and finger mess

    i went to the local dollar store and bought a rubber tipped touch screen pen works great no fingerprints that way and only a dollar

    you have to go online and look up the full owners manual

    other than that ok phone the lg900g is worse with all the same problems and the 900 takes the big clear bottom buttons away no i like my send receive and go back buttons big

    it should be the 900 better not takeing more away and same crappy phone

    i bought the 800 for the buttons at the bottom

    i also got a shell that has a deep ridge around the top so unless you drop it on a rock screen damage and scratches are not easy to do

    the cover puts a nice ring same as top to protect it it is rubber with hard plastic under it very nice it still jars the phone and all just from waist up protection but hey it will help with how much i drop mine about 20 bucks or so

    so do research before any of these or any phone its all changeing now and not for the better

  • Zach says:

    Hi, I’m a big fan of your site, I use many of your money savings tips/products. I recently switched from Net10 to Republic Wireless – 19/month unlmited everything… Thought I’d share… Its uses wi-fi when available and 3g when not near wi-fi…

  • jackie says:

    Does anyone know how to set up the text message to send pictures? I did what was online, got pic, press send, it starts and says deduct 2.50 but after a few seconds it says did not go thru? It has to be in the settings of the phone some where. It resizes pic before sending.

    It was set on sims, so I changed to mms but still no luck. I want to send by text message and not by web. Anyone help? thanks

    • david k. says:

      You have to resize the pic file to at least 640×480 pixels maximum. Despite the phone saying it resized the pic file before sending, it may not have reduced it enough to do so. Which is why you must physically resize it manually. 640×480 pixels is pretty much the standard for all carriers, since the majority doesn’t like large files being transmitted through their systems. Hope this helps! 🙂

  • Dave says:

    If you want to use the web you are better off getting a diff. phone. We can’t access anything on our without getting an out of memory error. Obviously it doesn’t use the microSD for anything but storage. The phone is good for calls and text otherwise. Displeased with Life is Good (LG) on this one.

  • nooneleft says:


    WHAT the hell are talking about?? THIS ^ is a phone forum for the LG900G. Please don’t SPAM this site!

  • jessica says:

    I just bought a net10 phone. I got the unlimited 35.00 plan. Everytime i use my phone or receive a phone call of text, minutes are deducted and it shows on my phone. Is it suppose to deduct minutes like that when it is on an unlimited monthly plan ? how do i know it is not taking minutes that i have not used and my service end earlier then 30 days ? im just curious because i have never had a phone that actually beeped every time i used it and actually showed me how many minutes i have lost. I thought that with unlimited there was no actual amount given to be used. I Thought it was just suppose to be a certain amount of days given not a certain amount of minutes ? i have had an unlimited phone once before through boost mobile and it never show deducted minutes. I had 30 days to use the phone as much as i wanted and once that thirty days was up i payed my 40 dollars for another 30 unlimited days. it showed no amounts of minutes used because it was an unlimited use !! I thought net10 was the same but it is deducting quit an amount of minute for just a simple received text message and i don’t want to have wasted my money and have to pay another 35.00 in just a couple weeks, I am just curious and worried of what is going on with the phone i just bought and spent money on for an unlimited plan that is apparently not unlimited ?

  • Post writing is also a fun, if you be familiar with afterward you
    can write otherwise it is complicated to write.

  • Chris says:

    Hi G.E.,

    I didn’t read through 381 comments to find out if it’s already on here, but you will find a world of difference with your LG900 if you use the standard crappy browser to download and install Opera Mini (it downloads to the Applications folder). I started out with version 4, not sure what it’s up to now, but with Opera Mini it is very similar to my Samsung laptop running Windows 7 Ultimate and Firefox. I tried helping a friend upgrade the Motorola browser to Opera Mini but it said incompatible file. The LG900 probably came our before they figured out that people can get a much better browser and shed many of the limitations that come with the phone standard. Hope this helps!



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